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    9/20/19- CJ Home Visit- Former Level 3 boys? So has Miss Chris graduated from Level 3? What does that mean? Parts you cannot see must include his beautiful perky twin girls. But what else? He is Aunt Julia’s doll indeed. Thanks to Carole Jean and Christeen. Visit Carole Jean - www.petticoatpunishmentart.com


    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #3 - 9/20/21 - It's taken years but Chris has come to love being a play doll for ladies who enjoy a sweet feminized boy. Chris is such a pretty petticoated boy with his delightful new feminine charms.

    This also appeared on the krissiincurls blog on 1/11/21.



    9/20/20- Implant Tracking- There is no escaping for Chris or the other feminized boys on the Mademoiselle campus. After a few months of petticoated life, most are happy simply to stroll on the grounds, knowing their implants are doing double duty. Thanks to Christeen! From her very own Pinterest board.


    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #4 - 9/20/21 - For boys who now have their own twin girls, their breast implants double as their tracking devices. No boy in bridal has ever eluded Mademoiselle security.


    9/20/16- 903- My oh my! A Chris poster that I have never seen before. Being required to show a lady what's under your dress is so embarrassing. Or is it what's missing that's so unnerving? We seem to never know for certain with Chris!

    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #1 - 9/20/21 - Pray tell, what has been done down there to make Chris our girl? How embarrassing can this be for a once boy? Yet, Chris does not appear to be overly chagrined when Aunt Julia's friend gets an intimate peek.

    9/20/17- 1071 AL- Chris is so cute as a cover boy in curls. Mademoiselle has the adorable boy who is now mostly all girl and makes their readers swoon. The first of four new Christeen creations that debuted on 9/20.

    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #2 - 9/20/21 - Chris adores salon time under the dryer to perfect her pretty Mademoiselle curls!

    12/8/16 - 200 - Chris is so pretty for his afternoon stroll with his new petticoated friend. Chris is perfecting his makeup artistry. The petticoating neighbor mom is sure to be impressed.

    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #3 - 9/19/21 -Chris has had years of feminization and has mastered her makeup. The petticoated neighbor boy is sure to be impressed.


    Better to be though a girl than a petticoated boy


    krissiincurls captioned art - 9/19/21 - Bertram asked his aunt to call her Bonnie and to curl his hair so everyone would assume he is a girl. He is practicing to be dainty and docile and speak with a soft delightful little girl voice. His aunt can only smile. She plans to make sure her delightful new niece will always be a soprano and will grow up as a lovely young miss. Auntie's plans are coming together so well.

    An instant classic from forcedfemme99.


    9/19/20- 1612- Chris doesn’t have a choice- long hair with extensions it will be.  Once boys arrive at Reluctant Princess, they are in the hands of stylists who love transforming them into adorable girls and each will depart as a she. Debuted 9/18 on Andy Latex 


    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #2 - 9/19/21 - Chris is a big girl now and knows not to cry. Besides, she can't wait to have gorgeous long hair that can be styled in so many ways.


    9/19/17- CJ- Bad Boy or Good Girl? Some boys try so hard to be good girls but fall short. Do good girls require a metal collar chain leash? Chris will sit patiently while his hair is set in curlers and his makeup is applied, hoping to garner Good Girl status at last.

    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #1 - 9/19/21 - Why is our sweet girl collared and chained? Perhaps it's one way to ensure that Chris aspires to be a good girl every day.

    9/18/17- 588- What boy wants to be called fetchingly helpless? And be told to put his negligee on? A boy who doesn't have a choice. Chris can tell in the mirror that's exactly the girl he has become.

    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #1 - 9/18/21 - This is hardly what Chris imagined when informed by Aunt Julia that henceforth he would be living as a girl. Chris needs to appreciate just how cute she has become since being petticoated.


    9/18/20- 1610- Chris can’t believe he is now living as a girl and actually enjoys being feminine and submissive. The ladies can tell. Chris loves wearing his lacy camisole as his hair and makeup are done. Life ahead will be as a Miss, for sure. Debuted 9/18 on Andy Latex.


    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #4 - 9/18/21 - Chris has evolved into a sweet submissive docile young miss who adores being dolled up.


    9/18/19- 1389 AL- Breast Forms No More- Chris loves silky nylons, which (almost) always come off at the end of long day. Soon breasts will be a permanent enhancement for Miss Chris, with implants clearly his feminine destiny. Debuted 9/11 on Andy Latex.

    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #3 - 9/18/21 - While the thought of what's in store is unnerving, deep down Chris knows how much she will love having twin girls of her very own.

    9/18/18- CJ Mike- Chris has a new suitor! Mike sees an incredibly pretty girl in Chris. What a gown to go grocery shopping in. Now we know that Mike actually knew Chris in his pre-petticoated life. Will he possibly see the once boy in the petite Miss Chris with his cute pixie cut, earrings and makeup?

    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #2 - 9/18/21 - Chris is hardly the boy Mike remembers. Will he be surprised when he learns he once played with Chris! Mike will smile and dream about playing with Chris again.

    August 2009 PDQ- 12/6/16 - 443- The girls outside are ready to greet. Now, what exactly is in store for our helpless boy bride? Chris looks none too happy. While I don't like the idea of restraints personally, and would prefer Chris unrestricted, I am including all of Christeen's work in the Daily Chris selections.

    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #2 - 9/17/21 - The neighborhood girls can't wait to see Chris debut as a boy bride. Are there any plans set yet for Chris's wedding night?

    12/9/17- 1185 AL- Now a young lady but still so much to learn. What girl leaves her makeup in another purse? Chris is oh so feminine and elegant in his dress but still needs Mademoiselle brush up training. Hourly touch ups are indeed a must.

    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #3 - 9/17/21 - It's so embarrassing to pick up the wrong purse. Chris requires constant feminizing reinforcement.