So I really really wanna try wearing diapers at some point! Do you have any recommendations for what diapers to try? Also I'd love if we could maybe meet up one day! And are you excited for season 3 of the mandalorian?

Hello there, Anon. And, yay, welcome to the wet and wonderful world of wiapers!!

My first thought is, what kind of diaper experience are you looking for?

If you are totally new to the wetting-your-pants-game and just want to feel what that is like, I think Goodnites or Always Discreet “pull-ups” would be a great place to start. These are readily accessible at any drugstore or Target/Walmart, and you don’t have to worry about tapes. For some reason, when I first began wearing diapers, putting them on and getting the tapes right was very intimidating!

Now, if you are looking to try some different diapers and want a little variety, there is a website called Wearing Clouds that offers sample packs of several different abdl and medical brands. Though this is pricey! Yikes, I just looked and I see they are selling one diaper sample for $5.95 these days! 🙀 They do offer different sample packs that are more economical as well.

(Hot tip: Here’s how buying diapers works - the more you buy of the same diaper, the cheaper per diaper price you’ll receive. Most companies also offer free shipping once you hit a certain threshold. So something to keep in mind if you find a diaper you like, buy in bulk!)

My favorite diapers these days are Little Kings from ABUniverse, MegaMax from NorthShore, Trests, and Tena Slip Maxis. All of these diapers are quite different and what I choose depends on the diaper experience I’m looking for. I think Little Kings would be a great starter diaper because they are cloth-backed and therefore not as itchy as plastic. It took me a while to get used to wearing plastic when I first started wearing. ABUniverse is my favorite abdl brand because I enjoy quite a few of their products, they are good quality, and their sizing is a bit smaller so I can find a good fit there! That being said, I find that I reach most often for a MegaMax. I don’t think you can find a higher-quality, more affordable, absorbent diaper. And they come in sizes XS-XL! Trests are just an incredible, next-level diaper experience. The plastic is so smooth, the sizing fits me 👌🏻, and the swell of a super wet Trest is just *chef’s kiss*! When I want a thinner, more discreet diaper, I always reach for a Tena Slip Maxi. They aren’t the most absorbent, but they do hold a surprising amount for how thin they are. But beware, these tapes are really a one-and-done and the filling gets quite clumpy after a while…but then again…I kinda enjoy the gross factor of that sometimes.

Some honorable mentions:

My favorite print of all-time is Cloudee by Bambino, I just wish they came in a smaller size! I really enjoy PeekABUs from ABUniverse. I enjoy the SMedium size of Little Pawz from ABUniverse, and especially find the plaid sides adorable on tomboys and Little boys alike. You can’t beat the poof of a Safari from Rearz. I find myself wearing more and more Abena M4s these days, a great everyday diaper. I love the print and feel of Carousels from The ABDL Shop, especially if I want to feel smol. And I’ve only tried the Fairyland diaper from The Cuddle Cooperative once or twice, but I find myself wanting to order some! Also: RIP BareBums - still my favorite diaper of all-time, but ABU sadly stopped making them.

I know this was a lot, so thank you for bearing with me. I hope it helps, Anon! And please reach out after you’ve tried your first diaper or two. I want to know what you pick and how your experience goes! Also, thanks a lot, because now I want to go buy more diapers! 😂🤣

P.S. If you’re going to CAP this year, we could definitely meet up there. And, yes, of course! Give me more Baby Yoda, please!!!!!!!!