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    Hello! I'm going to be typing this out in a hurry because I'm on my way to a shift at the hospital as I do, which is one of the main reasons I've been forced to ask the internet for help again. Tumblr was really helpful in enabling us to pay for Whiskey's neutering, and paying bills with our other dog, and I thank you if you're reading this right now, because I really am very grateful for all you kind souls across the internet.

    This is Goosey. He's currently undergoing treatment for having ingested a poison trap set for pigs by the municipality.

    He's responding well to it and hopefully will recover very soon, but his medical bills have amounted to 5000 INR, and since the three of us (who live together) are just college students (final year, medicine) with no real source of income, that's an amount we're unable to pay on our own.

    After pooling in our funds, and from other students living in the area, we've managed to get to only 2000 INR, and thus have been compelled to ask for help in collecting the rest of the 3000 INR. If you're able to help, in whatever capacity you can, know that it will be massively appreciated, and if you can't, I am (we are) grateful you read through this, and only ask that you spread it.

    I must add, that *1 US dollar is approximately 70 INR. And 1 euro is about 90 INR* . This is another reason I'm posting this on tumblr because there's a lot of people who're going to see this internationally and I'd like to reestablish that every bit is going to make a difference.

    Thank you, once again.