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    Girlfriend Material

    Him: It's such a shame about Princess. She was a very, very hot little fuck and exactly the kind of girl I'd enjoy having as my girlfriend.

    Me: What about A or K (two of his other sluts)?

    Him: As much as I like fucking them, I'd like to find another girl like Princess; young, super-petite and blonde.

    **cue me feeling totally humiliated that he's becoming more and more obsessed with skinny teen sluts**

    I cum hardest when he's talking about her

    *his hands are on my pussy, his fingers circling my swollen clit*

    Him: You're so wet! You really love thinking about me and Princess, don't you?

    Me: Mmmm, yes! Tell me more.

    Him: Well, last time we were together, I entered her from behind. She felt so tight and she gasped as I slid my cock into her. I began to thrust hungrily and with every stroke I could feel her soft little bum brushing against me. Her pussy was clenching so tight around my shaft. I was trying to hold back from cumming but as I looked down and saw her slutty blonde hair, I shot a huge load deep inside her.

    *a huge orgasm ripples through me*

    Him: Mmm, you obviously couldn't hold off either!

    I really can't get enough of his lust and his pleasure. It's intoxicating!