Do you have any tips for changing that I should know about?

You may not want to ask me…as most would probably consider me to be a little weirdo diaper monster. 😂 I change myself standing up and not against a wall. I find that works best for me! I like to stand because I can get a nice snug fit around my leg holes that way. I know a lot of people change laying down or sitting down on the diaper, that way you’re not fighting with gravity. I also tape the top tapes first, then the bottom. I know, I know…hear me out!! I like to get the diaper really snug around my waist first. That way I find that the sides natural fall into a better position around my thighs where I can then just cinch it in around the bottom more snugly too with the bottom tapes.

Other tips I’ve learned throughout the years: Sprinkle baby powder inside the diaper before putting it on so you don’t get baby powder on your fingers and then accidentally get it on the tapes making them less sticky.

Change often, especially at first until your skin gets used to being wet for long periods at a time.

Body Glide is great to avoid chafing around the groin area.

If you can barely hear your diaper under your clothes, nobody else can hear it!

Hope this helps, and happy changing!!!