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2019-03-13 09:30:52

    What is Timbr.me?

    Tumblr is changing: starting December 17, 2018, adult content will not be allowed on the site anymore. All existing content will be  permanently hidden.

    Yet Tumblr always was a safe space for NSFW artists and performers who have built and maintained diverse communities with hundreds of thousands of followers.  More than 500K people signed  petitions  to reverse  the change.

    Here comes Timbr.me. We here will try to save as much as possible until the deadline.  We start with copying blog content blog-by-blog. We are backing up all blog posts,  photos and videos to Google Cloud and making them viewable forever. To save your  own and your favorite blogs just enter their names on the main page.

    Soon we will add an option to log in with Tumblr account to save your favorite posts  and show you the feed of the blogs you follow. And of course we’ll allow blog owners will be able to add content right here on Timbr.me after Tumblr closes  its doors.