Krissi in Curls
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    September 2019 PDQ- 1362- 9/3/19- Oh Chris, no one will ever know now unless you reveal your inner secret. Girl time is all the time in your wonderful feminine world. Yes, you do look so pretty- everyone agrees you should be a boy no more.


    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #1 - 9/3/21 - Seriously? No one even believes you now when you say you are a boy, Chris. Do Aunt Julia proud- she is so happy to have her girl on display.


    8/28/19- CJ Level 3 Completed- Seeing a boy who has completed Level 3 gives Chris chills in his little girl ponytails, hair bow and adorable little dress. Aunt Julia smiles seeing Chris enamored with her vision of his feminized future.

    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #2 - 8/28/21 - Seeing such a pretty, feminized boy may just convince Chris that life in Level 3 has much to offer.

    October 2014 PDQ- 12/31/17- 850- Happy New Year! Chris now knows his destination and that Aunt Julia has ensured that he will continue his journey to girlhood under the strict but loving guidance offered at Mademoiselle.

    kim1girl Daily Chris Classic Caption #3 - 8/20/21 - Chris has just gotten a glimpse into Aunt Julia's crystal ball. But that's a girl, and she has perky breasts. Aunt Julia just smiles at her soon to be dainty niece.

    8/19/21- 460 - It's Throwback Thursday! Although Chris looks none too sure, Aunt Julia is always thrilled when Chris emerges even more of a girl after a visit to the Mademoiselle Gender Center. Just how feminine can a boy become? Chris is already adorable with her dainty pixie cut, lipstick and makeup and those cute earrings for her pierced ears.

    This Christeen classic debuted in the Fall of 2009 and now is a Daily Chris for the very first time.

    8/18/21- Next Stop ... Reluctant Princess - Aunt Julia insists that her nephew ultimately be seen as an extremely pretty girl. While a boy may enter Reluctant Princess Salon, only lovely young misses emerge. Like Aunt Julia's vision of her now niece, Miss Chris.

    This debuted on Carole Jean's now defunct Pinterest board in August of 2017.

    8/17/21 - 603 - Chris's friends love the view from their front row seats. However, Chris hasn't quite absorbed all of the implications of being bridal. other than resisting wearing a wedding dress every day. Now take Susan's hand and greet your inquisitive friends, Chris!

    This wonderful Christeen poster debuted in the Fall of 2011. Somehow it eluded becoming a Daily Chris until today.

    It's another strange day in the Daily Chris history, as no August 17 Daily Chris posters are available. Three from February of 2016 and 2017 will have to do.

    8/16/21 - 706 - It's so embarrassing to be outed as a sissy! Here Chris has pulled off a shopping excursion as a pretty young professional, only to have Aunt Julia let the world know that she's really a boy. Look how horrified the woman in the white dress is!

    Costume for club activities? Chris can only wonder why he can't simply be one of the girls.

    This debuted in the Winter of 2013.

    8/15/21 - 519 - There's so much for a feminized boy to learn about being a girl. Chris is getting full immersion today, literally as well as figuratively. Chris is off to a good start with nails and makeup, although his hair needs some body and curl. Doll play is a delight and a wonderful introduction to female anatomy for a boy who now will be a dainty niece.

    This debuted in the Spring of 2010. Following are four August 15 anniversary Daily Chris posters!


    Feminized sleepovers with pretty girls are a highly effective way of stripping any sense of boyishness from a developing sissy.



    February 2019 PDQ- 1338- 8/12/21 - How many feminine little boys grew up wishing to be invited to a sleepover as one of the girls? It looks like Chris was one of them. What a pretty girl he will be, and Amy and her girlfriends will delight in dolling up this precious little thing. A boy again? There's no chance, not that Chris would even wish.

    This is a classic Throwback Thursday, even if we are only returning to 2019. I have added the monthly PDQ Christeen selection as a Daily Chris ever since March 2016, with the exception of January and February 2019. Now there's only one month missing.

    Thanks to jenniesissy for posting this and composing the original supplemental caption immediately below the art.


    8/6/21 - 468 - So submissive, Chris. And pretty as he can be. The cute pixie haircut and captivating eyes. He may be a girl yet. Perhaps he is reaching the point where he'd like to be. Debuted in late 2009 on Petticoat Punishment Art.

    There's a possibility this was once a Daily Chris lost to time. I found the Christeen poster with this caption (clearly one I wrote) but no date indicating I ever debuted this. Perhaps the answer is lost to the sands of time.

    Personally, I am not fond of collars or other attachments for our petticoated miss. Yet, the art alone and how pretty Chris is here make this older classic a compelling choice to be a Daily Chris.