Need a place to move to. Any ideas?

So I just got notified that tumblr is planning to purge all adult content accounts including this one in a couple of weeks. I originally ignored the purge that happened last month, but it seems that the people up top are really looking to shoot themselves in the foot. Kinda sucks, since I was sort of thinking of moving away from DA, which is also cracking down on my content already, and soon enough, I won’t have a place to post my stuff publicly. 

The problem is though, I’m still not sure where to go exactly. Been thinking about opening up a twitter for this stuff but if anyone has any other ideas of where to move my stuff then that’d be great. I just learned that tumblr is allowing me to export all of my stuff on here so I’ll post a download link to that when I get things sorted out so don’t worry about missing out on the content here, but just in case you can download them yourself just in case.

And don’t worry about my home situation in real life. I’m perfectly fine outside of the internet.