Ink liners on A3 paper

    Griffins are a symbol of courage and grandeur. Their origin comes from the ancient East and later adapted by the Greeks who considered them sacred beings and guardians to Apollo’s treasure.

    I initally wanted to draw a harpy but later on changed it into a griffin and it sort of came out as something strange in between.


    This is now available as a print in A3 size but i can also do larger sizes by request:


    Deadly Nightshade
    Ink on paper

    Excited to share my newest illustraton with you which will be part of La Calavera show together with the other artists from the Dusk collective. The show goes live tomorrow and you can follow the online event here.

    Deadly Nightshade is the common name for Atropa Belladona, a plant both beneficial and poisonous. In medieval times, It was believed witches made brews and salves using belladona as a constituent in their “flying” ointments. Venetian women used it in eyedrops to dilate their pupils and appear more seductive. In contrast, since Roman times, it was used as a poison to kill enemies in battle and contaminate their food reserves.

    If you’d like to purchase this original piece you can message Dusk or me directly.


    La Cavalera show closes on Saturday! You can get this original art piece for $200.

    You are in luck!

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