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    Sisterly Advice

    The last two gifs are hot for reasons you may not realize. Jax Slayher had previously fucked a white girl named Kacey Quinn, and the latest girl, Kylie Quinn, is her little sister. Neither of the sisters had fucked a black guy growing up, but that quickly changed once Kacey got a taste of the BBC.

    Soon after experiencing her first on-camera orgasms, Kacey, per Jax’s request, started recruiting little sister Kylie, and they went after her hard. Together they used social media to wear down Kylie and finally, eventually, she agreed to abandon the softcore lesbian genre and do her first interracial. As you can see from the gifs, the scene played out just as Kacey’s had. Same guy, same positions, and multiple mind numbing orgasms from a big black dick.

    I guess it’s true what they say – big sister knows best


    For reference, Kacey:

    And Kylie:


    I watched my wife and a black stud she met online fuck her so hard and rough for 4-5 hrs. He wouldn’t stop and she kept cumming and squirting. Somehow he ended up moving in and taking over


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