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    My ex sent me a text around 1130 last night asking if I could get out of the house to meet her. She was on her way home after a night out with her girlfriends and said she wanted to talk to me. My wife was already asleep so I was just like, sure why not. Met her down the street in a shopping area that was pretty vacant, there’s a White Castle in an adjoining lot where she was parked and I pulled up next to her. She motioned for me to come into her car which I did. When I got in her car she said hi then was immediately over the center consul with her ass in my lap, facing me. Her legs were still across the drivers seat and consul. Before I could say anything she started kissing me deep and hard. She was wearing a skirt and moved my hand up under it with her legs spread wide and pressed my hand agains her inner thighs.

    She had no panties on and was dripping wet. Next thing I know, she’s pulling my shorts down and grabbing my cock. I was instantly hard and throbbing. She moved so she was ass up, kneeling from the drivers seat with her face buried in my cock. She started squeezing my balls and moaning. I had pulled her skirt up over her ass and started fingering that wet pussy then I slid a finger as deep inside her ass as I could get. She was gagging and slobbering all over me. All the sudden she pops up and straddles me, she grabbed my dick and put my head right against those wet lips. She was so wet and tight, after a minute or so i was balls deep inside of her and we were fucking like we were teenagers again.

    She wouldn’t cum until I told her I was ready to blow my load inside her. She was begging and begging which made me fuck her even harder. She couldn’t hold back and started to cum which made me cum at the same time. It was so damn hot, when we were done she kissed me and moved back to the drivers seat. My dick was covered with our cum and was dripping down to my balls.

    She leaned back over and stared sucking my dick again. She said she didn’t want to leave anything for my wife. After that we kissed, she giggled and said she’d text me later. I got home and the wife was still sleeping.


    Mom joined in

    My brother and I have been fucking for about a year now. It’s amazing and he’s got the most amazing cock. My cunt can’t get enough of it. Me and mom are very close and talk about sex a lot together, I even show her pictures of some of the dicks I get and she gets very jealous. What she has just found out is that the dick she keeps drooling over is my brothers. He confessed a while back that I wasn’t the only female in the house he wants to be fucking and I think he was shocked when I told him I totally understand why and that if I got the chance I’d fuck her with him. That set us on a path to trying to get her in a room with us for some family fun.

    We live where consenting sex between family members isn’t illegal so it was no bother to me to tell her I was fucking my brother. She was shocked at first but more recently she has been asking to see the pics of his dick when we’re having our chats. I said to her that maybe she should see it for herself. I could tell she thought about it but turned down the invitation. At that point I said ‘well I’m gonna go see it now’ and left the room.

    I went up and knocked on my brothers room and went in. He knew that I was going to chat to mom so he asked how it had gone. I told him it wasn’t a yes but that I thought it very soon would be. Then he had a great idea. He set his phone on the side table with the camera on and said ‘I reckon she’ll be up here in ten minutes. Now press record and do what you love’

    I loved this idea! I pressed record and started by looking into the camera and saying ‘you sure you don’t want to join us mom?’ before I pulled down my brothers boxers and pulled his big hard cock upright. I looked into the camera as I licked it from balls to tip and then said ‘you know where we are’ and pressed stop. Then I sent it to her and we waited. I sat next to him slowly stroking his dick to keep him hard. We only waited about 3 or 4 minutes and the door opened. She stood there and said ‘you two are so bad! I can’t help wanting that dick though. Make room for mom’

    I moved over and so did my brother, making room for him to be in the middle when she got on the other side. He sat there as I kept stroking his dick and she looked down at it. I could see her mind working. “It’s my son. But it’s such a nice dick. It’s my son. But it’s such a nice dick. It’s my son…….and I’m going to suck his dick” I saw the moment she told her mind to shut the fuck up and she leaned down and held his cock upright for her. She hesitated for a brief moment as her lips got within an inch of his shiny head…..then just went right ahead and took him into her mouth. My cunt instantly flooded and I know hers did too. I had hold of his dick with one hand and had my other hand between my legs playing with my cunt. She looked at me as she sucked him and must have thought ‘well I’m already in this so…..’ and she reached over my brother and slid two fingers straight into my aching hole. Ohmyfuckinggod! So good!! I flooded again and said ‘fuck mom! It’s so good watching you suck that cock! i can’t wait to watch him fuck you!’

    She stopped and looked at me and said ‘I don’t think I should. I mean this is bad enough but..’ I cut her off short ‘Mom you’re on a bed with your fingers in your daughters cunt and your sons cock has just been in your mouth. I think the line is way behind you already. You always said if you’re going to do something, give it 100%’

    She knew I was right and she stood up. She took off her clothes and my brothers eyes lit up. He’s wanted this for a while. He stood up and his prick looked amazing. She took hold of it and said ‘your bad sister has been showing my pictures of this dick for months and I’ve been jealous of her. I guess I won’t be jealous after tonight’ and she lay down in the middle of the bed. He got right between her legs and spread them wide, pressing the head against her damp cunt. Oh god it was so hot to see him about to spread her with his big dick. I was streaming from my cunt and as he pushed inside her I saw her eyes roll back and then close. She was in the moment. He fucked her slow at first and I leaned in to rub her clit. She was in heaven. I went further and kissed all over her tits and down her stomach to her pussy. He pulled out of her and slid his dick into my mouth. I could taste her all over him. He slid back inside her and I needed some attention too so I positioned myself over her head and lowered myself down. I rubbed my wet pussy on her face and she took the hint and starting to tongue my hole. I soaked her. My brother kissed me. We made out as he pounded his moms cunt and she licked my insides. I felt her moans through my cunt as she orgasmed. I could see he was about to cum so I climbed off her face and he pulled out of her. His dick was all creamy and I couldn’t help myself. I had to lick my moms creamy cunt of it. I licked every inch clean and then started to jerk him off. I felt him twitching and I pressed the head between my tits and let him cream all over them. Mom was watching and she sat up and moved down to me. She put her hands around my waist and licked all that cum off my tits. Honestly the hottest fucking thing we had ever done.

    We’ve done a lot more since then. Once mom got the taste she was hooked like I was.


    Wow! So fuckin hot! 👄


    When I talk about destroying me, I want to be clear: I mean the whole me. I don’t want to be reeducated or remade, I want to be gone. I want to cease being human to you, I want the only time my eyes light up are when I see cock. I want people to look at me and recognize that, so that when one cock is done with me another is waiting.

    You want to make me into a walking fuckdoll? So be it. You want me to be a crawling fuckpig? I don’t care. As long as I’m plugged, and my being is destroyed, and the word dignity will never, ever apply to me. 


    Goals for girls


    A Son’s Surprising Discovery

    A teenage son comes home early from school to find his mother doing something really shocking to him.

    The high school where I attend was dismissed early due to a power outage caused by a truck hitting a mainline power pole.  When I walk into the house a couple of hours early, I don’t find Mom; she’s not in the kitchen or the living room as usual even though I know that she is home because her car is in the driveway.  So, I go to my room and strip out of my school clothes and slip into a just a tee shirt and a pair of elastic banded cotton running shorts without any underwear.

    Just after I finish changing, I hear some strange noises coming from down the hallway, in the direction of my parent’s bedroom.  Still barefoot, I walk quietly down the hallway toward the wide open door.  Since I hear loud moaning, I’m about to call to out to see if she is okay, but the initial sight through the door stops me short.  There is Mom, lying on the bed … completely naked with her legs spread wide apart.  Shocked, I step back to hide behind the door jamb.  Although she quite often dresses very sexily with tight pants and form-fitting low cut tops, I have never seen her nude and she is lovely.

    Standing there mostly hidden, I observe that her right hand is moving rapidly between her legs while the other one is squeezing her left tit and pinching the nipple.  Then I notice that she is holding something in her right hand that she is plunging in and out of her womanhood.  On closer examination, it looks somewhat like a rubber cock and it is coated with shiny gooey wetness.  My own cock rises rapidly in my shorts and I start to gently stroke it through them as I watch the shocking sight before me.

    Her head is thrown back and her eyes are closed, but her mouth is open as she moans.  Then I realize that she is saying something, unintelligible at first but then she plainly says, “Fuck me, Bryan!  Fuck your mother!”  I am completely stunned to hear my name mentioned in this way and shocked at her uncharacteristic use of the ‘F’ word.  She spreads her legs even more and that gives me a better view of the fake cock plunging in between her wet and puffy pussy lips.  Since her pubic area is shaven clean, I get a good look at her womanhood. Her hips start to undulate while she continues her requests, “That’s it, Bryan, fuck me!!  Fuck your mother!  Fill me with your hot cum!”

    Then suddenly, she screams loudly and her body begins moving wildly on the bed.  Clear fluid squirts out from between her legs making a big wet spot there as well as coating her inner thighs.  Her body continues to writhe around for what seems like a very long time while she moans and groans and occasionally calls out my name.  Then she is still … very still …… so still that it worries me … she doesn’t even seem to be breathing.  I make my way slowly and carefully to stand right beside the bed. After taking in the sight of her beautiful body for few moments, I ask softly, “Are you okay, Mom?”

    “AAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!” she screams loudly and tries to roll up in the sheet to cover up.  “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HOME???” she yells loudly.

    I step back at her sudden outburst. I explain, “School was let out early because we didn’t have any electricity … a big truck hit a power pole and it wasn’t going to get fixed for a while, so they let us go home.”

    I hear her softly say, “Oh … my … God!”  She is visibly trembling and blushing profusely.  “How … how … how long … have … have you … been here?” she stammers out in a shaky voice.

    I lie and say, “Not long, I was in the living room when I heard you scream so I ran back here.”

    However, I must not have been very convincing in my attempt at lying about it since she looks me straight in the eyes and says, “You saw it all …… and heard it all …… didn’t you, Bryan?”

    “No, I told you ……….”

    “Don’t lie to me, son.  I can tell from your face that you saw it all.”

    Damn, moms seem to know everything! I drop my head and now it is my turn to blush.  “Yes, I saw most of it.”

    “And you heard me call out your name, didn’t you?”

    “Yes, Mom, I did,” I reply softly. My cock is still rock hard and I see her take a longing look at the protruding bulge in my shorts that is almost like a tent pole.

    She blushes again as she says, “Oh my God!  I wish that I could tell you to just forget what you saw and tell you to go on …… but you probably won’t be able to do that.”

    “No, I probably won’t be able to,” I reply.  “You are beautiful, Mom!”

    She ignores my compliment.  “This is so very humiliating!!  Can you at least try to forget it?  Please??”  Her face is really red with embarrassment.”  Even so, she gazes at my crotch again, this time for a long time.

    I step up again and reach out to lay my big hand on her rather large, sheet-covered breast, fully expecting her to protest, while I say, “I can try …… but are you really sure that YOU want me to?”  Her eyes snap back up to look at me.  “Or would you really rather live out your fantasy?”

    She stumbles with her words. “No, Bryan …… I can’t …… we can’t …… do that …… that’s incest!  You’re … my son …… and I’m … I’m … your mother!  And …… and …… we can’t …… we can’t  …… do that!”

    I gently squeeze her breast and feel her nipple harden underneath my palm.  I berate her slightly by saying in a somewhat sarcastic voice, “But it’s still going to be okay for you to fantasize about it?  It’s still going to be okay to pound your pussy with that fake cock and pretend that it’s mine?”  Her face turns cherry red with embarrassment.  I then squeeze her tit a little harder and ask, “Wouldn’t you rather have the real thing stuffed in there?”  I’m still waiting for her to push my hand away from her breast, but for some unknown reason, she doesn’t.

    “We …… we …… just can’t ……… Your father ………”  She stops right there and once again she is staring at the tent in my shorts.

    “He doesn’t have to know,” I say as I squeeze her breast once more.  “It can be our little secret …… just like me finding you like this … naked and fucking yourself with a fake cock while calling out my name can be our secret.

    I think that something snaps in her brain just then.  Suddenly, she reaches over and jerks my shorts down.  My large cock pops out and sticks straight out at her.  “Oh, mmyy gaawwd!!” she moans, “You are so fucking big!! Oh … mmyyy… gaaawwwd!!”  I admit that I have a rather large cock; it’s probably about eight or nine inches long and rather thick.  She just stares at it, seemingly mesmerized, while it bobs up and down on its own a couple of times.  At the end of it there is a pearly drop of pre-cum that has oozed out.  I chuckle inside because it dawns on me then that she might have been able to tell that I was lying by the size of the wet spot on my shorts.  Slowly she reaches out and barely touches it … almost like she is afraid of it.  Then she jerks her hand away.  “I can’t …… we can’t …… can’t do this!”  She reaches down like she wants to pull my shorts back up, but they have fallen down around my ankles, out of her reach.  Instead, I step out of them and kick them aside.

    While still manipulating her breast, I softly ask, “You really DO want this cock, don’t you, Mom?  You want your son’s cock inside you, don’t you?”

    “Damn, Bryan!” she exclaims. “Don’t make this harder than it already is by asking me that!”  She pauses for a moment while I stare deeply into her eyes.  She finally admits, “Yes, both my body and carnal mind want it so badly …… but my logical mind tells me that it so very wrong.  Mothers don’t lust after their sons … or they shouldn’t anyway.”

    “Would it help any if I told you that the attraction was mutual?”

    “What are you saying?” she asks.

    “I’m saying that you don’t know how many times that I’ve seen you leaning over to load the dishwasher or get something out of the bottom of the refrigerator and I’ve wanted to come up behind you and pull your pants tight down over your lovely ass and ‘take’ you right there.  Your sexy way of dressing has turned me on for a long time … I’ve wanted you.” While I am talking I am carefully working the sheet down so that I can feel her bare breast.

    “Oh, Bryan, no …… you can’t want that!  I’m too old and fat for you!”

    “Damn it, Mom, you’re not old …… and you are definitely NOT fat.  You are very sexy and beautiful … especially naked.  I just told you that … but you’ve ignored me.”

    “But I have stretch marks and cellulite and ……”

    “Mom, I’ve never seen those things, even when you wear your string bikini.  By the way, I’ve wanted to pull that off of you too, especially when you have bent over in front of me so that your big breasts nearly fall out.  You’ve teased me a lot with that swimsuit.”  I’m finally able to grasp her bare breast. “I’ve really wanted to do just this for a long time!”

    She gasps and exclaims, “Bryaaan!” For the first time, she tries to push my hand away but my hold is secure.  “Bryan, NO!”

    “I love the way your breast feels, Mom!  It’s so warm and the skin is so soft.”  She moans as my palm passes over her hard nipple.  “And just like you really want to feel my cock, I want to feel the other one. Actually, I want to feel you all over, Mom!  You are so sexy!”

    She moans, again, saying my name this time, drawing it out even more, like a complaint, “Bryyaaaaan!” But there is not any resistance when I peel the sheet away from her other breast and grasp it in my other hand. “Ooohhh gaawd, Bryan, don’t do this to me!” she protests, but she makes no further moves to stop me physically. I am partially leaning over to play with her breasts, but my rock-hard cock is still pointing straight at her, just a couple of inches from her hand.  I gently knead both of her motherly globes with my hands, making sure that I pay attention to her hard nipples with my fingertips, lightly rolling the hard nubs between them.  Her body begins to undulate from side to side slightly as she moans out in obvious pleasure.

    A moment later her hand moves and brushes against my cock.  At first I think that it might be accidental, but then it happens again.  I notice that she is looking at it once more with a look of lust in her eyes so I just keep playing with her tits without saying anything, letting natural instinct take its course.  A few minutes later she reaches up and grasps it in her hand.  The fingers of her small hand barely fit around it. I stifle a moan when she starts stroking while still staring at it.  There is more pre-cum oozing out as a result of her stroking and she suddenly rolls over to lick up the pearly drops.  Of course my hands are forced to come off of her tits when she does this, but that is okay, her lovely big ass is now fully exposed when the sheet falls away.  A thrill goes all the way down to my cock at the sight.

    Fortunately she doesn’t stop there. She starts taking the head of my cock into her mouth while lying on her belly.  This time I moan out loud as her tongue swirls around the crown and caresses the sensitive place underneath.  Since I don’t want to scare her off, I am careful not to move when she starts taking more of my cock into her warm and wet mouth.  I moan again to reassure her that I really like what she is doing. She takes her mouth off long enough to look up at me and say, “Baby, I’ve wanted to do this for so long …… but I didn’t even know that you were THIS BIG!”  She has a crooked little smile on her face before she takes the head of my cock back in between her ruby red lipstick covered lips.  She has always worn red lipstick, even when she’s just around the house.

    I peel off my tee shirt so that it won’t be in the way of me watching.  After a couple of minutes of sucking on the head, she starts bobbing her head up and down on my cock, taking more and more of it in her mouth with each stoke.  “Oh Yes Mom!!” I moan loudly as encouragement. With nothing to do with my hands, I idly gather her hair and then let it slide through my fingers while she sucks me, keeping it away from her face and my now saliva covered cock.  Then, I feel my cockhead bump up against the back of her throat and she gags a little, but she doesn’t stop.  I compliment her to hopefully urge her on, “Oh yes, Mom, that feels so good!!”

    My arousal is just rising toward the peak when she stops.  “Maybe someday you can cum in my mouth, but right now, I can’t wait any longer!” she declares as she flips herself around on the bed so that she is laying much the same as she was when I first arrived.  She begs me, “Fuck me, Bryan!  Get up here and stick that big cock inside your mommy.  I need it so badly!”  I don’t hesitate to crawl up between her widely spread legs and stick my cockhead up against her sloppy wet pussy lips.  As soon as she feels it, she starts moving her hips to try to get it to slide into her opening.

    My cockhead quickly slips into her fuck hole and I begin sliding my big cock into her, totally amazed that I’m about to fuck my own mother.  Her sloppy wet pussy is rather tight … tighter than I expected since the diameter of the dildo looks to be nearly as large as I am.  I work my way inward in short strokes, loving how her pussy looks stretched out by my big cock.  I see her grimace a couple of times and I stop once, but she says, “Keep going, Bryan, I want to feel the whole thing.”  And a minute or so later she does have the whole thing inside of her.  Rather unbelievably, I am now balls deep in my mother’s pussy … the very place where I came from!  She moans, “Oh Bryan your huge cock feels so very good!!”

    “Your pussy is so tight, Mom!! It feels so damn good!!” I say as I start fucking her slowly with long strokes.

    “Oh Fuck Yes!!  Let me feel your entire big, fat cock going in and out of my naughty mommy cunt!”  That is another word that I’d never heard her say before.  After a few minutes I change it up somewhat; I pull outward slowly and then ram my cock all the way back into her until our bodies meet with at splat and my balls slap against her ass.  “Oh my gaaawwwd!!  Fuck YEESS!! Fuck your mommy just like that!!” After a little while, I grab her ankles and push her spread legs skyward into a wide ‘V’ so that I can drive my cock even deeper into my mother’s womb.  “OOOHH FFFUUUUUCK YEEEESSSSS!!!” she hollers as she I now able to watch my cock disappear inside her.

    Then she starts the same mantra that I heard when she was frigging herself, “Fuck me, Bryan!  Fuck your mother!  Fuck me like the naughty slut that I am!!”  I am astounded to her call herself a ‘naughty slut’ but it does cause me to start fucking her harder and faster.  “That’s it, Bryan, fuck me!!  Fuck me hard!!  Fuck your mother hard and fast!  Oh fuck yeeessss!!  Oh fuck!! Give me all of that cock!!  Oh Fuck!!  OH FUUUCK!!  FUCK MEEEEEE!!”

    By now I am fucking her pretty hard, trying to simulate how she was fucking herself with the dildo.  Her eyes look to be glazed over and unseeing as she concentrates on the pleasures within her own body.  I am moaning and grunting with each stroke and the sounds of our bodies slapping together resonate through the room.  Her body starts to tense up and I sense that she is about to have another orgasm. To encourage her, I holler out, “Cum … for me …… Mom!!”

    I guess that that is all that she needs.  She screams out, “AAAAIIIIEEEEEE!!!” and her hips start dancing up and down on the bed. Her pussy is clenching so tightly around my cock as her body rocks in a huge orgasm, even bigger than the one she had earlier.  “OOHH FUUUCK, BRYAN, I’MMM CUUMMMMING!!” she hollers like I didn’t already know that. A moment later, my cock, balls, belly and thighs are covered in warm girl cum as it spurts from her pussy.

    “OOHH FFUUCK, MOM!!” I yell out also as her clenching cunt is trying to milk my cock.  “I’m gonna cum too!!”

    “Oh YEESS … Bryan … Cum … Inside ME!!  …… Fill Me … With Your … Hot Cum!”

    “UUNNGGHH UUUNNNGGGHHH!!!” I moan as my cock starts spurting hot incestuous cum deep into my mother’s throbbing womb.  “UNGH!! UNGH!!  UNGH!!” I grunt with each spurt as I drive my cock as deeply into her as I can.  My orgasm is so powerful that I feel like I’m pumping my insides out into her belly.  The pleasure of it all is so intense that I almost pass out.  But somehow, I don’t and I keep pumping until I have no more to give and even then I still keep moving for just a bit because it feels so damn good!

    Then I pretty much collapse on top of her, supported only by my elbows.  We are both breathing hard, but she grabs my head my head with both hands and pulls me down to start kissing me in a way that no mother should kiss her son …… unless they had just had some hot sex.  Of course I return the hot kiss with the same passion.  My cock is still inside her, being squeezed by the numerous aftershocks passing through her body and causing it to jerk underneath me.  I swear that her pussy is trying to milk even more cum from me as it pulses.  She kisses me for a long, long time.  She finally lifts my head so that she can look me in the face and she asks, still a little breathless, “Oh my God …… Bryan …… where’d you learn … to fuck … like that?”  

    I never thought that I hear a question like that from my own mother.  I answer, “Uh … well … I don’t know …… I just did what … seemed natural.”

    “Damn, you’re so … fucking good!” She kisses me again.  Then she muses, “I can’t believe that my own son just fucked me so well …… and I let him do it!”  She is quiet for a while and then she says, “Your dad must not find out!”

    “I know, Mom; he won’t.”

    I guess that we fall asleep for a while because the next thing that I hear is my father yelling, “Diane, where are you?”

    “Oh fuck, it’s your dad,” she hisses.  “Go into my closet!”  I never knew why there were his and hers closets in this house, but now I’m glad that there is.  I grab my shorts and shirt and as I run into Mom’s darkened closet while I see her running for their bathroom.  A moment later I hear the shower running while I slip on my clothes.

    I hear Dad come into the room and holler out, “Diane, are you in here?”  I can see him moving about the room through the slatted door of the closet. I hold my breath that he doesn’t open this closet door.

    “I’m in the shower, Honey!” Mom replies cheerily.

    “Why isn’t dinner ready or even started?”

    “I’m sorry, Honey, I lost track of time at the Club, I just got home.”

    I see him pick something up from the bed and I almost gasp out loud … it’s the dildo!  He walks into the bathroom and says rather loudly to overpower the sound of the shower, “Or maybe you lost track of time playing with this? And maybe this is why the bedroom smells like sex?”

    I can’t see into the bathroom from my vantage point, so I can only imagine what is going on there, but I do hear her saying, “Yes, Honey, I did play a little.”  The shower gets turned off and then I hear her saying, “Dan, not right now, Bryan is home!  I need to go and fix dinner!”

    He says, “I didn’t see him and I don’t care if he’s here, I’m going to take you right here and right now!  If you want to play, you are going to play with MY cock!  Dinner can wait!  Lean over this fucking counter!”  I figure that it is time for me to beat a hasty retreat before they come back into the bedroom.  I open the door a crack and after making sure that the coast is clear I quickly head out of their bedroom toward mine.  I can only hope that if he is going to fuck her that he can’t tell that she’s full of my gooey cum already.  As I go down the hall, I do hear him say, “You sure are mighty wet, Diane!”

    Once in my room, I let my heart rate return to normal before I decide that I’d better take a shower too. I don’t want Dad to smell the scent of sex on me.  While I’m in there, I think about the events of the afternoon.  I still can hardly believe that I fucked my own mother in her bed. And I can’t believe that she liked it so much either.  It was only luck that I discovered her masturbating and yelling out my name.  I start to get a hard on again and I begin to stroke it. It feels really good, but I decide that I’d better save it for Mom …… if she’ll let me fuck her again.

    I’m just coming out of the bathroom when Mom comes walking down the hall.  Her hair is still a disheveled mess from the shower and whatever happened later.  She is wearing a bright pink terrycloth robe that is barely held together by the belt. She has somewhat of a shell-shocked look on her face.  “I’ve got to go fix dinner,” she says flatly as she walks past.  “Your dad is really pissed that it’s not ready.”  Somehow, I resist the urge to give her a playful smack on her ass.

    At the dinner table I can tell that Mom probably doesn’t have anything on underneath the robe because I get a good look at her lovely cleavage through the partially open robe. Neither her nor Dad seem to notice that I am staring since they are having a conversation about my sister and her struggles with college.  Twice I have to adjust my rising cock within my shorts underneath the table as I think about playing with Mom’s tits.  I finish eating first and ask to be excused.  As I walk over to the sink with my plate, I see Mom looking longingly at my crotch but fortunately Dad doesn’t even notice.  After watching some goofy TV show, I go to bed.  As I lay there, vivid images of what happened this afternoon keep running through my head giving me another erection.

    It is well after midnight when I’m a little startled by my door opening. In the dim night light leaking in from the hallway I can see my mother standing in the doorway wearing that same pink robe.  I see it sliding off of her shoulders as she closes the door and plunges us in the dark again.  The next thing that I know is that she is climbing onto my bed in the dark.  She whispers, “Are you awake, Bryan?”

    “Yeah,” I reply simply.

    “I couldn’t sleep,” is her only explanation as she starts caressing my thighs.  Of course my cock is hard, as it has been for a while.  Her fingers reach my balls and she starts lightly caressing them.  “They’re full again, son!” she softly says.

    I respond, “Yes, Mom, all for you!”

    Her fingers slide upward onto my cock and she grasps it.  Even though she has seen it and felt it before, she gasps a little and whispers, “And you are so damn big and hard!”

    “That’s what you do to me, Mom! I’ve been thinking about you all night.”

    She starts stroking my cock, passing her fingertips over the crown and spreading the ample amount of pre-cum all over it.  “Mmmmmmm, you’re so ready for me, aren’t you, son?”

    “Yes, Mom, I am.”  A moment later, she is straddling my hips and I feel her guiding my cock into her super wet pussy.  Since she is so wet, she slides it inside of her in one single stroke. “Oh fuck, Mom!!” I exclaim, perhaps a little loudly.

    “Shhhhhh!  We don’t want to wake up your dad.”  She sits down against my crotch and wiggles her hips around in a small circle.  “Your cock feels so very good inside of me so deeply!” she murmurs, “So very good!” While she does this, I reach up and cup her tits in my big strong hands and I begin to knead them.  My fingers pass over her already hard nipples and I hear her gasp.  Exploiting the realization that her nipples love to be touched and played with I begin to lightly pinch them and roll them between my fingertips.  “Oh yes, Bryan, play with my titties just like that!” she says just a little louder.

    She starts moving up and down slowly on my cock while I play with her tits.  “Oh God, Bryan!” she moans, “I love fucking your big fat cock!!”  I decide to let her do as she pleases for a while, after all, how many guys have their mother come in and fuck them in the middle of the night?  Her hands are on my shoulders for balance and leverage as she increases her speed slightly. She is moaning wordlessly as my cock repeatedly deeply impales her pussy, reaching up and bumping against her cervix.  No other words are spoken, nor do they need to be, as my own mother fucks herself on my cock like I’m a big sex toy …… not that I mind, of course.

    She begins fucking me harder and faster and then she stops and just grinds her pussy against my crotch.  Her breathing becomes ragged and labored as her arousal rises.  She repeats this series of actions several times before she moans, “Oh, Bryan, I’m going to cum!”

    I urge her, “Cum all over my cock, Mom!!”  That’s all it takes.  She has to clamp her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming as her body slams down on mine and her whole body shakes and trembles.  Her pussy is rhythmically clenching around my cock at the same time. I continue to play with her hard sensitive nipples and that seems to intensify her orgasm all the more and she then seems to have another one.  Warm fluid is escaping around my cock, wetting my belly, cock and balls as well as the bed.

    Pretty soon I realize that she is not holding herself up any longer, the only thing supporting her are my hands cupped underneath her tits.  I gently lower her down on top of me while I seek out her lips to kiss her. We kiss passionately, but brokenly since she is breathing rather hard.  After a while she softly asks, “You didn’t cum, did you?”

    “No, Mom, I didn’t cum.”

    “Good.  As soon as I can change position, I want you to take me from behind.  I want you to fuck me doggy style.”

    A thrill goes through me when she says that, and I remember all the times that I had fantasized about doing that very thing every time that she leaned over in front of me.  I say, “Okay, Mom, whenever you are ready.”  

    Her pussy seems to like the idea also because it clenches around my cock a few more times.  A couple of moments later, she rises up off of me and I slide out from underneath her.  She gets on her knees and drops her upper body down so that she is resting on her elbows. Although I can’t see it well in the very dim light seeping into the room, her lovely ass is high in the air. I clamber between her legs and begin pushing my cock back into her sloppy wet pussy.  She starts pushing back while she says, “Oh, yes, Bryan, give me all of your cock!”

    A moment later, my balls slap against her clit as I ram my cock home deep into her cunt.  Then I grab her motherly hips and start fucking her hard, slamming my body into hers with each inward stroke.  In addition, she is actually moving back to meet my thrusts. I feel her fingers against my balls as she starts playing with her clit while I am fucking her.  It’s not long before she is screaming into the pillow that she has buried her face in.  I can feel her body trembling and her pussy tightens around my cock like a circular vice.

    Suddenly, my orgasm is upon me as well.  I suppress my groans and grunts as best I can as I shoot rope after rope of hot incestuous cum deep into her cunt.  She has another orgasm also when she feels my cock throbbing inside her.  Once more I keep pumping until I have nothing more to give and I can no longer move.  She slides down flat on the bed and I follow her down to keep my cock inside her still pulsing pussy.

    While basically lying on top of her, I push her hair aside and kiss her neck.  She giggles and her pussy clenches around my cock.  This is when I find out that her neck is an erogenous zone. A few moments later my cock is pushed out of her and I roll off beside her, barely lying on the bed.  She rolls on her side to give me some room before she says, “Oh, Bryan; that was wonderful!!  You are such a good mother fucker.”

    Normally that term would have pissed me off but coming from her, it filled me with pride.  “Thank you, Mom.  And you are such a good naughty slut … MY naughty slut.”

    “Yes, I am your naughty slut mom.” She kisses me and says, “I’ve got to go, son.”

    “I know, Mom.  I love you.”

    “I love you too, son.” She rises up off of the bed and slips on her robe before opening the door and exiting my room.

    The next day I walk in from school and find her in her bedroom completely naked.  She has the look of lust in her eyes.  “Come here, Bryan, I’ve been waiting on you,” she says. “Get out of those clothes!”  I quickly strip and stand there naked with my cock sticking straight out at her.  “Bring me that big beautiful cock!” she commands.  I walk over to the side of the bed and she nearly attacks me in her haste. Within seconds my cock is in her mouth and she is sucking on it like it was her last meal.  She pauses long enough to say, “I’ve wanted this big fucking cock ALL day!”  Then she goes back to sucking on it.

    Just as my arousal is rising, she stops and spins around on the bed so that her ass is right next to the edge where I am standing.  She lifts her legs high and wide and says, “C’mon, Bryan; fuck me!  Fuck me with your big fat cock.  Fill me with your hot teenage cum!!”  Of course I oblige her and I grab her ankles and immediately shove my rock hard cock into her already sopping wet pussy.  I figure that she’s already been playing before I got her. “Oh Fuck Yeesss, Bryan, FUCK ME!!” I catch her fever and start pounding into her cunt as hard as I can.  “That’s it, fuck your slut mother!!”

    While I’m fucking her pussy hard, her tits are rolling around in circles on her chest and that sight turns me on a lot.  A moment or two later she captures them in her hands and starts mauling them and pinching her own nipples.  It doesn’t take her long to be moaning loudly and then almost screaming as her orgasm overtakes her body, making her thrash around on the bed.  I have to move my hands down to her thighs to keep her from pulling my cock out of her pussy.  I moan out, “Oh fuck, that’s sooo good!!!”

    She says brokenly, “I want … you to … cum on … my belly!!  I want … to watch … you cum!”

    “Oh, I’m gonna cum!!” I moan out.

    “Pull out and shoot on my belly!” she reminds me.  I pull out at the last second and grasp onto my gooey pussy juice covered cock and start pumping.  Seconds later I start shooting ropes of cum on her belly.  The first one is so powerful that it actually lands between her tits, nearly to her neck.  Subsequent shots land on her tits and belly.  She is smiling as the last weak spurts land right above her pussy.  She says, “No wonder I could feel you cumming!! You shoot out a bunch, more than I’ve ever seen.”  She scoops up one from her right tit and lifts it to her mouth.  “And you taste good too!”  For the next few minutes she scoops up the trails of cum from her body and licks her fingers clean.  And for a finale, she licks and sucks my cock clean.  Then she says, “Okay, now, I’ve got to shower and start dinner.”

    I help her to stand and then kiss her lips, realizing as our lips meet that there is a trace of my white cum remaining there.  But it’s okay, it doesn’t taste bad and I suddenly realize that it is a turn on for her. After a few minutes of kissing she heads for the shower.  Without being asked I follow her.  At first she is surprised but then she welcomes me and we shower together.  We don’t tarry long though so that she can have dinner ready when Dad gets home.

    From that day on, when I get home from school, I quickly shuck off my clothes in my room and then go straight to my parent’s bedroom where I nearly always find Mom naked and waiting for me on the bed.  We have done sex lots of different ways in lots of different positions.  True to her promise she has sucked my cock and let me cum in her mouth.  She likes doing that first sometimes because it makes me last longer when I fuck her a little later.  A couple of times she has let me cum on her tits too and even titty fuck her.  She has also taught me how to please a woman by eating her pussy.  I had always heard from my peers how nasty it was to do that, but I found that I enjoy doing it very much, especially when she has a big orgasm and squirts on my face. Then I know that I’ve done things right.

    One afternoon she says that she wants to try something different after she has sucked me hard.  Standing beside the bed, she leans over and pulls her ass cheeks apart to reveal a jeweled something where her asshole is. She explains, “I’ve put a butt plug in my asshole today because I want you to try to fuck my ass today.  Even though your father has steadfastly refused to do it, I still need it.  Will you fuck my ass, Bryan?”

    Although a little shocked at the request, I say, “Sure, Mom, whatever you need.  But how do I do it?”

    “First you will take some of this lube and squirt it on your cock and spread it around.  Then you will have to take out the plug, but be very careful because the part inside me is rather large.  Then you will squirt some more lube on my asshole before trying to slide your cock in.  You will have to go really slowly because your cock is HUGE!!  If I tell you to stop, you will need to stop and not move in or out.  Do you understand?”

    “Yes, Mom, I think so.”

    Following her instructions, I lube up my cock really well and then grab hold of the plug to start pulling. I hear her gasp a little and say, “Go really slow, Son.  As it starts to come out, I realize what she is talking about, there is a large sphere sliding out of her ass.  “Stop for a moment,” she says at one point in a slightly strained voice.  “Okay, go ahead.”  A few seconds later I see that the object is cone shaped and after a certain point it just pops out.  “Now, squirt some lube quickly and start putting your cock in there before it closes up,” she says with a note of urgency.  I follow her directions and a moment later my cockhead is pushing into the gaping hole where the butt plug just came out.

    It is really tight as I start to push in.  “Damn, Son, you are so big!” she hisses.  Then she says, “Stop!”  I hold my position and wait for her command to go on.   She wiggles her ass a little, probably to try to help loosen it up. “Okay, now push veeeery slowly!” I hear her gasp again, but she doesn’t tell me to stop.  Her hole is feeling tighter and tighter around the head of my cock.  Even though there is probably enough, I squirt a little more lube around where my cock meets her stretched out asshole.  And then a moment later my cockhead seems to pop past an obstruction.  She groans, “Owwww!!”  I stop but she tells me, “You are in, Bryan, go ahead and push in some more.

    Her ass it really tight around my shaft as I continue to push inward.  But now she is purring as my cock goes deeper and deeper.  “You are so tight back here, Mom!!” I say.

    “I thought that you would like it. No one has ever been in my ass before. I knew that it would hurt a little at the start but it feels really good now.  Fuck my ass slowly, Bryan.”  I start out slow and something tells me to fuck her in long strokes so I pull back until I get to the tight spot and then slide all the way back in.  “That’s it, Bryan, that feels so good!!  Just keep that up for a bit.”

    “It feels really good to me too, Mom.  I always thought that this would be nasty.”

    “I cleaned myself out for you Bryan.  I’ve wanted this for so long!”  For quite a few minutes, I see-saw my cock in and out of her ass before she says, “Okay, you can go a little faster.”  As she says that, I see one of her hands snake down between her legs, presumably to play with her pussy.  I do speed up, but keep doing the long strokes.  “Oh yes, Bryan, just like that!!  Now … a little faster.  Oh yeah!! Oh Yeah!!  OH YEAH!!  Fuck my ass Bryan!!”  I speed up and also fuck her harder, pushing my body hard against her ass with each inward stroke.  She just keeps saying, “Oh Yeah!!  Oh Yeah!! Oh Yeah!!  Oh Yeah!!” over and over again.

    It feels like my cock is getting harder and larger.  I warn her, “Mom, I’m gonna cum soon!!”

    “It’s okay, cum in my slut ass!! Fill my slut ass with your hot cum. I’m your slut, Bryan!!  I’m your ass-slut!!  Oh Fuck YEEESSSSS!  Oh Yeah, I’m gonna cum!!  Fuck me, Bryan!!”  What she utters next are not words but a low growl that slides up nearly to a scream. Her body is convulsing and her ass tightens rhythmically around my plunging cock.

    “I’m Cuummmming, Mom,” I moan out as I start spurting my hot gooey cum deep into her bowels while her throbbing asshole milks it.  Her orgasm goes on for as long as mine does until we are both breathless and weak.  I nearly fall on top of her when my legs nearly give out.

    When she can finally speak she says, “Oh my gaaawwwd, Bryan!!  That was something else!!  And I felt you cumming in my ass too!  I feel so warm now, full of your hot teenage incestuous cum!!”  Just at that moment, my cock pops out of her still active ass and a blob of white gooey cum follows from her gaping asshole.  It trickles down her leg as I watch her gaping hole pulse and slowly close.   After a couple of minutes, she says, “Help me stand up, will you please?”  More cum follows as she rises, making a small river down her legs.  “I need to get into the shower.  Make sure that none gets on the carpet,” she requests.

    Once we are in the shower she hugs me and says, “Thank you, Bryan, for fulfilling my fantasy!” She grabs my cheeks and pulls me toward her for a kiss.  We kiss for a couple of minutes before we start cleaning up.  She chuckles and says, I think that I’m going to have cum oozing out of me for a while.  You fucked my ass well.”

    “That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”

    “Yes, of course, it’s want I wanted.  And you did it well.  So well that we’ll probably do it again sometime, just not all the time.”

    “I understand Mom.  I love you!!”

    “I love you too, Son.”

    We quickly dry off and rush off to the kitchen because to prevent Dad’s suspicion, we always stop our weekday play in time for Mom to cook dinner and we always make sure we don’t fall asleep when we are done.  Sometimes I even help her with the cooking just to be around her some more.  I’ll generally ask her to wear a skirt or a sundress and not wear any panties so that my gooey white cum can dribble down her thighs as she moves around the kitchen.  At first that embarrassed her, but now I think that she likes it.  And I know that she really likes it when I will occasionally lift her skirt or dress and give her a quickie fuck again right there in the kitchen.

    Dad hasn’t a clue what is happening right underneath his nose.  I am now Mom’s main source of sexual satisfaction even though they still have sex every couple of months whenever he gets the urge.  Mom refers to it as her ‘duty sex’.  However, most of the time, after they are done, she will come into my bedroom and fuck me like she did the first night.  This is because he almost always leaves her very highly aroused without attempting to help her to climax after he has quickly shot his load inside her. Because she fucks me so well, I definitely don’t mind the fact that I am getting sloppy seconds every once in a while.

    And so our life continues.  I am fucking Mom in one way or another almost every day, although weekends are sometimes somewhat of a challenge. However, we do get some time together on Saturday morning when he goes golfing if the weather is nice.  Recently, Mom and I have even taken some weekend trips together so that we can fuck all weekend.  Life is great!!

    The End

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    Now that was one hot story. I half expected to find out that hubby was aware of their games or even watched them before joining in the fun himself but still a very well written story. Maybe the sequel?


    Long but worth the read.

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    Custom pics, stories

    Hey followers. My friend goes to a private college and could really use some financial help. She’s 19, petite, and hot as fuck. She’s offering to sell custom pics (anything you want, feet included), and I could attach some roleplay/stories to go along with them. Anything you want, just name your price. DM me for details, and thanks for following 😘


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