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    Did you wear the diaper like I asked you to? Good boy! I promise you will love wearing them. We just have to get you used to them. All the guys I’ve dated are now full blown diaper boys. They were all cute guys with small cocks too. You just need to accept that if you have a small dicky and you want to date hot girls then you have to be into whatever fetish they have. Mine is babying little boys like you. Which BTW did you shave your little guy? You did, what a good boy you are! I can’t wait to see it when I change you.

    OK, so I figured we would do something public today, so you can get used to being my baby in front of people. I brought you some tight shorts that will really show off your cute padded bum. So why don’t you get those on and we’ll head over to the Zoo! There is a bottle there on the floor, you need to finish that before we get there or you get a spanking. What’s in it? Well it’s my special recipe. It’s caffeine, ephedra, diuretics, and breast milk I buy from a lady in my building. The ephedra and caffeine keeps your winky from puffing up. I like when my babies have wrinkly little peepee’s when I change them. The diuretics are to get things moving, and the breast milk is to keep my baby healthy of course.

    I’ll be carrying a diaper bag and giving your diaper checks throughout the day. This is the type of everyday treatment you will expect when dating me. Changes will happen when and where I want them to. It could be in the back seat, or it could be on the ladies room floor.


    How to force your little to have an accident!

    Is your baby too stubborn or shy to use their diapers? Lucky for you, there’s a couple tricks that you can use to get them in the habit of having accidents!

    -Put locks on all the bathrooms in the house so that they can’t get in. If they’re playing along in headspace you can get the childproof covers for the knobs and put their hands in mittens so that they can’t grip the handles.

    -Mandatory bottle feedings are a good way to load a little up with future tinkles, a pint of water every hour in your lap gives you time to bond with your little one, and eventually it’ll be too much for them to handle holding it in!

    -Diuretics, like coffee or tea, are great beverages to feed a little too, and are low calorie like water so no need to worry about the harms of over indulging calories from liquids.

    -Some littles are very ticklish, so if you’re feeling extra devious, tie your little to the changing table and then tickle them until they have an accident. Then they’re already on the table and you can praise them for being a good baby while you change their diaper!

    -In fact, you can tie a little down just about anywhere until they have an accident, they can’t hold it forever! Be sure to always stay in the same room as them though, you can’t leave them unsupervised! You can use a pacifier gag to keep them docile if they complain too much.

    -Punishments can work too if that’s what your little responds best to! A bare bottom spanking every hour they don’t have an accident, or making them write an extra 50 lines of “I am a baby and babies make pee pees and poo poos in their diapies” for every diaper check that comes out clean is motivation to wet sooner rather than later.

    -Praise them with rewards too! Tell them if they have an accident in the next 30 minutes that they can have ice cream, or watch a movie that they love, or can have an orgasm during their diaper change.


    Weakness 🤤🤤

    Me: Mommy please don't do this I'll behave, I promise!!!

    Mommy: It's okay Bubba, I want you too release a huge stinky for mommy and Uncle Tony.

    Uncle Tony: Omg, I can't believe my sisters boyfriend is still in diapers, Is someone gonna fill their diapie...*laughs*

    *Grunts* *Bloort* *Squelch*

    Me: *sobs* Mommy I did a Stinkie!

    Mommy: Don't worry babyboy Uncle Tony will help ya out

    Uncle Tony: Alright champ, let's get ya out of those poopy pampers and ready for beddy bye !! *chuckles*

    The best way to keep a boy under control is to diaper him and stick a pacifier in his mouth. Billy used to be a little hell-raiser but now he spends most of his time in the playpen sucking on a pacifier or bottle. Even when they go out Daddy keeps him diapered and dresses him in short-tails with snaps or easier access during changes. Billy is hoping Daddy will allow him to re-potty train in time for school but Daddy plans on keeping his little guy diapered for a long time.