Is there any plans on continuing the "Trained" storyline? It stopped right when it was getting good! If not, any other stories in the pipeline right now?

Sorry (but not really XP), but Trained is, for all intents and purposes, dead.  In reality, it really isn’t.  I still love the world that I’ve crafted around the story, especially all of the crazy shit that’s happening behind the scenes, so I’d be really surprised if I don’t come back to it eventually.  Still, my enthusiasm for the story itself has been gone for some time and doesn’t seem to be coming back.

As to other stories in the pipeline, I do have one actually!  I was planning on holding off posting this here until I finished the second half of the first chapter, but hell, I’ve already posted it on Twitter, so why not here as well.  It’s a bit of a ABDL/mental AR horror mix and this first bit doesn’t have too much action, but still, I hope you enjoy ^.^

Nothing in Life is Free

HUGE Pack of Adult Diapers - FREE!

Found these adult diapers while I was cleaning out the house of a friend that passed. I’m not sure where to offload them, so I figured I’d just let them go to whoever came by to grab them first. Package is unopened, brand must be pretty old since I can’t find anything online about them, so hey, maybe they’re worth something! The package shows that they have some weird baby print, which honestly makes me question just how well I knew my friend...Anyways, all I know is I need to have the place cleaned out by end of day and this is the last thing that needs to go.

I left the package outside, right by the mailbox. I’ll be out of here by the time anyone comes by to pick them up, so feel free to just grab them. If they aren’t there then someone must have picked them up already. Better luck next time! The address is 1521 Maple Street.



Maxwell Carter, Max to everyone he’d ever known besides his parents, sat quietly in his rusty green hatchback as the engine idled, gaze fixated on something beyond the rain-spattered windshield. The listing which had brought him here had popped up in the cursory search he made every day on Gregslist, hoping to find the disposable items he needed to satisfy his sexual proclivities on the cheap. The address had only been a few minutes away from home, too, making today his lucky day. So why, he wondered as his windshield wipers clicked back and forth, was he so apprehensive now that he’d finally arrived to claim his prize?

Down the block, several houses away from where he was parked, was an off-white mailbox with the number 1521 fitted to it in tarnished brass digits. Its cracked and fading color reflected the run-down house that it belonged to, a two-storied Victorian affair with paint so worn and peeled by the elements that it was beginning to show the brown siding underneath. The lawn leading up to the structure was a mixture of bare earth and scattered tufts of patchy, yellowing grass, looking closer to a dirt pit than any sort of way to welcome visitors. It reminded Max of the “haunted” house at the end of his childhood street that all the kids would whisper about when he was young.  A place to be respected and feared.

Jerking his gaze away from the building, Max focused once more on his quarry. The package of adult diapers sitting beneath the mailbox was red, with balloon-font text scrawled all over that he couldn’t quite make out from his vantage. He could see rain pooling at the top and hoped that they hadn’t been ruined. In truth, he wasn’t quite sure why he wasn’t already running out to save them from the weather. Maybe it was the dreary day, the inhospitable house, or the lack of other people or cars in the immediate area since he’d arrived, but there was a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that he couldn’t shake. Something ominous. Still, he thought to himself shakily, he was poor and the diapers were free. Besides, he was 24 years old now, not 10. The house was just a house.

Taking a deep breath, he turned and pulled the keys from the ignition and stepped out into the autumn downpour, his shaggy brown hair immediately becoming drenched. Making a frenzied dash down the sidewalk, eyes intent on his target, he quickly reached the large rectangular plastic package. Crouching down, he wiped the rain from the package’s front and was met with the brand name in balloony bright yellow letters, Playdates, along with a large, light-blue human silhouette behind the lettering with a question mark where the face would be. Quickly checking the package over for any sort of tears or damage, surprised at how large it was compared to any other pack of diapers he’d had the pleasure of indulging in, he wasn’t able to find anything wrong. Hefting it up with the convenient plastic strip attached to either end of the top, he stood and turned back towards his car.

As he pivoted, movement caught his gaze from the direction of the house, specifically from a window on the second floor. Several missing shingles in the window’s lowered blinds revealed only darkness behind them. Just as Max was about to dismiss it and turn away, he saw it again! A brief flash of something passing by the window. Turning to face the house fully, rain pouring down his face and soaking into his clothes, adult diapers hanging weightily from his hand, he stared intently at the window. After several moments he saw them: a pair of eyes with no perceivable face behind them, bright yellow and shimmering, like a cat’s eyes catching the moonlight. They had simply faded into visibility, almost as if his vision had needed to adjust to a darkness that wasn’t there in order to perceive them. The eyes stared back, calmly, patiently.

Unnerved, Max slowly began to back away from the house, the sick feeling that had been knotting his stomach since he’d arrived slowly coming to a boil. The house was supposed to be empty! Was this some sort of prank? The eyes followed his movements, seemingly content to simply watch. After a particularly dangerous backwards stumble, he wrenched his gaze away, turning his body with all his strength and fleeing back to his car. Throwing the driver’s-side door open with fear-addled force, he hurled the pack of diapers to the passenger seat.

As he put one foot into the vehicle, he realized a loud, dry cackle could be heard in the distance. Ripping his head up to look for the raspy sound’s source, he saw the window was now open, blinds shaking in the storm’s wind, and the wide, glowing eyes were still fixated on him as the peels of laughter poured out. Not wanting to take the chance that they would somehow exit the house and come after him, Max dropped into the driver’s seat, shakily forced the keys into the ignition, and burnt rubber as he flipped a U-turn to speed off, the laughter still echoing inside his head.

* * * * * *

Max let out a long sigh of relief as he stumbled into his well-lit apartment from the rain. The place was sparsely furnished, just a couch, chair, and television in the living room, but it was comforting to cross the threshold. It was home. And he needed a good dose of comfort after that whack-job experience.

Tossing the package of diapers onto the couch and giving them a wary side-eye, he made his way into the apartment’s sole bedroom and stripped off his soaked clothes, depositing them in a half-full laundry basket. As he toweled his hair dry he began to finally relax. He even laughed at himself a bit. Some assholes playing a prank on some weird fetishist, that’s all that it was. He’d fallen for it, too!  Jason did always say that he was a “gullible little guy”, he thought to himself with an embarrassed blush.

To be fair, he considered, it had been a pretty convincing prank. Those eyes must have been some sort of reflective contacts, or maybe just some weird LED setup. He wondered how much something like that would cost. Rich assholes, he decided. Max wasn’t about to let them get the best of him though. He’d come through the situation unscathed, with a massive pack of diapers no less, so everything seemed to have worked out in the end.

Rifling through a dresser drawer for a moment, he finally came upon his favorite shirt for being little. Tugging it over his head and settling it into place, he looked down fondly on the diapered brown teddy bear that was snoozing in the dip of a crescent moon. While the shirt’s text, “I’m beary sleepy”, didn't quite apply to him just this moment, it never failed to make him feel smaller. That much closer to being the little toddler he felt he was on the inside.

Dressed for the task ahead, Max grabbed a bottle of baby powder from the dresser and padded softly back to the living room, his considerably sized member swinging gently between his legs. Sitting on one end of the couch and dropping the powder onto the floor, he hefted the primary red package of diapers into his lap and studied it intently. Aside from the bright yellow branding and the blue silhouette, multiple cartoonish bubbles covered the front.  Some of them were empty, but some contained advertisements for various features of the diapers within. Things like “triple-thick Super Soaker™ core”, “standing Playproof™ leak guards”, and “strong, toddler-resistant tapes”, all of which began bringing his soldier to attention as he imagined truly needing them.  Grabbing his phone from the end-table, he snapped a quick picture of the packaging, thinking excitedly about sending it to a friend later.

One oddity he noticed as he took the picture was a statement in the corner, where a size might typically be displayed, claiming, “One size fits all!” Max wasn’t exactly flush with cash, minimum wage work and all that, and hadn’t had the chance to try all of the different diapers out there, but he did know that one size fitting all was practically impossible. Come to think of it, even though the ad had mentioned the diapers were obscure, he’d never heard of a brand called Playdates before.

Suspicions aroused, thinking that perhaps the prank was still happening, he turned the package and tore open the top half of one side. As the plastic stretched and eventually ripped, a slight warming sensation ran through his fingertips, something he attributed to his sudden panic and curiosity. Revealed beneath was a folded up diaper made of stiff white plastic and sporting a whimsical print of teddy bears, blocks, and ring-stackers in various primary and pastel colors. Max’s breath caught as he stared at the diaper, feeling himself become fully stiff beneath the package’s plastic. What he was seeing wasn’t possible. It couldn’t be.

Yellow trim and a smiling blue teddy bear on the tape panel, he thought to himself as he tugged the diaper out from the package with a loud rustle, the crinkling louder than any other diaper he’d handled previously. Unfolding the diaper and stretching it out, his jaw dropped as the pastel yellow trim revealed itself along the leg cuffs, the tape panel stretching out to show a blue teddy bear with crossed arms and a knowing smirk. Quicker than if he’d been holding a red-hot coal, Max dropped the diaper and shoved the package off of his lap, letting it fall to the floor with a heavy thud and revealing his now-waning erection.

Staring down at the infantile garment, he shook his head, still unwilling to believe his eyes. It was the diaper of his dreams. The design, the thickness, how noisy it was. All of it, exactly the same as the diapers that he fantasized about and occasionally liked trying to draw while playing with crayons. It just wasn’t possible, he thought to himself for what felt like the hundredth time in the last several seconds.

Warily reaching down, he picked the diaper up between finger and thumb, holding it up in front of him as if it were toxic. It looked normal enough, besides the fact that it had been ripped straight from his mind. Just like any other diaper, really. The more he studied the thing, however, the more he found his eyes drawn to the pastel printed baby items. The longer he looked at them, the more he could swear they were...moving? Not from one place to another, but almost swirling, like he remembered the wood of his kitchen table swirling that one time he had tried mushrooms with Jason.

Max felt himself become relaxed, almost sleepy as he stared at the colorful baby blocks and teddy bears, feeling his member come back to full attention and begin to throb. Another urge started building inside of him as well: he wanted to put the diaper on. He wanted to feel the leg cuffs wrapping snugly around his thighs, the soft internal padding cradling his oversized baby dick. He wanted to be able to look down and see that smug teddy bear grinning back up at him, as if it was proud that he was wearing his protection like a good baby. He wanted to use the diaper, soaking it with pee and filling it with poop, until it became so soaked and heavy that he’d need an adult, a real grownup to come help him change.

Some distant part of his mind warned him that things were already strange enough, that he didn’t know what would happen if he taped this strange diaper, seemingly crafted from the fabric of his dreams, around his waist. The longer he looked into the babyish prints, the quieter that part of his mind became, until it simply fizzled out, ejected from the soft, fuzzy stream of consciousness that his mind had become.

Sliding off the couch to come to a resting position on his knees, Max turned the diaper over and spread it out flat on the floor. Absent-mindedly grabbing the baby powder, he sprinkled a thick coating across the diaper’s interior, making sure to avoid the wings so he wouldn’t accidentally get any on the taping panel. Crawling over the diaper, his plank-stiff excitement prodding his tummy gently, he flipped over and set his butt down on the soft, luxurious padding. He took a moment to revel in the cloud-like texture, feeling how the diaper almost pulled his bottom into it, like a pit of quicksand enveloping its unwitting prey.

Not wanting to waste any time before getting to look at himself in his new cute, comfy diapers, he grabbed the front and pulled it up over the ramrod pole between his legs. The thick plushness, the comfort, and the babyish connotations of the entire situation, it was almost too much for Max. He felt himself approaching the brink of orgasm, but somehow managed to maintain control. He wanted to wear the diaper, not cum in it. Not yet, at least. Almost as if responding to his thoughts, he felt his straining member relax and swiftly shrink down to its normal size.  Gently reaching it to tuck his penis down, he smoothed the diaper’s front across his waist with a loud rustling.  Reaching to each side in turn, he slowly, deliberately taped the diaper on, three sticky strips to each side.

Diapering complete, he let go of a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding and stood, happily soaking in the sharp crinkling that sounded out as he did. Max gasped as he tried squeezing his legs together, thighs barely able to make a dent in the fat, plush padding between them. His diaper was so thick! Thick enough, he thought hazily, to keep a big baby like him dry and happy forever and ever.

Looking down at the teddy bear grinning back up at him, he felt a wide smile spread across his face. Without any conscious will to do so, he pulled a hand to his mouth and seated the thumb firmly inside, sucking happily on it without a care or worry in the world. He could almost swear that the blue bear was nodding approvingly as he did so.

A sudden knock from the door startled Max from his reverie, head jerking up to look in that direction. Thoughts clearing enough to process the noise, he shook his head, thumb still solidly planted within, and toddled over to look through the peephole. His neighbor, Jason, was on the other side of the door, carrying a case of beer in one hand and what looked to be a pacifier in the other.

Max had been an open book to Jason about his fetish from the first week he’d moved in, when the taller, somewhat intimidating man had helped him to clean up after a trash bag full of diapers had torn open in the apartment parking lot on the way to the dumpster. While his neighbor often made fun of him for his infantile interests, it was always with a kind, understanding warmth that helped him to feel safe and normal, rather than degraded or weird. Things had gone a bit beyond teasing over time, with Jason taking a more fatherly approach to their relationship to make sure Max was doing his house-work, eating well, and taking care of himself, but there had always been a very well-defined space between the two of them that had kept things from going further. Mostly, he felt, due to the embarrassment he held about his fetish.

Normally Max would have balked at the thought of Jason seeing him like this, but the haze of putting the strange diaper on was still strong. Flipping the deadbolt, he opened the door wide and waved shyly, sputtering out a, “Hi Jason!” from behind his thumb.

His neighbor’s shock was apparent and strong, but lasted for all of a few seconds. The dumbstruck look twisted into an amused grin as the stocky, jeans and polo-clad man patted Max on the head, generating a combined burst of pleasure and pride within the full-grown boy.

“Hey there, kiddo. I brought you a gift, but I didn’t think you’d be needing it so soon!” Jason lifted the pacifier up for Max to see. The nipple was one of the large ones he’d seen in stores online and the guard was a deep orange, with acrylic paints used to craft the facade of a fox’s face on the button.

“Cuuute!” Max squealed, “Fankyou Jason!”

“You’re very welcome, little fox! Now come on, out with the thumb so we can get your new binky in.”

Pouting for a moment, a thought jumbled up through his mental haze.  He didn’t wanna stop sucking his thumb!  It felt so nice and...and right!  Max struggled against the feeling and finally managed to wrest his thumb from his mouth with an audible pop! His neighbor wasted no time in presenting the pacifier’s nipple to his mouth as a replacement and he eagerly opened up to let it be pushed in. As he closed his lips around the latex nipple a subtle wave of relaxation spread throughout his body, causing him to slump a bit as he began nursing in earnest, eyes falling to become half-lidded. A gentle tap on the pacifier’s button brought his attention back to the man standing before him.

“Good boy. Now, are you gonna invite me in, or just stand there showing off your pampers to the world?”

Heat rushed to Max’s face, a blushing red fading into his cheeks as he realized his state of dress would be apparent to anyone that might walk by. He stepped to the side so Jason could enter, closing the door behind.

“Sowwy,” he lisped around his mouth’s bulbous latex occupant, “It’s kinda hard to think right now.”

When Jason cocked an eyebrow questioningly at this, Max wondered why that might be strange.  As he pondered this over several moments, the reality of the situation slowly came crashing down on top of him. The infantile haze was still there, but suddenly it was as if some of his normal thoughts were there too, acting in parallel with the baby thoughts, struggling to be heard.

Looking down, his flush in his cheeks deepened as he realized how he was dressed in front of his friend, in nothing more than his massive, waddle-inducing baby diaper and his favorite sleepy bear t-shirt. The humiliation of showing off his deepest secret to someone else, of looking and acting like an overgrown toddler around a normal adult, overwhelmed him and glassy tears began to form, trickling down his cheeks. Looking back up at Jason with wide eyes, he sniffled helplessly.

“Hey buddy, what’s wrong?” Jason asked with genuine concern, setting the beer down and approaching Max, “What do you mean it’s hard to think? Did you take something?”

Max shook his head, struggling to find his words and explain everything. Instead what came out was a muted sob from behind the pacifier and a stuttered reply. “N-no, didn’t take nuffin. Iunno what happened.”

Jason looked him up and down, clearly not believing him. Max wracked his brain, trying to focus all of his concentration on his ability to speak, and finally was able to burble out past his tears, “It was the diapies. They made me all funny.” He pointed to the pack of diapers still laying where he’d dropped it earlier on the living room floor.

His friend gave him a skeptical look, making Max briefly worry that he was about to get in trouble for fibbing, before stalking past the chair and couch to lift up the pack of diapers for inspection.

“Wow,” he heard Jason mutter, “These things are huge. No wonder you can barely walk. And what the hell? They look so professional, but you never told me you did any modeling. Did you have these things made custom or something?”

“N-no. What you mean?”

Jason turned, holding the package up for Max to see and the sight made the diapered boy’s blood run ice cold. There, where there should have been a vague blue silhouette with a question mark for a face, was Max.

The image of him was naked, save for one of the Playdates diapers spreading his legs to shoulder-width. He was bright-eyed and smiling cheerfully, hands balled into fists and placed on his hips as if he had just accomplished a great feat and felt confident and proud. The toony bubbles that had been empty before were now filled in as well. “Enough absorbency to last day and night!”, “Max’s #1 choice!”, “Perfect for work, home, or playdates with friends!”, “Recommended by 9/10 professional Diaper Trainers!”, “Proven to help beary sleepy little diaper boys get to bed on time!”

Max’s soft sobs turned into a full, hiccuping wail as he looked at himself on the diaper package, pacifier falling from his mouth to the floor. “ wasn’t a prank!” he choked out between cries. “What’s happening to me?”

Jason dropped the diapers and was across the room in an instant, hugging the diapered boy close and petting his hair. “Shhh, it’s okay kiddo, it’s alright. Just let it out.  Everything’s going to be all right.  It’s okay.”

Max wrapped his arms around his friend’s chest, burying his face into the blue polo shirt and just letting the tears, hiccups, snot, and sniffles come out, helpless to stop them. As he sobbed and sobbed, he became aware of a warmth blossoming around his crotch and, shortly after, the sensation of liquid moving through his peepee. He hadn’t felt the need to pee, let alone given his body permission to let go, and the sudden loss of control just made him cry harder into Jason’s chest.

Thank goodness for daddy, he thought. Wait, that wasn’t right. Thank goodness for Jason, for his friend. Not his daddy. He really did need his daddy though. Was Jason not his daddy?

As Max sputtered and whimpered, struggling with his thoughts, his friend, who somehow seemed to appear bigger and bigger in his mind, more caring and authoritative, continued to shush and comfort him. He felt the taller man begin to gently coax him over to the couch, crying out in despair as he was briefly removed from the tear-soaked shirt so that he could be laid down with his head in Jason’s lap, aware more than ever of the noisy crinkling of his wet diaper.

Snuggling his face into Jason’s shirt once more, Max continued bawling, confused and scared by the absurd, impossible situation he’d found himself in. Somewhere in the minutes that followed, his thumb found its way back into his mouth and his wails turned into choked, halting sobs. Feeling exhaustion from all of the energy he’d spent on his childish fit begin to creep up on him, he slowly, fitfully, cried himself to sleep in Jason’s arms.