Female Dominance Male Submission and Chastity

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    Long list of nsfw lesbian videos, in no particular order, that I will continue adding to.



    (I did my best to tag general content but I likely missed some stuff, it happens)

    (@ men: go away, this isn’t for you)

    Enjoy :)

    butch femme fave- cute couple! work clothes, many smooches, body hair, packing, strap handjob & sex, fingering, oral, light impact play.

    fuck the police- srry about cop theme-ing. Lily Cade / Jess Gadsby. rough, strap bj & sex(both wear it at some point), bunch of positions,oral, fingering/clit rubbing. in a warehouse or something so I can’t help but imagine ass splinters from the wooden bench r.i.p.

    Sweet couple- kissing, grinding, fingering, lots of smiles.

    lesbian backroom-  artsy, rough, voyeurism, impact play, group, strap bj & sex, oral, fingering, they all use protection.

    sugar high glitter city- a classic, do I need to explain.

    fun in a car - Jiz Lee / Dallas, I think(it’s dark, idk), pretty video, makeouts, fingering, oral.

    couch fuck-  body hair, kissing, fingering, grinding, oral, choking, hair pulling, face slapping, quick drink break bc they care.

    in a cafe or something- they have sex before or after work? body hair, makeout, oral, strap sex, fingering, loud “background” music probably there for artsy reasons.

     C.K & Emanuelle- hands tied with necktie for a lil bit, soft, fingering/clit rubbing, oral.

    Girlfriend touches part 1, part 2 - clit rubbing, some fingering I think idr

    soft punks- soft kissy, fingering, strap sex(they both wear it at some point), some nipple stuff, body hair.

    amateur couple- oral, facesitting, fingering.

    it’s Syd Blakovich > -syd & dia -strap sex, oral | syd & satine-ex drama, oral, fingering,69 | -syd & aiden vid1,-confusing drama, Syd subs, handcuffs, spanking, foot stuff, fingering, choking, strap bj & sex- |vid2- booky theme?, vibrator, foot stuff, fingering, choking strap bj & sex(both wear it) |  -syd & nina- nice, fingering/rubbing, oral, lightish impact play, choking, strap handjob & sex  - |  -tattoo artist fuck - body hair, fingering, strap bj & sex, vibrator. | she’s my man- some chatting, makeouts, fingering, oral, 69.

    Angel and Dragon - great couple, sorta rough, clothed, both wear their dicks during, fingering, strap bj & jerking & sex, some slaps.

    taking break from renovations-  home renovations, rope bound wrists, body hair, the butch is in a binder, kissing, general body touches/caresses, oral.

    cute couple in their bed- oral, strap sex.

    couple on tall red bed with lots of pillows- body kisses, grinding, strap sex.

    suburban dykes- super cheesy 80s, flashback moments, phone sex, safe sex talk, fingering, strap sex, oral, threesome. Personally it gets better 13 minutes in.

    Olivia and Maria-tattooed couple, body kisses, oral, rubbing, fingering that gets pretty intense.

    Olivia and Maria vid 2- tremor vibrator, oral, fingering, clit rubbing. 

    Tight Places, A Drop of Color- multiple couples, threesome at the end, outdoor sex, fingering, oral, strap bj & sex, makeouts, masturbation, cool people in general.

    Graphic Depictions- weird & artsy, clit rubbing, fingering, oral, masturbating girl in background. 

    lesbian vacation Scene 1- cabin vacation, filming, oral, hot tub, grinding, clit rubbing, fingering, strap sex. | Scene 4- orgy, lots go on.

    newlyweds- wedding dress and suit, serious conversation, oral, facesitting, fingering, anal fingering, strap sex.

     Threesome- live show at what is basically a sex lounge/spa/hotel. makeouts, impact play, general caresses, oral, fingering, strap bj & sex, rainbow dildo, vibrator.

    couple pretends there’s a hidden camera for some reason but the video is hot- oral, intense vibrator stuff.

     "strap-on love- chill music, makeout, strap bj & sex, bit of eating out, hair pulling.

    bedtime stories- body kisses, oral, fingering, light impact play with belt, tribbing.

    cute couple- vid1-kissy, smiles, strap bj & sex, oral, fingering | vid2- eating out, grinding/tribbing, 69, | makeout, eating out.

     older woman & poolboi- poolside smooches, body hair, oral, fingering, vibrator.

    lots of lesbians- large cast, body hair, oral, fingering, strap sex & bj, impact play, threesome, anal, spanking.

    Bren Ryder & cutie whom I don’t know the name of- strap sex, bullet vibe.

     a couple vid1- makeout, wrists tied for a bit, blindfolded for a bit, oral, clit rubbing | vid2 strap sex, the cat walks in.

    amateur couple in graffiti’d room- masturbation, oral, facesitting, fingering.

    Wow adding more:

    Lily Cade & Nina Hartley- spanking, fingering, oral, strap sex, good communication, some anallingus(however it’s spelled haha) 

    “Pussy Eatin” (fun vid name, right) - oral, cute moans, nice hands.


    tribbing/grinding sweethearts - tenderness, lil bit of frustration, lots of kisses, playing with breasts, tribbing/grinding, a bit of oral and fingering, body hair, talking about food and banking like right after they finish.

    massage, etc - oil massage, fingering, tribbing/grinding, feels sweet imo.

    “wife rides my clit after I stroke it :) “ - big clit, jerking off, grinding, pillow covering face, 

    “fucking and getting fucked from every angle” - loud music, strap sex, hair pulling, multiple positions as the title suggests, “daddy” mention, 


    I will reiterate the point at the beginning of the post: this is not for men. Your fetishization of us is based on sick voyeurism, lesbophobia, misogyny, and the fact that we can’t consent to something involving you.

    "The Pleasure Trap"

    Although Most Females Are Truly Unaware of It at the Conscious Level, Subconsciously Most Females Understand the Following Fact “Innately” when it’s Rationally Exposed to Them:  A Man is Much More Obedient, Kind, Nurturing, Loving & Generous with his Woman, When he is “Yearning” For Orgasm – Rather than After He’s had One. This is Due Primarily to the Unconscious, Involuntary Neurochemistry of His Male Mind.

    Neurochemistry is Quite a Fascinating and Intriguing Science, But also quite simple to summarize to get that “Aha!” Feeling About Male Orgasm Mood Change “After” Orgasm/Ejaculation. To understand what is going on, You need to look into the Three Powerful Neurotransmitters - Oxytocin, Prolactin and Dopamine that all interplay while a Male is Visually as well as Sexually Aroused and Stimulated. Feminine Sexual Attention (Teasing & Edging) Serves to Naturally Heighten Male Dopamine Levels - The Powerful Reward Chemical that is at the Very Heart of All Human and Animal Behavior. Along with the Dopamine “Increase” when a Male is Highly (Hyper) Aroused is also Heightened Levels of Oxytocin flooding his bloodstream, often colloquially referred to as the “Cuddle Hormone” that is responsible for “Bonding” not only between couples but between siblings, children etc - and produces that warm wonderful afterglow after sex. Interestingly, (Both Genders Produce Oxytocin), But these levels Fall away Rapidly in Males after they have an Ejaculative Orgasm. Whereas A Woman’s Oxytocin Level Stay Naturally Elevated and Her Dopamine Levels Stay Elevated As Well, Which is Probably One of the Major Reasons Why Women are Naturally Multi-Orgasmic.

    So What Is Dopamine You Ask:  It’s at the Very Core of ALL our Sexual Drives and Survival Needs, and it Motivates “All Of Us” to Do Just About Everything in Life. This mechanism within the Reward - Pleasure circuitry of the Human Brain has been around for millions of years and has not changed.

    In the Male Brain, Dopamine is “Go & Get it!” and Prolactin is “Whoa!” Learn all you can about the Incredibly Addictive Pleasure Drug Dopamine. It’s Incredibly Strong and can Control a Guys Devotion, Veneration & Ultimate Subjugation (Mystically) if Properly Exploited. Think of the Subliminal Programming Possibilities here Ladies, as You Read the Rest of This Excerpt.

    Few females Fully Understand or Appreciate the POWER” in their Hands, in that All Males have an “off switch”, which kicks in - right AFTER they Orgasm. It is Generally NOT Understood that Guys have the Rare, Basically Unknown “Potential” for on-going, Intense Dopamine-Driven Sexual Desire, If their Naturally Occurring Self-Regulating Production of Prolactin is Eliminated and/or Avoided. When The Male Orgasmic Nerves “FIRE”, The Explosive Male “Orgasm” produces a Sudden Massive Increased Wave of Both Chemicals (Dopamine and Oxytocin), But at the Same Time, Applies the Sexual “Brakes” by Producing Increased Prolactin Levels. Prolactin Functions to Effectively Shut Down Their Intense Sexual Desire and Prolactin Remains Enhanced / Elevated in the Male Brain for up to “Two Weeks’, as it takes a while for the levels of Oxytocin and Dopamine to Return to Previous Levels. Therefore Ladies…, Daily Tease, Denial and Firm Sexual Control of a Males Joystick, Means that a ”Trainable“ (Orgasm Managed) Male Will Be Operating Daily, on Heightened Levels of Both Oxytocin and Dopamine without the Undesired, Destructive and Unwanted rush of Prolactin into his bloodstream produced by Male Orgasm. Thus, Keeping in mind that A Man is Much More Obedient, Loving, Nurturing & Generous with his Woman, when he is Desperately “Yearning” For Orgasm (High on Dopamine)- Every Ladies Secret Programming Goal Should Be to Carefully and Meticulously “PREVENT” the Dopamine and Oxytocin Level Plunge from Occurring, and the Natural Easy way to do this is by Prolonging and Preserving his Raging Erection, While Restraining & Preventing him from having an Ejaculation. Precious Dopamine and Oxytocin (Again The Bonding Drug) Can be “Kept” at Peak Levels While You Easily and Secretly Influence his Vulnerable Psyche.

    As for Easily and Covertly Influencing his Vulnerable Subconscious), The Best Time to Whisper your (Will), Desires into his (Ear), Subconscious Mind, is when he is Lost, Floating in Subspace, Blissed Out AND Ultra Rock Hard - “Held” Totally Captive & Imprisoned, Deep up Inside the “Paradise” of Your Glorious Heavenly Womanhood. It Is At This Divine Moment, While His Eyes Are Rolled Back Into His Head and you are Skillfully Delaying & Denying Him Orgasm (Edging), that He is Most Naturally & Helplessly under The Intrinsic Power of Your Will/Suggestion. Imagine the Programming Possibilities Here Ladies - His Vulnerable Open Psyche Will Be Naturally Unprotected, Extremely Susceptible to Your Complete & Total Feminine Control !!!

    When His Dopamine (Reward) and Oxytocin (Cuddle) Levels are Routinely and Habitually Maximized - Improved, More Affectionate & Loving Male Behavior, Naturally brings about an increased level of Reciprocal Behavior from his Sensual Nurturing Woman, Creating a Virtuous Subliminal Self-Perpetuating Feedback Loop Deep Within Both the Male/Female Mind & Psyche.

    {Visualize or imagine the following scenario… A Man and Woman Laying in Bed, Both Watching The Movie 50 Shades of Grey. The Male on his Back , propped up by pillows (completely naked of course), While the female lays her head (resting it) on his lower abdomen, faced towards the TV screen. For the Entire Length of the Move, the Lady holds Captive and Still, in her Gently Nursing Mouth, the first 2 or 3 inches of the Males Raging Hard - Desperate Erection. She Knows That Not Only is he Feeling “Ultra Male” in this Extremely Rock Hard Condition, But that she is also Flooding his Helpless Brain with Steady and Consistent Levels of Dopamine and Oxytocin. As his Joyful Hyper-Sensitive Manhood Pulses with Each Heartbeat, She is Ingeniously Re-enforcing her Natural Feminine Dominion and Authority - Deep Into the Depths of Her Males Defenseless Psyche. By Tenderly & Carefully “Teasing” Him in This Powerful but Nurturing Way, She Can Make Comments and Plant Her Thoughts and Desires (about Certain Key aspects of the Movie) Easily into the Subconscious of Her Male}.

    In Conclusion, A Males Orgasm / Ejaculation / Sexual Energy - Should Be Routinely and Habitually Managed, ”Saved“, Restricted & Preserved (Karezza); Causing Not Only His Healthy Libido / Yearning Desire to Naturally Explode, But His Loving Devotion & Bonding as Well. The whole point of Prolonging & Preventing his orgasm, is to “Accumulate” and Build the Sexual Energy or nervous Energy called “Ojas, which is Wasted the moment the Nerves Fire During Male Ejaculation. It is not his semen loss that’s the problem, It’s actually the Firing of the Male Nervous System During Sexual Stimulation that Needs to be Avoided and Retained. The more you Conserve this Reservoir of ENERGY, (His Battery “Joystick” Fully Charged) The Stronger the two of you will Bond & His Desire to Pleasure “His Goddess” in Every Aspect of Life Develops Beautifully.

    Nurture  What’s  Natural  -  Ladies Are Multi Orgasmic - Males Are Not !!!

    While A Males Precious Sexual Energy (Ojas) Should Be Routinely And Habitually Conserved, Preserved and Saved“ (to Increase Dopamine / Oxytocin – While Minimizing Prolactin) , A Lady on The Other Hand Should ”Fully & Freely Bask in Feminine Orgasmic Bliss, As Often As She Desires !!!

    Nature Intended it Like This Ladies - Don’t Fight Nature, Learn from it, Exploit It and Revel in It !!!

    Thus, A Female Led Relationship (FLR)… Keeps “The Passion”  Alive in The Relationship, With The Seductive, Tantric “Femdom“ Art of Karezza…

    Secretly, Carefully & Strategically…. Take Him to the Dark Side (Femdom) - Show Him What His Male Body, Was Truly Made For (Karezza) !!!

    His Entire Function and “Design" as a Male is Ultimately For Your Total Exploitation, Entertainment and Gratification, Not Just Your Sustenance and Sanctuary …

    In Review, Routine & Habitual Karezza “Training” of the Male (Mind & Erection), Beautifully and Naturally Increase “HIS” Libido, Passion, Devotion, Desire and Virility as well as his Subjugation and Veneration. Creating Once Again, A Wonderful, Subliminal, Self-Perpetuating (Feedback Loop), Deep Within BOTH The Male & Female Psyche…

    With this Powerful Femdom type of  “KAREZZA”, The Woman’s Love Life / Sex Life - Naturally Improves Exponentially…

    Imagine the Connection, The Prolonged Bliss you Both Will Experience - Him Being Perched Everlastingly Right on the Very “Edge” of Orgasm, And You Perched Right “On Top of Him” Having Quivering Full Body Orgasmic Bliss to your Hearts Content. Take Breaks Frequently - Sexual Fulfillment, Is Most Assuredly Made “Sweeter”, By The Prolonging of Desire… In this Way, You Can Both RIDE The Exquisite “Edge” For as Long, and As Deeply as you Both Breathe Properly.

    Although this Might Sound Torturous to Some (a Good Kind of Torture) Trust Me, it’s Pure “Euphoria”. By Harnessing, Channeling and Absorbing His Pulsating Sexual Energy Consciously Into and Through Your Consuming Womanhood; That Divine “Accumulated” Flow of Precious Sexual Energy will spread into Everything That You Do. You will Feel Revitalized, Connected and Tuned into the Rhythms of Life and He Will Absolutely and Utterly Worship You…

    Note: Depriving a man of the use of his Erection while he is Utterly Helpless & Completely “CAPTIVE”, (Imprisoned) Deep up Inside of the Paradise of Your Heavenly Vagina, is a Most Wonderful Form of Obtaining Complete Sexual Dominance / Control over him, Especially If U Freely Orgasm - While Preventing Him from Doing So .

    Having him sit upright and then wrapping your legs around his back is one of the Best Possible Positions for Prolonged Tantra & Karezza Lovemaking, Especially in the Hyper-Sensitive State He Will Undoubtedly Be in After Your Interminable Edging. The Wise Woman, Skilled in her “Art” Must Retain Control of “All” Movements, Thus Beautifully Controlling Herself & Her Male… Until Her Stud Has Not Only Attained Complete and Deepest Union With Her, But Also Become Acclimated to His Secure Enveloping Captivity.

    Then….and Only Then….Slow, Rocking (Karezza) Style Intercourse – Will Lead to a Woman’s Complete Discharge of Her Nervous Surplus, Complete Relief from All of Her Sexual Tension Due to Intense Orgasmic Ecstasy, And More Prolonged BLISS and Satisfaction for Him than a 15 Second Ejaculation Could Ever Provide.

    Remember, The Key to Teaching A Male”NEW BEHAVIOR” (How Not To Cum) with the Hypnotic Powerful Neurotransmitter Dopamine, Requires Frequent Repetitive Training !!!!!   If You Learn To Exploit The Powerful Processes Neurochemistry (Dopamine and Oxytocin) Have on the Psychology of the Vulnerable Male Mind - You’ll Be Able to Easily “Train” Your Male To Respond To You, With Virtually Any “Conditioned” Behavior You Desire…

    (Karezza)… Ladies Cum  - MALES DON’T (Tease & Denial)


    Of all the things You can “Do” when You Tease, “Edge” & Torture a Man, The One Thing that will Ultimately give you the Greatest Dividend – Will Be - Ruining His Orgasm.

    How many Ladies reading this are Familiar, Comfortable and/or Titillated with the Concept?

    Ruining Your Males Orgasm is Always Done by Abruptly Abandoning the Stimulation of His Penis (Joystick) Just Prior to the Point of No Return, Thus Minimizing his Pleasure, But at the Same Time Magically Making Him Hornier & Hornier & Hornier; The Purpose Being, Driving his Libido, Dopamine and Desire for your Femininity Up to Absolutely Peak Levels.

    Learn to Always Say, “Aww, Did I Ruin that Honey?” Many Ladies find that they get a Real Power Thrill when they See their Studmuffins Imminent Ejaculation, Utterly Stopped in it’s Tracks. Virtually All Women Become Absolutely Delighted In Just  How “Horny & Rock Hard" Their Males Stay Immediately Afterwards !!!

    Once Again Ladies, Here’s the Paradoxical Secret of Habitually Ruining Your Guys Ejaculative Orgasm; His Libido & Desire for your Femininity Will Multiply Beyond Your Wildest Imagination, Such a Win-Win Situation for Systematically Subjugating Him!!!

    Within Every Woman there is a “Domme” - Waiting to be Discovered, Nurtured, Worshiped and Served !!! 

    I admit, it takes Practice to get Really Good at Ruining a Males Orgasm. Probably the Single Most Often Asked Question in a Woman’s Mind, Women who Really Want to Subliminally Dominate, Subjugate, as Well as Perpetually Tease and Deny Their Stud Muffin “Properly”, Want to know How to Ruin a Male Orgasm The Right Way. Here is a Quick and Sadistic Outline of How You can Learn to Habitually Ruin your Guy’s Orgasms & Make him your Totally Subservient, Subordinate, Lusting Sex Slave (As He Should Be). Remember, every Man is Different and You will have to Learn the Signs Your Man Unwittingly Gives when He is Reaching The Point of No Return. That is, the Point at Which He is Going to Erupt & Explode no Matter what You do. You Can Only Learn these Signs and Signals by Watching Him Closely and “Practicing” Daily. Watch his facial expressions, his body, his feet, his movements, which muscles tense and Watch His Breathing .

    You Need to Get Him and “Keep” Him Ultra Aroused Obviously, and then You want to Bring him as Close to Orgasm as You possibly Can, Without Allowing Him to Actually Cum while You are touching him. I emphasize this because in order to ruin his orgasm Properly, You must stop All Physical Stimulation “Right Before” The Last Possible Second. Always Remember, It’s Better to Stop Stimulation 15 Seconds Too Early, Than 1 Second Too Late !!!

    I recommend that you Stroke or if you Prefer - Nurse on his Erection Very Gently, and with a good amount of lubrication. Although You can do this without lubrication if your sucking on him, Males Last Longer when they are Well Lubricated, And the longer you KEEP Him Rock Hard in the Peaked “Edged” Phase, the Higher his Dopamine Levels Will Ultimately Be. Give him four or five strokes, fast or slow doesn’t matter. Alternate between fast and slow if You like. The Key Is In the Pause Between these “Elongated” Never Ending Sets of strokes. You Must Pause However  Long Enough to Allow Him to Relax and Recover Just a Little Bit, Before You give Him His Next “Set” of Blissful Hypnotic Programming Strokes. The Longer You want to Tease Him, and the More Dopamine/ Oxytocin You Want in His Brain (while you whisper your desires into his open ear), the Longer Your Torturous Teasing and “Pauses” Should Last. Remember, His Impressionable Mind is Quite Open in this Condition to Your Hypnotic Suggestions, So Be Sure To Exploit this Vulnerability Ladies …

    Watch him Very Closely !!! When You see the signs of his Impending Imminent Orgasm, Remove your hand or mouth and Stop touching him Immediately!!! Wait at Least Ten Seconds Before You Touch his Hyper-Sensitive (Straining) Erection Again; Fifteen to Twenty Seconds Even Better. Any less time, and You may trigger a Full-on Orgasm the Instant You start Up Again. Many men unconsciously try to hold back their ejaculation, especially if You’ve Properly “Trained” them with Karezza Not to Cum without Your permission, or if they feel they might cum while You are not directly touching them. This a good thing, encourage this behavior & Exploit IT… Once You’ve reached that all important point of no return, they will most often trigger their own miniature ruined ejaculation by just trying not to Explode.

    Many Men hold out, for as long as, eight seconds before they Finally Succumb to a Helpless Joyless Ruined Orgasm. That is, eight seconds after You stop touching, sucking & stimulating them. That is why I say, The Astute Lady Should Wait at Least Ten to Fifteen Seconds before she begins stroking her Stud Muffins Hypersensitive Joystick Again. The Longer the Breaks are between stroking stimulations, The Better!!!

    What You Ultimately Want to See and Trigger Ladies, is your guys“Creaminess” begin to slowly flow out of the tip of their penis head “smoothly”, like a miniature oozing river - AFTER You’ve Stopped All Stimulation. The Cum will NOT Explode Out with Force as you “and they” are typically used to, Thus in this Way, You Ultimately will be Saving, Accumulating and Preserving Your Lovers Precious Sexual Energy from Being Wasted, and this Sexual Energy Once again Beautifully Builds Upon Itself. The sadistically fun part is, that no matter how hard they try, they will be unable to pump their own cum out with any pressure, But They can try. They can flex their “Kegel” muscles that usually make their cum squirt, spurt, or shoot out, but it will not work :))  Most Importantly, They’ll be Hornier and Harder than Ever…

    In Review, Ruined Male Orgasms are Just That, Totally Unsatisfying!!! They involve stroking, sucking, stimulating & masterbating an erect penis, Right UP to the Point of No Return, “ALWAYS” After Interminable Edging. And Rather than Milking the Erection Through the Blissful, Cherished Orgasm, a Couple of Subjugating Femdom Techniques can be Used to Properly Ruin the Male Orgasm & Reinforce To His Unguarded Psyche, Your Ultimate (Feminine) Control.  A Quick Summary of the Most Effective, Femdom Techniques are Summarized Below.

    Abandonment: Through extensive experience, the Mistress identifies the point of no return (PNR) for the Erection being Subjugated and Totally Ceases Any & All Stimulation, “Just Before” His Ejaculation Spasms Begin. Simply sit back and Delight in Watching the Silly, “Straining”, Pulsating Appendage Struggle to Expend the Unstoppable Pressurized Cream Inside of it, which is Gut Wrenching and Totally Unsatisfying. The Victimized & Totally Stunned Manhood will (Almost Always), Paradoxically Remain Fully Erect and Extremely Rock Hard Following The Ruined Orgasm & Immediately Feel the Oh So Desperate Need to Cum Again.

    Keep in Mind Ladies, Your Routine & Habitual Goal is to “Prevent” his Orgasmic Nerves from Firing “Completely“…Thus Retaining Over 95% of His Precious & Priceless Sexual Energy from Being Wasted… A Small River of Cum Slowly “Oozing” Down His Bursting Hard, “Straining”, Vein Filled Cock Shaft is What You Want to See Happening Repeatedly…

    Taking This Subliminal Programming & Subjugation A Step Further !!!

    Bleeding: An advanced Technique With Extremely Wonderful Libido Building Effects.  Rather than bringing the Desperate, Throbbing Erect Penis Up To the Point of No Return (PNR), Stimulation is Abruptly Stopped JUST Prior to This Point, Causing “Your” Play Toy to Leak Out (Ooze) a Small Amount of Precum, but Still Remain, Right on the Verge (Edge) of Orgasm.

    Due to The Wonderful Involuntary Neurochemistry of his Mind, A Males Dopamine Levels Will Again “Be Peaked” at This Point. It’s at this Exact Point in Time that His Mind & Psyche is Most Vulnerable to your Comments, Suggestions and Subliminal Programming, So Exploit This Omnipotent Gift….. Firmly “Command Him” Not To Cum, Tell Him He’s Never Allowed to Cum Without Your Permission and Praise Him What a Good Boy He Is for Obeying You.

    After a Short Pause, Once “Control” is Again Regained over the Straining, Throbbing, Desperate, Hyper Sensitive Erection, This Procedure can be Repeated Over and Over and Over Again, Drawing Small Oozing amounts of Cum from the Screaming “Joystick” Each Time.

    At Some Opportune Point of Your Choosing, His Vulnerable Bursting Hard Joystick Can Then Be Stimulated to a Maddening, Straining, Painful Dry Orgasm He Will Never Forget.  If the “Domme” is Feeling Particularly Sadistic, the Dry Orgasm Can Then Also Be Ruined, Most likely Leaving the Possessor of the Tortured Dominated Cock Sobbing and Writhing, But Advantageously Hornier and Harder Than Ever !!!

    This is the Perfect Time – After “A Series” of Exquisite Ruined Orgasms (RO) – For The Astute Lady To Mount Her Guys Now Supersized, Traumatized, Totally Subjugated and ”Drained“ - BUT Extremely Horny Stud Muffin, in order to Delight in a Rock Solid “Ultimate” Multi-Orgasmic Ride of Whatever Duration She Chooses !!! – Which Normally He Would Be Unable To Endure For Any Extended Length of Time… The Beauty Of This Viagra Induced (Femdom) Subjugation Is, Even With His Raging Accumulated Sexual Energy Carefully Preserved, He Won’t Be Able to Cum, There Won’t Be ANY Cum Left Inside Him !!!

    You Will Now Completely OWN Him, Physically & Psychologically !!!

    In Review - Eventually the Males Balls can be Completely “Emptied” in this Most Advantageous “Bleeding” Type of Way, While Retaining & Harnessing All Of His Oh So Precious Sexual Energy. Some Very Smart, Liberated & Skilled Women Use Tease & Denial, Along With “EDGING”, Followed By A Series of Ruined Orgasms, as a Wonderfully Sadistic Method of Totally Draining Their Dominated Husbands / Boyfriends Balls, Before They Mount Their Insanely Horny Bull.

    Remember, There is a Major Difference Between Male Ejaculation and Male Orgasm; While usually occurring simultaneously, they are NOT THE SAME THING … Male Orgasm is the Pleasurable Rhythmic Muscle Contractions that are the result of Prolonged Mental & Physical Arousing Stimuli (Thus the “Trainable” Multi Orgasmic Male). Ejaculation However refers to the “Out of Control Firing of His Male Orgasmic Nerves and the Energy Draining Explosive Expulsion of His Pressurized Ejaculate Which Must Always Be Properly Managed, Controlled, Restricted and Purposely Avoided by the Dominant “Ruling” Female of Course !!!.

    Remember Ladies, Practice Makes Perfect

    If he isn’t Totally Emptied/Drained of Semen Every 10-18 Days, Forbidden Accidents May Happen, And this is Definitely a No-No if your Properly Harnessing, Absorbing, Managing and Restricting All of his Sexual Energy and Ejaculated Orgasms As You Should Be !!!

    Remember Ladies Your Orgasmic Bliss Will Become “Maximized …The More Your Dominated / Subjugated Males Orgasms ARE Routinely “Minimized”…

    Through a Man’s Passion & Libido, Nature Has “Given” Man INTO Woman’s Hands, and The Woman who Does Not Know How to Make Him Her Subject, Her Slave, Her TOY, and How to Thoroughly Control Him with Her Femininity in the End is Not Wise.



    My book Practical FLR, introduces the female led relationship lifestyle in a gentle way, for those of you wondering how to explain it to your partner.  Gift them my book.

    E-book available here - Practical FLR: Lessons For A Female Led Relationship

    Paperback available here - Practical FLR: Lessons For A Female Led Relationship



    My book Practical FLR, introduces the female led relationship lifestyle in a gentle way, for those of you wondering how to explain it to your partner.  Gift them my book.

    E-book available here - Practical FLR: Lessons For A Female Led Relationship

    Paperback available here - Practical FLR: Lessons For A Female Led Relationship



    My book Practical FLR, introduces the female led relationship lifestyle in a gentle way, for those of you wondering how to explain it to your partner.  Gift them my book.

    E-book available here - Practical FLR: Lessons For A Female Led Relationship

    Paperback available here - Practical FLR: Lessons For A Female Led Relationship


    I love the muzzle he is wearing.



    My book Practical FLR, introduces the female led relationship lifestyle in a gentle way, for those of you wondering how to explain it to your partner.  Gift them my book.

    E-book available here - Practical FLR: Lessons For A Female Led Relationship

    Paperback available here - Practical FLR: Lessons For A Female Led Relationship