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2023-03-27 11:35:52

    “I bought you a new chastity cage. I want you to put it on immediately. You see this new one is designed to be inescapable.

    Lately it’s been bothering me that you may be able to get that one off as after a whole week of denial you were not that excited to remove it for your weekly ruin.

    But now this cage is much more snug and tighter fitting, we can move our weekly ruins to monthly!”

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    Ooh no. I'm not into chastity for, like, CHASTITY. It's just, like, a great way to get a guy used to me hurting him. I like how it makes him like it. So, like, say you leave him in a tight cage for a long time. When you take him out, let him tell you how sore his poor cock has gotten. Then you put him right back in the cage. He usually starts getting hard, so you have to fight it down in there, which is extra fun. The faces he makes... Yum.