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samuel he/him indo-trinidadian 🇹🇹. should i make a carrd. be honest. send me cool sexy paintings i LOVE that shit to the MAX

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    playing dnd with my dads cishet friends blows because theyre way too into combat mechanics and dont understand that youre supposed to be having fun but on the other hand i play giant nonbinary firbolg necromancer named pickles mcburgersson who has orange hair and keeps resurrecting the enemies we kill and then gives them therapy and its baffling to all of these forty something men who have never actually had fun playing dnd

    two human fighters, one elf wizard and a dwarf cleric (all white with names like eric von broghson and all of their backstories include dead daughters and a dragon) and pickles mcburgersson the bighuge nonbinary necromancer and their seven undead orcs dealing with childhood trauma having a party discussion

    every person can feel freddie’s presence in their souls when they sin<>g MAMAAAAAA UUHHHH, I DONT WANNA DIE, I SOMETIMES I WISH I’VE NEVER BEEN BORN AT ALL with all the air in their lungs i’m not joking


    it’s fucking crazy to think about the amount of people who have sung bohemian rhapsody? like it’s such a unifying song, by nature of the fact that so many people know it. it holds so many good memories for me and other people. it’s a song you scream in the car with your friends while you drive around your boring hometown, it’s a song you drunkenly sing with your arm around your best friend, or a song you sing along to with strangers when it’s on in public. it’s bittersweet to think about freddie’s legacy carrying on like that through his masterpiece. freddie carries on because he’s a part of so many people’s good memories and bohemian rhapsody is a huge part of that.

    Reblog if you have sung bohemian rhapsody with your friends


    every time i see this post i’m reminded of the video of 65,000 people singing bohemian rhapsody in near-perfect harmony

    like, what other song can make that claim?

    Some of the highlights of that video include:

  • The crowd cheering after the first stanza when they realize what they’re all doing
  • So many people audibly ‘doing the guitar parts’… like ya do
  • The sheer number of voices joining the rediculous falsetto (thanks, Roger)
  • How they all start jumping at the ramp-up “so you think you can stomp me”
  • Hands up, hundreds, thousands deep for the final “ooooo”s and the last line to close the song