Made a Twitter + Other places to find me

    Hey guys. So I’ve decided to move to twitter in the wake of the whole purge thing going on. I just exported all of my tumblr stuff there which I linked to in a download which hopefully should mean that nothing is lost. If I ever have anything new to post, then it’ll be on there.

    Also there is always mydeviantart account where you can follow me. Not sure if I’m gonna be there for long though since the mods have recently been pretty harsh on me over there but if it’s still up that’s another place where I’ll be posting stuff.

    Finally, there’s my patreon account as well for those who are willing to pay. If you’re broke and stuff then I understand but it’s just another place you can find me.

    I’ve considered opening a pixiv or furaffinity account for this type of stuff as well like some people suggested, but I decided against it for one reason or another Who knows, maybe I’ll open accounts up there one day, but I prefer to keep things limited for now.

    Welp it’s been fun guys. See you on the other side.

    Need a place to move to. Any ideas?

    So I just got notified that tumblr is planning to purge all adult content accounts including this one in a couple of weeks. I originally ignored the purge that happened last month, but it seems that the people up top are really looking to shoot themselves in the foot. Kinda sucks, since I was sort of thinking of moving away from DA, which is also cracking down on my content already, and soon enough, I won’t have a place to post my stuff publicly. 

    The problem is though, I’m still not sure where to go exactly. Been thinking about opening up a twitter for this stuff but if anyone has any other ideas of where to move my stuff then that’d be great. I just learned that tumblr is allowing me to export all of my stuff on here so I’ll post a download link to that when I get things sorted out so don’t worry about missing out on the content here, but just in case you can download them yourself just in case.

    And don’t worry about my home situation in real life. I’m perfectly fine outside of the internet. 

    An Update

    So you guys probably have alot of questions to ask me since I've been away for so long, and hopefully this post will answer most of them. First off there's the lack of content being uploaded on here lately. The reason why I've stopped posting since May was cause I was on a bit of a break from patreon to catch up with alot of colouring for the sketch pictures. The reason why I didn't say anything here was cause I was originally planning to still be active here to post said sketches as I finish colouring them all. Yeah, so it turns out things didn't work out that way due to some personal issues but I'm still gonna be keeping to that promise now that I'm starting to get back on the bandwagon again. As of now, my patreon is on break and is still currently so, but I am planning on starting that back up come December once I get all of the sketch pictures out of the way. That will be my focus as of right now.

    As for the recent suspension of my DA account, some of you may have noticed that my gallery has gotten a bit smaller, and that was partly the reason why my account got taken down. I guess the Bowsette picture kind of ticked someone off or something but that started a wave of deletions of multiple pictures of mine (not all at once but every now and then). If you wanna see that picture along with a Booette picture I also made, you can view them for free on my patreon account since that is the only place I can post it as of now (since Nintendo pics aren't allowed on here). Apparently the mods are taking issue with the general content of my stuff, and I don't know if there is anything I can do about that (since alot of the pictures taken down didn't contain anything explicitly sexual or underage or overly graphic so I'm sorta lost there), but for now, I'll continue posting the usual stuff and see where things go from there. I won't be uploading the pictures that were taken down for obvious reasons, but they should be uploaded somewhere online cause everything is. I may have the pictures on me (though not all since some of them are really old) so if I still have it on me, you can ask and I can send it to you privately. If my account suddenly disappears one night then I'll be posting any Nintendo related pictures publicly on my patreon and the rest on here (which should hopefully still be up), so yeah worst case scenario you could check them out there. 

    Also, the other reason my account got suspended was cause I had some awesome private pictures that... well you know how the mods are about stuff that isn't public. Anyway they're gone now and it was totally worth it. 

    Finally for those wondering why my patreon got suspended recently along side my DA account (yeah what are the odds right), that was for other reasons unrelated to my DA suspension. The site is starting to enforce a "no raffle" rewards policy so I will have to be updating the rewards soon. As of now, I am still thinking about the sort of rewards to replace it with (though likely it won't be too different from what I had originally), but I won't be announcing anything until I reopen my patreon since it won't matter until then anyways.

    So yeah, hopefully that will clear some of your concerns over the past few months. If you want to ask me any other questions I'll be open to hearing them from you and answering them.

    Commissions Open (3 Slots, FILLED)

    Hey guys. I just want to let you guys know that I’m gonna be opening up commissions again, this time on tumblr. Like last time, I’ll only be taking THREE (3) slots this time around and they will only be for SKETCH or COLOURED SKETCH commissions ONLY. If you want some information on what the prices are and all, you can check out the commission info here:

    If you are interested in getting a commission done, then feel free to message me if you find a slot open below. I’ll be updating these slots as they are filled and completed.

    *ALL SLOTS FILLED AND COMPLETED! Thank you for your interest!*

    1) jtunkara (Paid, Completed)

    2) ANONYMOUS (Paid, Completed)

    3) DK (Paid, Completed)

    4) Nounsthename (Paid, Completed)

    5) jtunkara (Paid, Completed)

    Commissions Open (3 Slots, COMPLETED)

    Hey guys, hope you’re enjoying the holidays. So I was looking to do a few sketch commissions for the last week of the year and I’d thought I’d try to open them up exclusively on here for a change seeing as I usually take them on DA and all. Note that I’ll only be taking THREE (3) slots this time around and they will only be for SKETCH or COLOURED SKETCH commissions ONLY. If you want some information on what the prices are and all, you can check out the commission info here:

    If you are interested in getting a commission done, then feel free to message me if you find a slot open below. I’ll be updating these slots as they are filled and completed.


    1)  jinjinmeowstuff (Completed, Paid)

    2) mistic678 (Completed, Paid)

    3) verbosimplici (Completed, Paid)

    Just opened a Patreon account

    So, yeah, I finally decided to make the jump and open a patreon account for myself. I was actually thinking about opening one for a while now, but since I've already been doing requests regularly anyways, then I wasn't sure what more I can add to that. Consider it more as a tip jar for me just to help support me financially in creating more content (though I will offer some neat content for those who are willing to pledge more). There isn't much right now, and I am not sure where exactly I will take this account, but if people are interested then I will consider adding more rewards and building things from there.

    DA Account Suspended

    As some of you may know, my deviantart account was recently suspended due to a recent image that I posted that involved some apparent underage content (which I will probably be more strict about from now on). The picture has recently been taken down and I’ve been suspended for about 2 weeks as a result. This is somewhat unfortunate, given that I still have a few commissions to work on as well. I’ll still be working on them of course, and I’ll be posting them here until the suspension ends. So if you are still waiting for a commission, please message me on tumblr.