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2018-08-31 18:14:57

    If I were to praise the best fandom, it would be VIPs. They have their flaws, but Big Bang can’t be seen much on variety shows. Instead VIP connect with Big Bang primarily through their music and live performances, where Big Bang’s true talents and personality gets into the light. Emotional connection between Big Bang and VIPs seems the most sincere, since it comes from both sides equally: in every performance Big Bang gives 120% to making a memorable show, which their fans really appreciate, not feeling cheated for supporting them. VIPs also stood up for Big Bang when they were going though a crisis, and Big Bang were grateful for that. VIP were probably one of the main reasons why Big Bang didn’t disband because of the scandals they faced.

    -some comment from Seoulbeats (via ch0iseunghyun)