How hot would it be to have “friends” do be dirty with, friends who would talk about you and your fuckable thighs and breedable pussy right in front of you! Friends who invite you over for movie night but take your underwear from you for the “party games” they’ve planned for later, friends who force you to suck their hard cocks as they fuck your face, friends who stuff your underwear in your mouth and breed all your holes, your bestie sitting on your face as your forced to eat her out because her boyfriends out of town, friends who’ll finger your tight cunt under your skirt because they can tell your stressed and they would never let you be in pain like that. Friends who will sit you on their lap and force you to cockwarm them because you don’t want them to be in pain now do you? Not when they’ve so generously made you cum! It’s the least you can do! But also friends who put you in your place, your THEIR bestie, no one else’s so don’t go chasing other dick and pussy ok? <3

    I want a friend that I can like masturbate with.

    Not necessarily in a sexual way. But just something like, she’s horny, I’m horny, but she’s at my house, but we don’t care so we just get off. If we have sex, cool, if not, cool. I want a friend that I can send hot porn too and they’d send it to me just because it’s hot and the other one would like it. Someone I can openly talk about sex with, like “yea when I touch my clit with the vibrator i have to find the right place to cum” and her just be like “have you tried “xxxx”? It gets my clit throbbing” shit. I want a sexual friend, dammit.