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    little space coping skills!⭐️

    1. put a warm drink in a bottle and snuggle up in bed

    2. watch a little show

    3. put a yummy drink in your sippy cup or other favorite cup and drink it while doing another activity listed

    4. hug all of your stuffies

    5. color!!!

    6. talk to your caregiver

    7. take a bubble bath

    8. take a nap with your paci

    9. listen to little space music

    10. blow bubbles

    11. cry on your stuffie’s shoulder

    12.wear something comfortable - pajamas, fuzzy socks, etc.

    13. express yourself by painting or finger painting

    14. journal - in an agere journal or other journal

    15. make a list of everything that makes you happy

    16. watch a Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks/etc. movie

    17. talk to a little friend - or make one!

    18. play around with your hair

    19. read a kids’ chapter book

    20. draw a happy picture

    21. dance around to your favorite music

    22. treat yourself to a moderate amount of a favorite food or sweet

    23. pet or play with your pet

    24. play your favorite video game

    25. find a fun craft to make and make it

    26. prepare and eat a fun little snack

    27. make a blanket fort

    28. be gentle with yourself; speak kindly to yourself

    29. play with play doh, silly putty, or slime

    30. remind yourself that it’ll be okay!