So, this happened. x) I logged today and noticed the number.

    After the purge tumblr suffered I thought my blog would become pretty dead, you know? Without the freedom to post what I want, the amount of new gifs decreased. But the activity continued, you guys kept reblogging and new followers kept appearing. You all surprised me a lot!

    Thank you so much for staying. For all the msgs and donations I still get from time to time. It boost me to keep doing new gifs. 

    Thank you! <3 

    Submission Is A Gift

    She is standing there before him. Her fingers nervously weaving in between themselves at her midsection. She is unsure of what happens next. However, there’s a calmness in the background of her excitement. She knows this is where she wants to be.

    He is sitting leaning back in a chair. His finger tracing the rim of a glass. Silent, but for his eyes. He’s admiring her. Taking her in. A calculating gaze. He takes one final sip before getting up from the chair. He walks over to her.

    “I want to make one thing perfectly clear,” he said staring into her eyes. “Submission is a gift.” He begins to pace slowly around to her backside. “I don’t want to take anything from you. No, I want something,” pausing for a moment, “more than that. Everyone else wants to take from you, but not me. I only want what you’re willing to give me.”

    “I know you feel the pressures of life. The burden that expectations and demands can be. I promise, you will never feel that with me.” His hands wrapping over her hips. “You are to be cherished here and so is your gift. Now that I’ve made my intentions clear, you have a decision to make.”

    She feels his hands beginning to wander along the curves of her body. He whispers in her ear, “You can tell how much I want you, can’t you? But I need you to say it. I need you to say ‘yes’ to me.” His lips walking down her neck with soft, sweet kisses. “Will you give your gift to me?” His voice becoming slightly more desperate. “Please… say ‘yes.’”

    She can feel herself slipping towards temptation. His touch, both exciting and comforting. “Yes,” slips from her lips in a hushed whisper. “Yes,” again. She is ready. She needs this. His hands respond to her acquiescence by slowing to a stop and resting on her hips.

    He then begins to unzip her dress. It slides off of her shoulders and crumbles to the ground, revealing a finely made set of black lingerie. The lace looks so delicate on her skin. He admires her again for a moment before taking her hand in his. He looks back over his shoulder and says, “Come.”

    He leads her down a darkened hallway. The only light coming from a partially opened door at the far end. She can feel that nervous excitement creeping back up with every step they take. He slides the door open to his bedroom. There is a large bed and one nightstand lamp dimly lights the room.

    He takes his place in the bed, sitting up against the pillows and headboard. Still holding her hand he guides her to sit in between his legs. She leans back into him.

    He can feel the tension in her body. In a soft voice, he says, “All I want you to do right now is relax.” He places his hands on her shoulders and begins to massage her. Nothing too strong. Only enough to loosen her up. A few seconds later she lets out a small laugh.

    This piques his curiosity and he asks her, “Is there something funny?”

    “No,” she said. “I wasn’t expecting something as innocent as a shoulder rub is all.”

    “Ahh,” he let out a small laugh of his own. “Don’t worry about that. We’re just getting started. Let my hands do their work and you relax.Close your eyes, breathe, and relax.”

    It was a simple enough of a request and his hands certainly did know their work. She could feel the tension leaving her body. This massage was enough to already make it feel like the world is drifting further and further away.

    He could sense the tension in her body fading. The massage was lulling her into an almost dreamlike state. One foot in this world and the other somewhere far away. He continued, but slowly began to taper off. He didn’t want to end abruptly and pull her back.

    Once the massage ended his hand slid down her spine. He gently pushed her limber body forward a little. She feels the clasp of her bra come undone and let out a sigh of relief as it peels away from her skin. Once it came off she fell right back into him.

    He slipped his arms under hers. His hands sliding up her body until they cupped her breasts. He wasn’t pawing or squeezing at her, no, he was just holding her close to him. She leans back and turns her head away exposing her neck. Those soft, sweet kisses of his making a reappearance.

    Soon after the kisses, his thumbs start to rub her nipples. He’s gentle with her. Never doing anything more than brushing them with his thumbs. As he paints her body in pleasure, she finds herself slipping even further away now.

    She may be relaxed and drifting, but he can feel the subtle twitching of her hips. The hips never lie. As good as this feels now, she still wants more. She still wants to give him more.

    One of his hands slide down from her breast to the front of her lacy panties. He starts again with the gentle brushing. This time with his middle finger. The lace on her panties is so thin that she might as well be wearing nothing at all.

    Her breathing, while still slow, is becoming heavier and deeper. Her body feels tension again, but not like before. This tension comes from the quick shiver of pleasure pangs shooting through her body.

    Three points of pleasure. The kissing on her neck. The thumb brushing over her nipple. The finger sliding over her panties. It’s beginning to become too much to contain. The first real moans escape her lips.

    He takes this as a sign. This time when his finger slides up, it slides back down right under her panties. His finger immediately feels the wetness and it’s not long before her lips are sliding in between his fingers.

    Even in the heat of the moment he takes his time to explore her body. He pays attention to what causes every little shiver and moan. Nothing she gives him in these moments will be forgotten because she is giving him everything.

    That is, almost everything. He leans into her ear and whispers, “There’s one last thing you have to give me.” Her body instantly shivers in response to his words. She knows what that one last thing is.

    She turns her head back towards him. He leans down, kissing her in between the moans. She holds onto him and he continues to hold her as he has been doing this whole time. She spreads her legs wide and arches her back as if to say, “I give all of me to you.”

    Her moans become wild. Her body rocking in his arms. Pushing back into him each time the pleasure shoots through her. He holds onto her tight as she fights to regain control of her body again.

    As the afterglow washes over her, she turns around in his arms and lays against his chest. Still holding her, he kisses the top of her head and strokes her hair. With nothing left to give, she has never felt more at ease.