🌈🌈🌈 Happy Pride Month 🌈🌈🌈

    It’s been about a year since I’ve been out, and wow, what a year it has been for this bisexual, poly wood nymph! My year has been full of fun, exploration, growth, and boundless love.


    Love who you are. Love who you want. Love your desires and kinks. Love your uniqueness. Love.

    We only get so many trips around this sun. I choose to use as many of them as possible living with acceptance, authenticity, and compassion. I’m always growing, changing, becoming. I’m doing the hard work. I am spending my energy loving myself and spreading as much love out into this world as I can. Because love is all that is left at the end of this life. That is the legacy I want to leave.

    Cheer me up?!

    I recently had an accident (no, not that kind…well, yes, but also the other kind) and had to have a little surgery. I’m doing well, but it has been hard to be down for a bit. I’d love for you to brighten my day, please! Well wishes, dirty thoughts, sweet messages, a little gift, a hug emoji…I’d appreciate every single one. 🫶🏻 🌈 ✨