it’s Meanie Day 💎 #0508

    Just gonna bring this back:

    Obviously this wasn’t simply a love triangle with the boys fighting over the girl…

    Im fact, their frustration and jealousy came from their own feelings for each other!


    •Mingyu sneaked a glance at Wonwoo while drinking the milkshake.

    • This boy glanced at Wonwoo a lot.

    •In fact, if you watch closely, you’ll see that when it’s from Mingyu’s perpective, the camera off-centered Nayoung and focused on Wonwoo. Hence implying that Mingyu was watching Wonwoo instead of Nayoung.

    • Okay maybe i’m being delusional here but i do think Mingyu said

    “자 보고싶어” which means “I miss you” 😭

    • Wonwoo realised his feelings for Mingyu?

    • THIS.IS.THE.VERY.LAST.SCENE: Mingyu holding the burned photo with only Wonwoo left.

    I’M EMO

    • As Meanie said backstage related to this video: “We’ll leave it to your imagination” ~

    What do you think? Meanie ship is sailing at full speed?


    Happy Meanie Day!