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You can call me Cat. Just a Brasilian girl with a lot of weird thoughts in my little but cute mind. Hamiltrash, Gryffindor, Apollo kid with no talent to sing or draw, disnerd, firebender, whovian i guess, Lady Tyrell. No, english is not my first language and I will post things about Brasil in portuguese. CE-BR

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2020-07-12 21:52:03

    Coffee plant: *evolves caffeine* Safe at last

    Humans: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Why are we like this….


    the fact that we can’t drink sea water even tho its the most common type of water just bc its 3% salt yet we can safely consume multiple forms of literal poison and even benefit from doing so just blows my fucking mind

    <>Peppers: Now that I have capsaicin, no mammal will eat me! ONLY BIRDS. THE BIRDS WILL SPREAD MY SEEDS.

    <>Humans: oh my god this burns so good

    <>Peppers: wut

    <>poppies: at last, i have evolved my sap to the point where anything that eats me will sleep… FOREVER

    <>humans who are about to invent painkillers: hey guess what

    <>tobacco: finally i can grow in peace, no more insects munching on my leaves.

    <>humans holding matches: my, my, what do we have here?

    <>Mint:Stay off me bugs or I’ll poison you!

    <>Humans: Yeah I’m gonna need to put this poison in my dessert and mix it with chocolate. 

    <>Aliens Studying the Planet:

    The fact I didn’t know half of these are poisons says A LOT.


    Plants: *evolve defenses to dissuade from being eaten*