Because my previous nsfw tumblr blog, denparadigm2015 got taken down accidently, this video was on that blog, but luckily, I still have this saved on my Google Drive, so now I can reupload this in my new nsfw blog.

    So this is my gameplay of the R-18 porn parody game, Luv of the Wild, created by artist @rubberimp


    Lizard Boys and Booty Bounce~

    Just a few small loops of a scalie boi. He called over his boyf to play with a needy dong.

    Trying to hold his big bubbly bum bum together for a snapchat shot~. Unfortunate that he’s so clumsy and slipping on your face all the time…

    Angles below!

    Boyf gives him a hand~

    He slip on u~




    Rebagle for night boys, more lizards to come tonight~