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    To my Friends and Followers, I am proud to introduce a new Tumblr blog from a personal friend who has been Following me as well as Submitting to me for some time. He has a true artist’s eye and many of his images are actually photographs he’s taken himself in museums throughout Europe. Please Follow !!! 


    "Old chests, rare tapestries, two Carpaccios, three Botticellis; studies by Rosetti and Burne-Jones; a sedan-chair which carried the Marquise de Polignac beneath the fretted foliage of Versailles; a prodigious number of Byzantine Madonnas and Italian pots; pewter with matt blue tones next to...

    I re-read a short but superbly written novel yesterday and today. It’s entitled Life Drawing by Michael Grumley. My edition has a Foreword by Edmund White. The passage I have here is one of the only really erotic passages in the book, but it shows the writer’s astonishing talent. The...

    " In the Key of Blue"

    ~By John Addington Symonds (1893)

    A symphony of blues and brown - We were together in the town; A grimy tavern with blurred walls, Where dingy lamplight floats and falls On working men and women, clad In sober watchet, umber sad. Two viols and one cello scream Waltz...