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    As you may or may not know, tumblr oficially bans adult content starting on december 17, otherwise known as tomorrow. Because of that, going forward, I’ll be spreading my content around on a couple different platforms. Centralising on tumblr was a bad idea.

    Here’s the list, broken down by what kind of content I’ll be uploading where:


    Alfie:  buttsmithy.com

    Misc comics: http://incase.buttsmithy.com

    Misc images:



    Sketches and WIP’s:


    I have deleted all porn posts from this tumblr to make sure that it doesn’t get nuked in the purge. It might come in handy in the future.

    I’ve made a backup of every single image I posted. You can download it here

    Over 2000 images. It’s a mess, but at least all that content is not going to just dissapear.

    And here’s buttsmithy.tumblr.com backup

    See ya nerds




    Links to other places you can find me when this ship sinks:

    Weasyl: https://www.weasyl.com/~veyll

    FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/veyll/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Braizedknight

    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Veyll

    Thanks for all your support while I’ve been on this platform. It’s been fantastic! 

    Though it seems it was not to last. Shame, that.

    If you want to know where else you can find me, I recently put up a Twitter. I hear that’s a happening place right now!


    Last repost before the hammer falls.



    Y’all probably know the drill by now - as Tumblr’s deadline for getting rid of all NSFW content approaches, I prepare my meager belongings and depart for greener pastures. I’ve ragged on this hellsite for a long time, but, the complete incompetence of the staff and barely workable format of the site aside, I did generally enjoy the atmosphere and community that Tumblr provided. I made some great friends through it, too!

    Anyway, I’d rather not dwell on my takes on this site’s current state of affairs and get right to business. This particular blog will remain up until Tumblr decides to cast it to the abyss, but I am unlikely to post new content as long as the new policies are in effect. IF YOU’VE ENJOYED MY CONTENT, YOU CAN FIND ME AT THE FOLLOWING SITES:

    ★★★ PATREON ★★★

    I’ve only just lauched it! It might be a little while before I get it running at full steam, but I plan to include sketches, wips, art advice, polls, suggestion pools, and other perks!


    I am uncertain of how long my SFW account might stay up, since it’s a side blog to this one. Either way, I plan to keep updating my tamer works to that blog for as long as this hellsite allows it.


    DeviantArt’s rules don’t allow for a lot of explicit content, but I’ve been uploading my not-too-lewd art for a while there as well.


    A recent account! While I’m not sure for how long Twitter itself might allow NSFW content, a lot of Tumblr artists have opened shop over there recently, so I decided to follow suit. NSFW and SFW content, for the time being.


    I’ve been using HF for  while now! You won’t find the entirety of my work (I don’t post most SFW content there), but I post the majority of my explicit pieces there.


    Another new account! NG has been around for a while, but some people threw it as an alternative to Tumblr and I decided to give it a shot. While I wouldn’t call NG’s format ideal for image galleries, the site’s taken notice of its recenadded a few functions aimed at its newcomers, which is pretty nice! Mostly old reblogs for the time being.


    I’m still taking a wait-and-see approach to Pillowfort - it’s still on beta, rather barebones at the moment, and the servers have had a hard time keeping up with the growing userbase, but I’m hoping it might develop into a good service in the future. Mostly old reblogs for the time being.

    ★ DISCORD ★

    I’ve had a discord server up for a while now! I upload some wips there, sometimes provide some art tips, and you can get early notices for streams and other events. PLEASE READ THE RULES FIRST.

    Aaand I think that about wraps it up! I’d be extremely grateful if you could reblog this message, since by now I’m pretty sure no posts can be found through searches on this site anymore.


    As you all probably know tumblr is shutting all porn so ill be deleting my account shortly, come follow me to my other webs plz =)

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmaArtz

    Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nikoh/

    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/fefeartz

    Discord: FeFeChama #6454 (i have a discord channel so if you want me to add you just ask me there =))






    So I just read up more on what the actual fuck is going on and what this means for NSFW content creators and this twitter thread really explains everything and why no amount of petition signing is going to change the direction tumblr, and inevitably twitter, is going

    You can read the thread here

    While a lot of artists went the ways of newgrounds and HF and mastodon and whatever else, a lot artists (myself included) just moved to Twitter because we were all mostly there already. But I’m not just bringing this up because I care about twitter, twitter definitely sucks, but because NSFW creators are very quickly running out of options.

    Seems to explain the things going on with Tumblr lately.

    I don’t make a living on nsfw anything, but some of you guys might?

    I’m not a huge fan of censorship, so this is just plain worrisome anyway. I’m not entirely sure what to do other than help spread the word. =/

    Are you fucking kidding me

    Hey remember this post from a few days ago?

    Well if you too think that’s bullshit, I advise you to check out this site right here.

    I’m leaving tumblr soon, but having learned about SESTA & FOSTA recently, it’s got me a bit worried about the safety of NSFW creators in particular on major social media outlets. 

    By conflicting with Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, this set of bills can make entire websites responsible for the content of it’s users, putting them at legal risk if a user posts something the law doesn’t like – so the safest course of action is to play it safe and prohibit users from posting ANY remotely risky stuff – like NSFW content (thanks tumblr). It’s a bit like the EU’s Article 13.

    It’s a bill that, on the surface, looks like it’s supposed to do good, but I’m not under the impression that it’s doing much more than harm – and it’s a step closer to the censorship of sexual expression, which I’m not really cool with, especially right after what’s happened to tumblr – effectively disrupting the livelihood of creators and purveyors of anything NSFW. Like you and I.

    Maybe it won’t be an issue, MAYBE it’s an overreaction… but it’s currently on my mind and it has me worried. So perhaps, if you were previously unaware of the circumstances, you should be made aware. 

    Because after Net-Neutrality’s Repeal, Article 13, and tumblr metaphorically shitting on us, I’m not particularly optimistic… 

    So perhaps you should get in contact with your representatives and, like… Set them straight.

    I don’t like talking about these big, world-changey politic-analogous stuff on my tumblr, but since we’re going to be burying my tumblr soon, I guess there’s not much of a point.