WELCOME BACK! For those who logged off, this is what you missed.

1. @staff made a post pretty much saying “Your stuff isn’t getting deleted, just hidden from everyone but you” and “Yeah we know you hate the term “female presenting nipples” but we ain’t gonna stop saying it”

2. If a blog has a pixelated icon that means they got hit by the ban, you cannot view that blog outside the sidebar. You cannot even view their archive. Allegedly if you follow the advice in this post it’ll be fixed but only if it was an accidental flag (aka a real sfw blog)

3. The post Staff made including examples of what was ok to post. It got flagged.

4. Yes, the bots are still here. Yes they are still stealing posts and putting porn links on them. Yes there are still ads with stuff more sexual than they allow in posts. Yes innocent things are still getting flagged.

5. So yes, the site is still here and staff are still morons.


Just an update on the site! As you can see, the ban did nothing but make it harder for blogs to share their content and get views. Porn bots are still running rampant. The flagging system is still broken.

Stay tuned for Phase 2 of the Log Off Protest. Things have got to change.