To everyone i’ve made plans with, from our small projects, to even a grander scale to run the world; i’ve been away. with all the love that’s left, I thank those who’ve been supporting me. from when a mourning cry was no different than a morning cry. til this moment when my prayers have changed, I...


    crazy how emotions have creativity embedded in them.

    I love Instagram. It’s the only social network to promote true creative expression, without all the redundancy, clutter, and homogenization of Twitter and Facebook. And the newness is part of the appeal. Instagram is still evolving everyday, yet to be determined, a work in progress. It’s the wild...

    I told myself, the day I meet and take a photo with Maestro, is the day I write and blog about Maestro. (I’ll try to keep this as short as possible :] )

    Sometimes the most cliche way to describe something amazing is the only way it can be described. Today, I met one of my idols, just 2 days before my birthday. Three and a half years ago, I was glued to my computer screen with one thought in mind, “I just wanna be his friend!” Between then and now, I was eager to see more episodes, quoting him all over tumblr, sharing and preaching his brilliance to friends, and watching every episode more than once, usually accompanied with some food. From the screen to tonight meeting him in person, best believe I was nervous to the bone.

    It has been said many times before, but Maestro has been one of my biggest influences, in life, and especially within my craft and aspirations of being a photographer/videographer.

    Maestro was in SF for a pre-release event for his sneaker, in which he collaborated with Vans Vault. This was one of the most humbling moments in my life. I reflected everything he’s been through, at least through what I’ve seen, and how much of a blessing it was to make it this far, and a blessing for me to witness it; his very own sneaker with one of the greatest sneaker brands, ever. The whole thing was just surreal, to say the least. What was also amazing was that through Maestro, my brother and I made a new friend (Ace!). To literally make a long story short, she was a stranger for only a moment, and didn’t leave my brother empty handed. I was able to buy myself a pair as a gift to myself (first product off of Maestro!), but unexpectedly this “stranger” actually bought him a pair after sneakily asking what his shoe size was, just before he could get his bottle(which was all he had) signed. There are some really, REALLY, REALLY nice people in this world, and very thankful for that. I really can’t get over that, let alone this whole day. This all the more motivates me to keep doing what I love the most and work hard.

    Special thanks to Levi Maestro for coming out, doing you, and all of the above.