Wishing for a repeat

Not long after my husband and I started exploring my cuckqueanism, he found himself a beautiful black woman who he forged a deep connection with. I've written about her here before - her name was Ayvah. They were together for about two years and saw each other regularly. I was never invited to their meets and I only ever knew what he told me about their playtimes. I got the sense he wanted to keep her all to himself; she was his slut and he didn't want me getting in the way of that. Whenever they would meet to fuck, I would be left at home with only my imagination to keep me company. My whole evening would be spent with my pussy throbbing and dripping wet, knowing that my husband, my love, was busy enjoying another woman. But not just any woman; a woman he had become obsessed with. A woman he couldn't stop thinking about. A woman he would happily fuck at the drop of a hat. Ayvah was submissive and sexy and didn't seem to have any boundaries. He could explore his wildest fantasies with her and he did. They would spend whole weekends together, going out to dinner in her town and canoodling under the table. Kissing in public and even attending munches together. I don't even know what else they did or where they went. I'm sure they pretended they were a couple though. When they weren't together, they would be in touch every day as if the days in between seeing each other couldn't pass quickly enough. We had never agreed to him having a girlfriend, but there it was, in all of its reality; Ayvah had become his girlfriend and he was smitten with her. Due to various circumstances on both sides, my husband's relationship with Ayvah slowly started to fizzle out and after a while longer, they didn't see each other any more. After their parting, I would ask my husband about Ayvah as I was curious about what they did get up to. He told me a lot more about her. He said she had been so willing and eager to please and that they had a Master/slave relationship. He would dress her up in latex and pvc (something he knows I'm obsessed with) and they would fuck in her car in public. He taught her how to worship his cock and he enjoyed making her gag on it as he fucked her gorgeous mouth. He fucked her in the ass, which is something he'd never done with anyone else before - not even me. He loved to lick her sweet pussy (he's a pussy-licking fiend!) and would slip a finger into her hot little cunt as he did. He also once told me that the sex he had with Ayvah was the horniest and kinkiest sex he's ever had.... And that's why, ever since he told me that, I've been fantasising about a repeat of that. I would so love to find out that he had contacted Ayvah again and they had been meeting in secret to fuck. I would love to find filthy messages on his phone about how he enjoyed fucking her after all this time and couldn't wait to bury his cock in her ass once more. I wouldn't let on that I knew either. I'd just let them get on with it, meeting to fuck and enjoying each other all over again. Then I'd let my husband fuck me knowing that he's probably thinking of her.