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    Ilmu yg baik kite patut kongsi bersama

    5 cara di bawah ini mampu membantu anda dalam isu cara membesarkan zakar. 

    Cara membesarkan zakar #1: Rendam dengan air panas

    Ini merupakan langkah pertama cara membesarkan zakar yang anda perlu cuba. Caranya adalah dengan merendamkan kain ke dalam air panas.

    Selepas itu, balut kain terbabit menutupi zakar. Ia dijalankan sebagaiwarm up untuk menggalakkan pengaliran darah. 

    Cara urut zakar #2: Teknik urutan Jelqing

    Kredit: The Stallion Style

    Teknik cara urut zakar melalui Jelqing adalah satu gerakan yang dilakukan di bahagian zakar seolah-olah memeras susu. Teknik kuno ini sudah lama dilakukan oleh bangsa Arab. 

    Untuk melakukan cara besarkan zakar ini mudah saja. Anda perlu:

    1.Merangsang zakar dahulu. Pastikan anda mencapai semi-ereksi (antara ½ atau ¾) ereksi saja)

    2. Ambil masa untuk perlahan-lahanwarm-up.

    3. Letak minyak pelincir pada kedua-dua tangan

    4. Buatgriptangan kanan dalam bentuk “Okay” dan letakkan ia di hujung zakar (berdekatan perut)

    5. Ketatkangrip tangan dan anda akan merasa darah semakin mengalir

    6. Perlahan-lahan gerakkangriptangan anda tadi ke bahagian atas kepala zakar. Pastikan anda memberi tekanan yang mencukupi untuk melancarkan pengaliran darah.

    7. Sebelum sampai kepala zakar, berhenti. Ini dikira sebagai satu Jelq. 

    8. Sementaragrip tangan kanan masih di zakar, buat grip tangan kiri dan letakkan ia dipangkal zakar sama macam langkah 4.

    9. Lepaskan tangan kanan anda, dan mula teknik urutanjelqing dengan tangan kiri pula.

    10. Ulang langkah 6.

    Kredit: The Stallion Style

    Jangan sesekali mengurut kepala zakar. Ia cara urut zakar yang salah kerana ia mampu hilang sensitiviti. Jangan urut zakar yang sudah 100% mencapai ereksi kerana ia mampu merosakkan tisu dan urat saraf.

    Cara membesarkan zakar #3: Makan lebih banyak makanan ini

    Apa yang ramai orang tidak sedar adalah zakar juga boleh membesar jika anda menjaga diet pemakanan anda. Makan kuaci dikatakan mampu meningkatkan pengaliran darah.

    Malah, makanan yang banyak benda ini juga dikatakan bagus untuk kesihatan anda. Antaranya ialah:

    1. Phosphorous– Nutrien ini mampu meningkatkan keinginan syahwat anda. 

    2. Zink – Nutrien ini membolehkan pengeluaran sperma dan ejakulasi yang lebih sihat. 

    3.Magnesium – Nutrien ini mampu meningkatkan pengaliran dan peredaran darah. 

    4. Selenium – Selenium mampu meningkatkan pengeluaran dan kualiti sperma. 

    Jom memperbanyakkan makanan-makanan dengan nutrien ini dalam diet anda, ya!

    Cara urut zakar #4: Urutan regangan dengan ibu jari

    Kredit: The Stallion Style

    Cara urut zakar ini berbeza daripada cara urut zakar teknikjelqing, tapi ia sangat ideal sebagai cara memanjangkan zakar. Caranya mudah saja. Anda perlu:

    1. Ambil masa untukwarm up.

    2. Cuba capai ereksi hanya pada kadar tidak melebihi 30%

    3. Tarik kulit zakar anda perlahan-lahan dan genggam zakar anda (jangan genggam kepala penis)

    4. Tekan ibu jari tangan kiri anda pada pangkal zakar yang berhampiran buah zakar.

    5. Sambil tekan ibu jari, tangan kanan anda harus menarik dan merenggang zakar ke hadapan

    Cara membesarkan zakar #5: Makan herba tradisional seperti Tongkat Ali dan ginseng

    Terdapat beberapa herba di luar sana yang mampu meningkatkan pengaliran darah ke zakar anda. Sambil melakukan urutan yang kami sediakan di atas, anda boleh cuba amalkan herba tradisional ini.

    Antara herba yang terbukti bagus ialah:

    Tongkat ali(long jack) – mampu meningkatkan hormon testosterone dan membebaskan hormon ini. 

    Ginseng merah Korea – mampu meningkatkan pengaliran darah dan fungsi seksual (ia mungkin berbahaya jika diambil dengan ubat tertentu)

    Herba entengo – mampu meningkatkan pengaliran darah di penis khususnya

    Ginkgo biloba – boleh meningkatkan nafsu seks

    Beri Hawthorn – mengandungi agen penguat saluran darah iaitu bioflavonoids

    Ha… bagaimana? Ada kaedah dan cara membesarkan zakar yang anda ingin cuba? Kami mengharapkan agar maklumat yang tersedia ini berguna buat anda.


    The Surprise Visit

    Seems my father attracts horny, little girls wherever he goes! I wonder if you can read that quality in someone’s aura? In any event, here are the details to what happened when my dad got a random visit from Laura, a very curious and determined 4th grader.

    As you may know, Laura is the little sister to Olivia’s best friend, Sarah. They’ve all known each other for a few years and even though Laura is three years younger than them, she’s fully accepted amongst the older girls. You may also know, a couple weeks ago, all three girls slept over at my dad’s and a game of truth or dare led to some rather lewd activities.

    In essence, this gave Laura an opportunity to witness her first, adult male erection and introduced her young mind to the thrills of masturbation. Laura apparently wasted no time practicing her self stimulation and became fascinated with my father’s hard cock, asking her big sister to show her the various porn she’d use to masturbate to. It would seem that after two weeks of this sexual exploration, Laura was craving to experience more and she set out on her walk to my dad’s house.

    The 4th grader had told her mom that she was going to go see Olivia, even though Laura and Sarah both knew Olivia was at her mother’s house. Like a good, big sister, Sarah cautioned Laura about her intentions but also covered for the lie, telling their mother that Olivia really wanted to play the new Mario Party game with Laura. It seemed like a reasonable scenario to their mom so permission was granted and after a couple blocks, Laura was at my dad’s front door.

    Dad was in no way prepared for Laura’s arrival. He’d only been awake for an hour or so and was still drinking his morning coffee. His initial reaction was apologetic, stating that Olivia wasn’t there, to which Laura replied, “I know, I was hoping we could just hang out.”

    My dad was dumbfounded but eagerly accepted and let the young girl in. Attempting to be a good host, dad asked if there was anything he could get Laura and she excitedly asked for one of his margarita drinks. Clearly, this was a good sign for him and after serving the little sister, dad put on Cartoon Network for her and excused himself to go take a quick shower.

    My father’s anticipation was off the charts, as he hastily soaped and rinsed himself off in the shower. All he could think about was Laura’s taught, preteen form waiting for him in the living room and what possibilities awaited them both. You can imagine how rock hard his cock was as he quickly toweled himself off and got dressed.

    Rejoining Laura, my dad made himself a drink and casually made his way to the couch, sitting next to the alluring grade schooler. He noticed two things, right off, about the situation; one, being that Laura wasn’t dressed in her usual t-shirt and jeans but rather, she’d elected to wear a thin, summer dress. The next thing he noticed was that she’d finished her margarita and her cheeks were rosey, from either inebriation or nervous arousal.

    I think both of them had a pretty good idea what the end game was but dad didn’t want to come off too strong so he elected to break the ice with jovial banter. Rolling a joint in front of Laura, he asked her about her family and then moved topics to music. As is often the case with girls her age, Laura scrolled through a host of musicians and artists that my father had little knowledge of. This is perhaps the biggest issue in relationships with large age gaps but unfortunately, that’s just how it goes.

    My father, though I’m sure couldn’t stand most of what Laura wanted to listen to, let her pick the music for them both to enjoy. He did so with an open mind, all while making her another drink and lighting the freshly rolled splif. After a few songs, Laura was definitely getting freer with her expression and feeling much more relaxed around my dad.

    This is how you do it fellas. Lol! One song, which my father had no idea what it was, had Laura dancing and she innocently asked if she could take a hit of his joint. Dad agreed to her request but asked to reciprocate with a song choice of his own. The door was now open!

    Handing Laura the joint, my father put on a classic from Led Zeppelin called, 10 Years Gone. The irony of the song’s title matched the message it sent and soon, Laura was huddled next to my dad on the couch as she puffed on the marijuana cigarette, laughing at the euphoria she now felt. Testing his limits, dad placed his hand on the young girl’s thigh and leaned in closer to her, as if to kiss her cheek.

    Laura got the message and turned her head, allowing my father’s lips to touch hers; beginning with gentle pecks at first then full on passionate exchanging of tongues. Dad slowly started rubbing his hand on Laura’s inner thigh and she moaned, parting her legs a little. As they kissed, the 4th grader slid her hand over the enormous bulge in my father’s pants and they both knew exactly where this was about to go.

    “Would you like to see it again?” my father asked Laura with a smile. Biting her lip in nervous excitement, the young girl nodded yes, continuing to gently rub her palm over the hidden manhood. Dad sat back and after undoing his fly, pulled the massive erection into view. Laura’s eyes widened, now getting her closest look at a man’s cock to date.

    “C- can I touch it?” Laura sheepishly inquired, turnning bright red from embarrassment. “Of course, sweetie!” my dad replied adding, “Go ahead, grab it and get a good feel of it.” The 4th grader reached down slowly and took hold of the pulsing member, getting a sense of it’s rigidity and velvet smooth texture.

    With some direction from my father, Laura was getting used to stroking his cock as she giggled in delight. Dad didn’t want to rush anything and just allowed the preteen to explore every aspect of his engorged genitalia, ensuring her comfort. That’s when a trickle of clear precum caught her attention and she realized how slick her fingers became, moving over his shaft.

    Dad was moaning softly as Laura jerked his cock and cooed, “You can suck on it too, like your sister did the other night.” Without hesitation, Laura leaned over and brought my father’s pole to her mouth, giving the clear fluid a few licks to experience the taste before opening wide and sucking as much of his girth into her oral cavity as possible. “Mmmmm yes…” dad groaned, “…that’s just perfect sweetie.” as he placed his hand on the back of her head and let the grade schooler enjoy giving a blow job for the first time.

    Dad eased back, allowing Laura to bob her head up and down on his meat as she learned her way around, sucking and pumping the adult organ, getting her rhythm. Using his free hand, my father moved up the young girl’s thigh and began gently massaging her prepupessence through the thin, cotton fabric of her panties. Laura moaned on my dad’s cock as she felt the stimulation wash over her and she took to stroking and sucking with even more vigor.

    Soon, dad’s fingers had slid under the young girl’s undies and were made slick from her arousal. Laura pulled away from my father’s cock, catching her breath and parting her legs wide, allowing him to work her smooth inner folds. “Would you like me to use my mouth and tongue on you down there, sweetie?” my father soothingly asked.

    Laura eagerly agreed and seconds later, dad had her damp panties on the floor with her dress hiked up to expose the glistening, hairless sex. “Wow… oh my God!” Laura exclaimed as my father’s lips made contact with her pussy adding, “It feels better than I imagined!” No doubt, the decades of experience my father had at eating pussy lent to her enjoyment and within minutes, Laura was panting and moaning in climax as she held his head and bucked her dripping cunny against his mouth.

    Dad kept up his oral sex on the 4th grader, making sure her train of orgasms never slowed and used his fingers to again test the elasticity of her vaginal opening. It was clear that the last two weeks of masturbating before bed had made a difference with Laura. “You’ve been putting things inside here, haven’t you?” dad whispered as he gently nibbled Laura’s clit and slowly pushed his index finger into her quivering, wet canal.

    Laura gave a little jolt upon penetration and with a soft moan replied, “Just my fingers and part of my hair brush.” Dad then moved to insert two fingers inside Laura and to his delight, stretched the tiny, slick entrance around them both. Easing into it, my father started pushing deeper, causing Laura to gasp and hold tightly to the couch.

    “Does this feel good?” cooed my father as he started slowly fucking his fingers in and out of Laura’s spasming, love tunnel. The grade schooler bit her lip and nodded yes as she closed her eyes and let out a breathless sigh and groan. Dad increased his speed and depth and soon, Laura was writhing and squealing in orgasmic release.

    After a few minutes of my dad testing Laura’s vaginal limits with his fingers, he decided it was time to make a first attempt. Raising up and pulling his pants down around his thighs, my father brought his thick, pulsing cock to Laura’s puffy mound and smeared his precum through her young crevasse. “You wanna’ see how good this feels inside you?” dad softly asked with a grin.

    Laura moaned and reached down, pulling her smooth, wet labia open and giving the head of my father’s prick a clear view of her vaginal threshold. Coating the tip of his member with saliva, dad pushed his cock into the 4th grader’s opening and with short, thrusts worked the head past her clasping entrance. Dad held Laura’s thighs apart, pulling her thin, young body closer and pushing his cock deeper inside.

    Laura was grunting and gasping as her pussy struggled to accommodate for my father’s mast. She started rubbing her clit and after just a few minutes of discomfort, another orgasm relaxed and lubricated her sex and dad’s dripping manhood began to effortlessly slide in and out of the quaking preteen. Moving his hands under her little butt, my father knelt rigid and began fucking Laura’s body back and forth over his cock.

    Before long, complete animalistic lust took hold and the forbidden couple moved to the floor where Laura proceeded to ride as much of my father’s dick as her cunny would allow. Dad braced her legs as she used her weight to bounce up and down on the stiff, adult rod and squealed as another climax flowed through her.

    My father pulled Laura to him, kissing her little, soft mouth passionately and grabbing her hips, fucked his throbbing, wet cock slow and deep into her girlhood, to feel her inner walls milking his shaft. The lovers continued like this for several minutes as their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. Dad could feel his orgasm mounting and he asked, “Where do you want me to shoot my cum, sweetheart?” Laura paused to consider her options and gave dad a smile replying, “I want to taste it.”

    My father slid the young girl off his dripping cock and rolled her on to her back. Straddling her chest, dad placed the head of his meat to Laura’s watering mouth. “Mmmmm… stroke and suck on it like before. I want you to taste your pussy on my cock before I fill your mouth with cum.” dad muttered with a breathless moan.

    Laura started pumping her hands on my father’s slick cock and sucked deeply on the head. Dad started thrusting his hips back and forth slightly and groaned, “Oooooh God, just like that honey…” The 4th grader hungrily slurped on my father’s pole, moaning in excitement as she anticipated her first taste of a man’s hot, thick ejaculate.

    Dad was moaning and tensing as Laura jerked his member into her young mouth. His heavy balls tightened and lifted off the preteen’s chest and he knew his orgasmic release was at hand. “Here it comes sweetie, keep sucking…” my father panted as he hunched over and shuddered.

    Suddenly, dad’s cock surged and the first jet of his white seed blasted into Laura’s sucking mouth. As another ribbon of cum spilled out, the young girl sputtered, trying not to choke on the increasing volume of fluid. Gasping, Laura pulled her lips from my father’s twitching rod and several more powerful streams shot over her mouth and chin, oozing down to her neck.

    Laura swirled dad’s cum around in her mouth before pushing it out with her tongue. “So do you like the taste?” my father asked as the last drops of semen leaked from his member. Laura looked up at dad with a gooey smile and said, “It tastes weird but it’s not bad.” Dad pushed his cock back into her cum covered mouth and moaned, “Mmmmmmm… next time, we’ll see if you can swallow it all.”


    Send me your underage stories!


    I knew I was addicted to dick. Ever since the first time my uncle used me. I hated him but loved his dick/cum. So I sorta started seeking out guys I did like and trying to please them and myself to be honest. I set my sights on my friend Rusty. He wss really shy but super cute. He didn’t have many friends and was always really happy to be included in stuff. It was a bright warm summer day when I asked him to go to the swimming hole. We got there and to my surprise it was empty. We started off swimming and playing in the cool water my mind was moving towards the idea of seeing if I could get him into playing something else. I started wrestling with him. Throwing each other around lots of skin on skin contact. I was rewarded fairly soon as I felt his cock stiffen against my thigh. I got still and glanced his way asking what is that? Playing innocent lol. He got really embarrassed and tried to cover his crotch. I grabbed his hands and said that it was ok showing him the tent I had going on in my swimming trucks. We stood there for a couple moments just checking each other out. I asked him if I could touch him. He thought about it for a minute and just nodded. He was blushing when I slowly slid my hand into his trunks. As my fingertips found his hard shaft he jumped and giggled. I asked if he wanted me to stop he said no that it felt good but weird. I started to feel him up. Stroking his boner with my fingers. He had a mushroom head, my first lol, slowly I started jacking him. After a few minutes he was biting his lip and grinding into my hand. His breathing became erratic as he shudder ed d his way to his first orgasm. I was happy that he enjoyed it and asked if he wanted to do me. He was enthusiastic but just as his fingers touched my cock we heard voices coming down the trail so we jumped apart and played innocent as a large group of kids came into view. I was disappointed but not worried. After a couple hours we left and headed home. I asked if he wanted to sleep over knowing my mother would be ok with it. He had to go home and ask his parents so we went our separate ways. When I got home my mom said she was fine with it and that my little brother was away for the night. Perfect I thought. Well if he shows up it will be. He called right after dinner and said he could stay over. I jumped on my bike and met him halfway. We talked about stuff on the way back to my house like excited boys do.

    My mom said that there were snacks in the fridge as she headed to bed. We watched TV for awhile before heading to my room. I told him he could sleep in my brother’s bed if he wanted but he was good with sharing mine. I started to get hard at the thought. I didn’t try to hide my arousal as we got ready to climb into bed. He got shy again so I started talking about the fun we had at the beach. That did the trick. Soon we were comparing sizes. Cocks brushing up on each other. I asked if he still wanted to touch it and he grinned nodding yes as he wrapped his fingers around my slightly larger shaft and started stroking. It felt amazing and I quickly came. Just a little bit but he kinda looked shocked. I told him to lick his fingers. He looked confused so I lifted his hand to my mouth and licked some of it off. He kinda shrugged and tried it. His eyes got wide Nd he told me he liked it too. I smiled as I pushed him down on the bed and said you’re going to love this as I took him in my mouth sucking him off.

    We had alot of fun together over the years.

    My first gay experience

    I was with my best friend watching a movie. Age 13. Wrapped in blankets. I know what ur thinking.. just wait. Suddenly his little brother comes in. He’s 12 or 13. He comes in and sits by me. He eventually gets under my blanket and I don’t think anything of it. After a while his hand slips near my tight shorts. He begins to rub my leg very slow and awkwardly. I didn’t move. He slowly made his way to my semi hard bulge and teased it with his finger. After a while he tugged my shorts down and started gripping it thru my underwear. I couldn’t take it anymore I was rock hard. I slowly pulled my undies down below the blanket and he started feeling my pubes. Finally he grasped my cock and began to jerk it so slow and nice. He then began to play with my fore skin and feel what it was like (he was cut). Suddenly he whispers “why is it wet”. I got embarrassed and slipped my hand down to wipe the precum off and then guide his hand on my now dry cock. I pull my hand out again and it’s all glossy from precum. He sees it and takes his other and pulls mine back under the blanket. He takes my hand to his cock and I begin to rub it. He oozes precum as well and I tell him he’s wet. He stops and then I stop. He slips his head under the blanket, takes my hand, and begins to lick the precum off my hand. God I nearly busted. I look over and my best friend is sleeping. I pull my pants up and go to the nearby bathroom. He follows me. Now remember we were young we didn’t even know what lube was. I kneel down and he turns around pulling his ass out. I play with the hole a bit and then try to stuff my cock in the dry tight hairless hole. It didn’t work of course. I started to give up but he turned around and leaned his head to my cock. He began to suck it and spit on it till it was all wet. “That should help”. It did. I slipped my cock into his tight little ass. I begin to fuck him and within a minute I cum inside him. I pull out and he turns onto his back. He spreads his hole and pushes the cum out, picking it up with his finger and transferring it to his cock. He begins rubbing but I bend over and suck it hard. He finally cums in my mouth but I don’t swallow. He notices me holding my mouth shut and leans over, connecting our lips. I let the cum ooze into his mouth as we kiss and he swallows it all. Finall y we cleaned up and went back to finish watching the movie. We never spoke of it since but I can tell every time I’m around him that he thinks of it. Of course he’s straight and was jus curious then but I might try it again soon. Lemme know what u guys think


    The gay, taboo story of how I lost my virginity

    When I was maybe 13 (although I might have been 11), my family went up to Wisconsin to visit my two younger cousins. One was 10, and the other was 8.

    After about a week at their house, I found myself upstairs alone with the eldest of the two, locked in our room. We were chasing each other around and making immature jokes, and somehow we ended up on the subject of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”.

    Well, we both agreed to show ourselves off almost greedily. We grabbed a flashlight, got in the bed, and ducked under the covers.

    We were both wearing elastic shorts because it was summer, so it only took a few seconds for us to get naked, even under the covers.

    The first thing I noticed was that we were both hard. Since we were growing boys entering our teenage years, this didn’t strike us as all too peculiar, since we were both getting boners more frequently, even if we didn’t understand why.

    The second thing I noticed was that my cousin was uncircumcised. I myself am circumcised, and had never seen an uncircumcised cock before, so I was mystified by his.

    I asked him if I could touch his penis. I was determined to examine this mystery. My younger cousin giggled and said yes, so I reached out and pinched the sides of his cock head by the foreskin with my thumb and pointer finger. He giggled again and told me it felt weird.

    I noticed that his head, which was just barely poking out from his foreskin, was much pinker and wet-looking than mine. So I grabbed his shaft in my fist and moved my hand downwards, making the foreskin slide down off his head.

    I was fascinated by this, and moved my hand so that his foreskin moved up and down off his penis head. But he quickly grabbed my wrist and stopped me.

    He was panting slightly, and told me that it felt really weird and also really good. I had no clue what he was talking about, and asked him what he meant. He looked at me and said “I can’t describe it, but do you want me to show you?”

    I wasn’t sure what he meant, but he explained to me that he would do to me what I had done to him. I told him I didn’t think it was such a good idea, but he told me that it was only fair that he do it to me since I had done it to him.

    I told him he could do it, and he grinned, then reached out and wrapped his small hands around my cock. He started to Jack me off, and I immediately understood what he had meant. He was causing me to feel pleasure, but it was unlike any pleasure I’d ever felt before.

    After only a few strokes, my cousin stopped. I asked him to please keep going, but he shook his head, pointed at my cock, and said “what’s that?!”

    I looked down and saw that precum was leaking out of my slit (although at that time I didn’t know what it was). I told my cousin that I had no clue what it was, and he reached out and smeared it onto my head with his thumb. That felt even better than him jerking me off, and I let out a small involuntary moan.

    When he pulled his thumb away, a strand of the pre connected it to my cock. He giggled and wiped it on my face. I laughed, and asked if he would keep jacking me off, but he stopped me midsentance.

    “What do you think it tastes like!” He asked. I told him I didn’t know, and he said “let’s find out!”

    I sat there stunned as he moved on top of me, putting his ass in my face, and set his feet on either side of my head.

    He quickly dipped his head down and licked the tip of my cock with his rough tongue. This sent waves of pleasure through me, and I let out a loud gasp.

    He asked me what was wrong, and I told him how good it felt. I told him that if he kept doing that, and if he put my penis inside his mouth, I would do the same thing to him.

    So he happily started sucking me off, and I melted into a pool of gasps and moans. After only about a minuet, I felt the buildup. The pleasure increased, and I felt like I was going to piss in his mouth.

    But I didn’t understand what was happening. And I had lost the will to speak, the pleasure was so great. I just reached up and grabbed his sides with my hands, arched my back, and shot my first ever load into his mouth.

    He choked slightly, taken aback by the unexpected warm fluid filling his mouth. Then, to my surprise, he swallowed it, licked his lips, and crawled off me.

    He asked how he’d done, and I told him it had been the best thing I’d ever felt. He smiled and said “that stuff that came out of you wasn’t so bad either!”

    He then reminded me that I had to do the same thing to him. He laid back, and I looked at his cock, which was sticking straight up in the air. But before I could do anything, his mom knocked on the door.

    We nearly jumped out of our skins, but luckily she didn’t come in. Instead, she called in to us, saying that dinner was ready. We scrambled out of the bed and into our clothes, and I told him I’d put his penis in my mouth later that night when we were supposed to be sleeping.

    And so after dinner, my two cousins and I went up to the room we were sharing to go to bed. As soon as the door was shut, me and the eldest cousin dropped our clothes, and jumped into his bed, our cocks already hard.

    The younger cousin was staring at us in awe, but we didn’t care. There would be plenty of time for up to bribe him into not telling anyone.

    The older cousin got back into position. I climbed on top of him the way he had done me , and lowered my head tentatively onto his cock. I sucked and licked his head a bit, and found that it wasn’t actually that bad. I kinda likes it.

    I could taste his salty pre, and could feel my tongue moving under his foreskin. He started moaning about how good it felt.

    And suddenly, I felt something poke my ribs. I pulled away from my cousin’s penis in surprise, and turned my head to see the younger cousin standing there naked and hard.

    He asked if he could have a turn. So of course, I stopped sucking my cousin off, and let his brother step forward. He grabbed his brother’s shaft nervously, and slowly lowered his head.

    But once his brother’s cock was in his mouth, it was hard to get him off. He sucked it so lovingly that I almost lost myself in watching this 9 year old suck his 11 year old brother’s dick, and listening to their moans

    But soon horniness took over me. I knew what I needed. I crawled over to the other side of the bed, and turned the older cousin on his side. I told him I was going To try something, and it might feel weird, but that he should just wait so we could see what happens. And then I let instinct take over.

    I lifted his leg with one hand, then spat into the other. I rubbed the spot onto his asshole (this made him giggle), then pushed one finger inside. He gasped, and I felt his hole clench tight around my finger. But I pushed it all the way in, then pulled it most of the way out.

    I fingered him for a minute or so until he was loose. I added a bit more saliva, then moved so my penis was at his entrance. I looked at this brother sucking him off, and felt another rush of horniness. I pushed my penis inside him, and we both let out deep moans.

    His asshole felt AMAZING! Better than him jacking or sucking me off. And he started moaning about how good it felt to him, too. So I pushed in all the way, and pulled out, then in. God it was wonderful! I came in him so hard! It was amazing! And then he orgasmed into his little brother’s mouth! Beautiful

    My second time with Michael

    Despite our amazing sexual experience at Boy Scout camp, Michael seemed to be uninterested in changing our previous friendship. Each scout meeting for the next eight weeks went off like they had before going to camp. I hung out with Michael’s big brother Andy and other scouts my age while Michael stuck with his friends in his patrol. I made an effort to say hello to him each week, wishing we could sneak off behind the gymnasium and suck each other’s cocks, but he always returned it with an uninterested “hey,” before running off and causing his usual trouble.

    I didn’t expect to be boyfriends or anything, I was deep in the closet and wasn’t even sure if Michael was gay. Though every time I thought to myself about how I had eaten his 13 year old boihole and pushed my cock deep into his ass, I would get an instant boner that required attention. I kept wishing, as I lay in bed each night, that I had taken a pair of his undies so I could remember his scent too.

    Just as I figured it was time to leave the past in the past, Andy invited me to go waterskiing with his family that coming weekend. It was only a day trip, so we’d have to get up super early to make the drive to the lake, that way we could get in as much time on the water as possible. His dad suggested I just spend the night at their house so it would be easier to get everyone on the road at the same time. Of course my first thought as a horny teenager, other than the excitement of going boating for the first time, was that I could hang out with Michael.

    I packed a bag after school on Friday and headed over to Andy’s for the night. His dad, who coincidentally was our Scoutmaster, had barbequed some beef ribs for dinner. They were super good and messy with all the barbeque sauce. I couldn’t take my eyes of Michael’s face because he had sauce all over it. Matching his personality, he had jumped into his dinner, face first, not concerned at all about getting messy; it was just adorable.

    We spent the rest of the evening playing videos games, before getting into our pajamas, knowing an early bedtime was coming. Then his mom said something that I wouldn’t have expected in a million years, “Ryan, you’ll be sleeping in Michael’s room, right?” I just about jumped out of my skin at the opportunity but instantly gathered myself to let out a quiet “Sure…” I grabbed my sleeping bag and ran upstairs to get ready for bed, trying to hide my boner that began growing the second I thought about sleeping next to Michael.

    To this day, I have no idea why his mom said that, or why it was even proposed or considered that I would sleep in Michael’s room instead of Andy’s. After all, I was Andy’s friend, not Michael’s. Anyway, Michael’s room was a typical 13 year old boy’s room. Sports memorabilia on the walls, an overflowing laundry basket, a dresser, and a night stand. His bed was about a twin size with a colorful bedspread. I laid out my sleeping bag on the floor, right next to his bed, then put my backpack next to the closet, out of the way. We made small talk for a while, talking about scouts, waterskiing, his dad’s boat, and other people that we both knew. It was almost a different Michael, just him and I, without anyone else around.

    About 30 minutes later, it was time for bed. Michael got in his and I in mine after he turned out the lights and turned on the fan. It took only three minutes for Michael to pipe up. “Hey Ryan, you awake?” he asked.

    “Yeah, what’s up,” I replied, hoping he was as curious and horny as he was only two short months ago. Then there was a short silence that lasted for a good ten seconds. “You want to come up?” he asked, lifting the side of his bedspread so I could crawl into his bed. I didn’t say anything, I just got out of my sleeping bag still in my pajamas and crawled into his bed.

    I laid on my side, facing him, and he did the same, facing me. Given that it was a twin sized bed, we were already pretty close together. “You wanna hold me again, don’t you?” He said. Not wanting to say anything wrong, or give off the impression that I very much wanted to do more than that, I just moved closer and wrapping my arm around him without saying a word. Just like eight weeks before, Michael took that as an invitation to go right for my cock. His hands took a few seconds to figure out how to invade my pajama bottoms and reach my cock.

    He quickly figured it out and wrapped his fingers around my throbbing shaft, moving his hand up and down, exploring my manhood while jacking me off. I leaned forward a little, barely being able to see in the dark, and my lips found his. It was like the first time, all over again, but I expected to enjoy this time even more, already knowing exactly how far it would go.

    I gently caressed his body with my right hand, feeling his side and back, then his neck and the back of his head as I moved my fingers through his hair. The last eight weeks disappeared and it was like we were back in the tent at Boy Scout camp. He enjoyed exploring and jacking my cock as we continued kissing each other with more passion than I could have reasonable expected. His little tongue wiggled its way into my mouth a time or two, and mine into his; I couldn’t get enough of it. I worked my right hand down to his pajama bottoms and pulled them down to his knees, feeling a familiar texture that was hugging his perfect little boy bottom.

    Though dry this time, he was again wearing a Goodnite just like before. He was a little old to be a bedwetter but I didn’t really care. Michael rolled over on his back and I sat up a little bit. He kicked his bedspread down to his feet and took my hand in his, placing it over his padded crotch. His Goodnite began to get warm and swell and I realized he was wetting it right then, just for me. I gave it a few gentle squeezes while I leaned over once again, this time kissing his neck.

    I climbed on top of him, straddling his little body, still kissing his neck. After I knew he had finished wetting his Goodnite, I whispered into his ear, “You ready for this?”

    “Yeah… oh, man,” he replied as I moved down his torso and stopped at his soaking wet Goodnite. I squeezed it again, this time not so gently, causing Michael to gently moan, enjoying the warm soft feeling around his boihood. I ripped each side of his “night time undies” and pulled its front down between his legs, exposing his perfect little boner. Still 3.5 inches, just as I remembered it. The smell of his piss began filling the air around his crotch and that’s all I could take. Not a moment too soon, I licked his little shaft from base to tip then sucked him into my mouth.

    His perfect little flesh rod was hard as a rock and stood straight up, knowing exactly what would come next. I used both hands to grab his hips, making a memory of how small his waist was, and continued sucking him for my pleasure just as much as his. I could hear him breathing hard as I began playing with his hairless boy-sized balls with only the tips of my fingers. His legs went ridged and he tensed up, arching his back the best he could and shot his loan into my mouth. He was still a small shooter but I could certainly taste him more this time than last.

    When he caught his breath, I got off of his bed and took off my pajamas. “There are condoms and lube in my nightstand,” Michael said, still hungry for more. I couldn’t see too well, but I was able to find them pretty easily. With lube, I didn’t see the point of a condom, so I grabbed the tube and shook it a bit. Michael had since taken his pajama bottoms off and rolled over onto his tummy so I got back on his bed and straddled his legs.

    I opened the lube and generously applied some to my raging cock. Instead of lubing up his ass, I decided to enjoy licking his boihole like I had at camp. I pulled his ass apart, leaned over him, and my tongue found his tight puckered little hole. It was as smooth and tender as I had remembered it. I could feel him completely relax as I ran my tongue around his hairless hole, up and down, then side to side. I pushed into his hole as far as I could, causing a moan that was like none other. I couldn’t hold myself back anymore, I had to get inside of him, so I moved my cock closer to his ass and positioned it between his legs.

    I slowly guided my cock towards his ass, using one hand to touch his boihole so I knew exactly where to go. I inserted a lubed finger into him to prepare him for what was next. He didn’t even flinch. Only seconds later, the head of my cock found his hole. I pushed in gently and my cock went in much easier this time than last. I heard Michael take a deep breath as I began thrusting the first three inches of my seven inch manhood into his boihole. I laid on top of him, wrapping my right arm around his chest with my right hand gripping his left shoulder. I loved the skin to skin contact we shared with my chest resting on his back.

    I had him completely wrapped up and pinned down, he couldn’t move if he tried. “Good boy,” I whispered into his ear as I thrusted my cock into him further, five inches now. I planted a kiss on the back of his neck while I gripped him tightly and buried my face into his hair, gathering as much of his boy scent as I could.

    He turned his head and looked up at me, “Oh yeah,” followed by a few moans made me even more horny as I pushed my final two inches into his hungry ass. He let out several sounds of disbelief that my seven inch cock and filled his inexperienced ass so perfectly. Still gripping him tightly around his chest, I thrusted hard, knowing I would drown his ass with my cum soon. I pushed hard, balls deep into his soft little body, still kissing him on his neck and wrapping him with teenage love. He was gripping his bed’s headboard with his left hand, so I reach mine out and took his hand in mine. I held his hand above his head while he gripped it tightly as he took my cock deep inside him time and time again.

    In an instant I became speechless and couldn’t breath. I began to cum but only half way, I felt an intense explosion building up in my cock and just like that I rose to full climax, emptying my balls into Michael’s ass. It felt like I was cumming for days as I continued to thrust longer and deeper than before, enjoying a much of this forbidden pleasure as I could. I felt Michael gripping my hand with his as well as the sweat that had built up between our two bodies.

    I finished cumming but was too overwhelmed with exhaustion to move. We both laid there motionless, my cock still inside him, breathing harder than ever before.

    “We’ve gotta do that again, that felt so good,” Michael said, caught in a trance of happiness. “Hell yeah,” I said as I sat up onto my knees and pulled my exhausted cock out of his boihole, already thinking about how we could fuck again another day. I slowly got off his bed and stood up, my knees weak and shaking. I heard the all too familiar sound of jacking off, but I looked back at Michael seeing that he hadn’t moved a muscle.

    I turned around in confusion and saw a butt naked and fully erect Andy, standing with the bedroom door closed behind him. I was speechless seeing by best friend jacking his own cock in front of me. Anything could have happened, I didn’t know what to say but my eyes could clearly see Andy playing with his own hardon. He must have heard us, despite how quiet we were, and snuck in while I was fucking Michael. Was he actually getting off to watching me fuck his little brother? So many thoughts and questions, yet only about two seconds had passed since I noticed he was in the room.

    “My turn,” Andy said as he walked past me and straddled his little brother who was still recovering from the butt-fucking I had just given him.

    “Andy?” Michael whimpered, though he was looking at me when he said it so I’m sure he already knew the answer. “Be gentle… please?,” Michael begged.

    I’m not one to brag but I know a seven inch cock is a good size. I didn’t get a good look at Andy’s but I thought if Michael could take mine, he could surely take his brother’s. This couldn’t have been the first time they had done this as Andy just climbed on top of his brother without a second though and Michael didn’t seem to protest. I heard Michael cry out quietly and I saw in the darkness Andy was already on top of him and thrusting.

    I was definitely not into Andy sexually, but I couldn’t let this opportunity go without taking advantage. “Sit up, get on your knees,” I said to Michael. “Andy, sit up, lets spit roast him,” I said to Andy. They both did as I suggested and I found Michael’s head. I crawled onto the bed once again, my knees where Michael’s pillow was, and put my cock right in front of him, rubbing my cockhead on his little lips.

    Michael took the hint and wrapped his mouth around my cock, which was still very sensitive. Andy was holding Michael’s hips, thrusting into him just as I had done. I put my hand on the back of Michael’s head but I wasn’t being forceful. I was gently holding his head and softly running my fingers through his hair, letting him know that everything was okay.

    Andy kept pounding and the room filled with the unmistakable slapping sound of sex. I’d never cum twice so quickly but there was no stopping it. I shot a second load, this one much smaller, in Michael’s mouth. Andy made the same noise I make when I cum, then his thrusts began to slow. In only about ten minutes, Michael had taken three loads of cum. What a little slut I thought to myself and I couldn’t believe how much that turned me on.

    Andy pulled out and got off the bed, so did I. Michael collapsed on his bed, quite satisfied in his adventures of taking me and his big brother at the same time. Andy grabbed a dirty shirt from the laundry basket and cleaned off his cock, then threw it to me to do the same. After I finished I got Michael cleaned up too. Andy left without saying anything, though I was confident in his ability to keep his mouth shut about what had just happened.

    Michael got out of bed and found his package of Goodnites, putting one on before getting back into bed. I smiled a bit thinking it was more likely it would protect his bed from the cum that would eventually leak out of his ass while he slept. I pulled his bedspread over him, tucking him in, and got in next to him. I held him close throughout the night until 5am when his alarm clock told us it was time to get up so we could get on the road.