Hey I’m BACK !!! yeah ! with a new story

    I’m sory for the very “conveniently” place smoke that tumblr forced me to do now but you can see the full transformation totally smoke free on my patreon until I found an other way ^^

    Joshua is working on fixing his old car, it’s an ordinary and quiet afternoon, the weather is nice so he could work outside not wearing a coat. Joshua has no clue at all something big (and I mean BIG) is about to happen to him, when all of sudden he feel the heat, like a fever, but very quick and a pressure, it’s short the feeling is already dissolving, leaving him slightly dizzy

    He realised with great shock that he had grown, his garment feels so, so tight on him now

    -What on earth is happening ?!?

    He is shocked, he don’t understand, a slight fear invades his mind when he’s already feeling dizzy again. It’s stronger this time, the fear is quickly replaced by excitement. That time he knows what is about to happen so he try as fast as he could to remove his clothes, he doesn’t want to destroy them and he also wants to enjoy the spectacle but is he fast enough ?

    He barely managed to remove his sweater and shoes that it strikes him a third time almost as soon as the second one ended up

    Everything grows stronger, his excitement skyrocket, he is SO big, he feels SO strong he is about to cum, his dick also is getting so so big and powerful

    The remaining of his clothes is shredded all over the floor, he is panting, his voice got so low, like a rumble, he is so close to burst when the last episode hit him so hard

    Then BOOM !!!!

    He felt so loudly on the floor that all the neiborhood is saking, He can’t believe it !?

    -That …. Th … AWSOME …. ?!?

    He start to realised how big he got, that can’t be true …


    That wasn’t the end …. Yet


    He finally exploded in every sense of the work ^^

    Hope you like it, that took me way longer that I expected, but I think that was worth the wait

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    thank again

    have a good day