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    8/3/16 - 263/ EF 42- Makeup Week concludes with Chris about to be surprised and enthralled- he makes such a pretty girl! This selection was inspired by Sandy Brown.

    This Christeen poster was also a Daily Chris on 3/7/16.

    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #1 - 8/3/21 - I didn't recall my mention of Sandy Brown in my Daily Chris caption back in 2016. Sandy was my dear friend for eight years who passed away early last month in a tragic accident. Besides being a prolific poster on Tumblr, Sandy was a renowned author of TG fiction stories on Fictionmania.

    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #3 - 8/2/21- It's an entirely new fashion world for our Chris!

    1/26/17 - 711 - Chris advances to Level 2 and a new level of feminization sophistication. Gone are the little girl petticoats he came to adore. Now Chris is in beautiful makeup and dons gowns, ones that allow his matrons to retain complete control.


    Tracey was feeling so confused.  Why had his aunt left him at this school – a school where all the boys were dressed as girls.  And how was it possible that these other boys were so obedient and so accepting of their treatment.   Little did he know that very soon – he would be just like them.


    kim1girl classic captioned art - 8/2/21 -Tracey wanted to resist, very badly. But why did being petticoated and sent to a girls' school feel so good? And so natural? Little did he know that he never would be "one of the boys" again.


    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #2 - 8/2/21- Gallery visitors often have the delight of seeing Chris in the flesh!

    August 2017 PDQ- 1113- 8/2/17- Chris on display has an entirely different meaning now for the Gallery visitors. The debuting exhibit is "Twin Delights." Every feminine perspective of Chris on display is sheer wonder, especially the newest one, literally! And what a precious new 'do for our little doll! Christeen has outdone herself!

    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #1 - 8/2/21- What club lady wouldn’t want to spend an evening with Chris?

    August 2016 PDQ- 935- 8/2/16 A special early edition! Stop the presses- the monthly Chris for August from PDQ has been posted. Thanks to Daniella for pinning. Not totally a woman yet? Wow! Just how far has Chris traveled the pink road into femininity?

    August 2021 PDQ - 1791 - 8/2/21 - How precious can a feminized boy be? The prospective Mademoiselle mom is absolutely enthralled after running out of ideas for managing her bad boy. All she can think of as her son inquires is, "Oh yes, you will! It's a two-fer. The bad little boy will be all gone, and I will finally have my little little girl!'


    August 2019 PDQ- 1349- 8/1/19- Braided and beribboned, the sweet feminized young miss is delighted to learn that Chris is a boy just like her.  Both find that there’s everything to like living as girly girls.


    kim1girl Classic #1 for 2/9/21 - Another  from the archives, thanks to Sandy Brown.  Christeen’s posters have been featured in Petticoat Discipline Quarterly for close to 20 years.   (53)


    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #4 - 8/1/21- Foster care or remaining a sweet dainty feminized niece? Isn't that an easy choice, Chris?


    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #2 - 8/1/21- Chris's social media followers will be legions in the 1000's. Show them how much you are now a Miss, Chris!

    8/1/17- 1080 AL- The surprise won't last long, as the gasps will quickly turn into roars. Of approval- our Chris is so beautiful as a girl! How awesome in her gown and for sure all girl.

    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #1 - 8/1/21- Soon Chris will be embracing life as a sweet little girl. What adorable earrings, Miss Chris!

    This is the first of five (!!) anniversary Daily Chris posters for August 1.

    8/1/16 - 069/ EF 106 - Early efforts as Chris starts down the petticoated road to girlhood with earrings for his freshly pierced ears, a pretty dress and exquisite makeup. Makeup week concludes tomorrow.


    7/31/20- 1577-  A reluctant Chris would prefer just to be a sweet Miss. It’s clearly Aunt Julia’s idea for her petticoated niece to explore latex.  Chris’s delicate little earrings and hair bow match her pretty lipstick. Debuted 7/31 on Andy Latex.


    Chris is so lucky, love the earrings and sweater


    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #3 - 7/31/21 - Who will ever resist Chris as a lovely Latex Miss? (117)


    7/31/19 - 1336 AL -  Pretty with a pixie, for sure.  Chris now appreciates that he can be cute and adorable with a pretty pixie cut, makeup and dangling earrings.  It’s not long hair that makes him a girl.  Debuted 7/25 on Andy Latex.


    Today’s Daily Chris classic, from  the 2019 notebook of kim1girl. (40)


    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #2 - 7/31/21 - Short hair or long, no one will ever mistake Chris for a boy again. (61)