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Lesbian porn is the best kind of porn! This is where I'll be posting every kind of beautiful lesbian porn, from soft and sensual to extreme and super-hardcore! Join me on the journey to uncover every possible way lesbians can be sexy.

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2020-08-12 16:24:01

    I’ve only ever been with boys and I’m straight but the thought of being with a girl is so hot to me and I either want a threesome or to just have a girl eat me out but I’m too shy and I live in a small town where everything gets out what should I do

    That doesn’t sound entirely straight... which is a good thing! Congrats on your expanding horizons!

    Obviously I don’t know what your town’s like, but so what if it gets out that you’ve been enjoying the pleasures of a woman? Anyone who gives you any grief for that doesn’t deserve to know you anyway.

    In terms of being shy, that’s the tricky bit, I think. If you can push yourself to meet the right woman, hopefully you can find someone with a little experience, and she can take the lead to help you get through your first experience?

    I’d say go for it! Go get you some girls!


    Heyy so I’m a 19 years old woman who’s def bi, but leaning more towards women... the only problem is that I have no experience with women and are looking for a woman to chat and basically sext with...I thought maybe you can help my dilemma

    I feel like tumblr’s days of great porn and hot sexting are kinda over! I’ve pretty much moved entirely to bdsmlr.com now. It’s very much a tumblr copycat, only it’s entirely porn (so no interior design and log cabin photos to sift through while you’re looking for the sexy stuff! :D).

    It’s not all bdsm anymore, either. All kinds of stuff and people on there. Much better options if it’s sexting you’re looking for (and who isn’t!).

    Look me up! I’m at lesbiansex.bdsmlr.com


    I have a friend that has made comments about possibly being bi, and I myself am bi-curious. I really want to make a move this year bus am unsure as to how when school starts back up. Any advice?

    I really don’t believe there’s a tried and true method for solving this kind of problem! My advice would be to talk to her like you talked to me - just go at it head on! Making moves, dropping hints, planning a big reveal, staging a meet cute, going in for that “earth shattering” first kiss - that’s all Hollywood bullshit we’ve been programmed to believe is real and possible. Forget all that nonsense. Be open, honest, and curious. Just have a couple of drinks and tell her, “Hey, I’m really starting to think I might be bi. Any thoughts about that?” Ask her all about her bisexual feelings and epiphanies and ideas and research, and tell her all about yours. Take the journey into bi-discovery together! If she’s not, she’ll say so, and I’m confident it’ll be no big deal. If she is, she’ll be delighted to have someone to talk to and not have to be alone in her feelings. And you get the same thing. TLDR: Forget everything Hollywood, TV and Disney have ever promised you. Just tell her you think you might be bi, and wanted to talk to someone about it in a real, actual human conversation! Good look!


    hi, i’m a female & i have a female friend that’s bisexual. i’ve never kissed a girl but i want to kiss her, but we both have boyfriends. should i do anything?

    Definitely! Suck her tongue like you’re giving her face a blow job, lol! She’ll LOVE it, and so will you!


    I am a lady that has just figured out that she is bisexual. I have kissed one of my female friend and I want to do more with her. So would do i need ti know to move forward with her.

    Fantastic! I’d say you’ve got past the hard part! Don’t overthink it - just tell her how much you enjoyed it, and that you’d like to do it again... lots! She’s no doubt feeling the same, and is equally stuck about how to approach the subject. You’ll both be delighted the moment you’ve broken the silence! Enjoy!


    How do I get over a girl who I was talking too and decided she wanted to be friends because I really liked her

    I say enjoy the crush! I know today’s general wisdom is that a crush is considered to be bad for us in line with cancer and amputations, but it used to be something people liked and wanted! (At least, that’s my rose-tinted recollection! 😋) Yet another thing the internet’s soured for us! 🤣

    Be fun, be a great friend, be flirty and be free to enjoy liking someone! It’ll turn out well in the end -if you have enough patience 😊


    What will happen to this blog when the guidelines will change?

    Sadly it probably won’t continue on tumblr too well, which I’m really upset about. Currently looking for a good alternative, just like everyone else! I’ll definitely post where I’ve gone on here though :-)