Do you have any tips for changing that I should know about?

    You may not want to ask me…as most would probably consider me to be a little weirdo diaper monster. 😂 I change myself standing up and not against a wall. I find that works best for me! I like to stand because I can get a nice snug fit around my leg holes that way. I know a lot of people change laying down or sitting down on the diaper, that way you’re not fighting with gravity. I also tape the top tapes first, then the bottom. I know, I know…hear me out!! I like to get the diaper really snug around my waist first. That way I find that the sides natural fall into a better position around my thighs where I can then just cinch it in around the bottom more snugly too with the bottom tapes.

    Other tips I’ve learned throughout the years: Sprinkle baby powder inside the diaper before putting it on so you don’t get baby powder on your fingers and then accidentally get it on the tapes making them less sticky.

    Change often, especially at first until your skin gets used to being wet for long periods at a time.

    Body Glide is great to avoid chafing around the groin area.

    If you can barely hear your diaper under your clothes, nobody else can hear it!

    Hope this helps, and happy changing!!!


    Do you have an opinion on the peekabus and little paws? I might wanna try those as my first diapers along with the little kings!

    I love both PeekABUs and Little Pawz. PeekABUs don’t hold an awful lot, I have leaked in them a few times. But that may be a great choice for you to start with, since they aren’t super thick, but definitely are a real diaper and will give you that experience. Little Pawz are a great quality and the plaid sides are just *chef’s kiss*! Happy diapering!

    The world of Professional Mommying/Daddying has EXPLODED in recent years, and more and more ABDL folk are enjoying the doting attention (and sometimes discipline) of visiting a Pro Mommy/Daddy. On this episode we talk with two professional Mommies, MommyKat (@worshippinggoddesskat on IG/Tw) and MissFoxie (@missfoxiemommy on IG/FL) about what it’s like to get into the business, the rewards and potential pitfalls of professional Mommying, and some tips and tricks for both someone considering a session and someone who wants to start being a Pro themselves. Enjoy!

    I don’t get punished very often because I rather enjoy being a good girl. My submission stems from a deep place of respect and connection. When I choose to give up my power, the person I am exchanging with is privy to the deepest, truest parts of my soul and that is not something I take lightly. I don’t brat just to brat. I show my respect, my appreciation, and my deep joy of this give and take by following the rules, by voicing my concerns instead of acting out, by freely giving of my body and mind because this is what I’ve chosen. In this act, my soul is challenged while also being set free.

    That being said, I’ve been known to write some lines once in a while. 🙃

    Let’s talk about messing.

    I thought I’d take a moment to answer the eleventy billion Asks I’ve received about messing. So…here goes. Yep, I do mess. Nope, I don’t particularly enjoy it. So then, why do I mess every day? Because it is a really important part of the dynamic within one of my relationships. I feel super proud of the fact that I’ve learned to do this thing I’ve resisted for so long and therefore had difficulty doing. I enjoy being a disgusting little slut who is freely giving up her control. I love the feeling of being obedient and affirming my submission. Messing, for me, is yet another layer in cultivating an intimate, exciting, and full dynamicand that I do love!


    In case nobody has told you yet, did you know that you're absolutely adorable?

    Also I strongly feel like it needs to be said that it fills my heart with so much joy seeing other people who are head over heels in love with their diapers as I am with mine! (especially women since there seems to be less who like diapers) Unfortunately for me, life keeps me from enjoying mine the way you enjoy yours, but I hope someday I will get the opportunity to do so.

    If you ever need a friend to talk to, or someone to lend an ear, or shoulder to cry on my DM is open for you. We can talk about anything you like (does not have to be diaper or kink related)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Stay cute, stay padded, but most importantly stay you! ☺️❤️❤️❤️

    Thank you, sweet Hero Hands! What a lovely message. I am happy to brighten your day and it brings me great joy to spread my joy and positivity!

    💕 I hope to create a space and the opportunity for anyone who needs an ear or an encouraging smile, to come here and find it! And I am ever so grateful for always having beautiful people like you who respond in likeness. 💕

    You do not need permission to be yourself.


    I am just getting back into Tumblr and seeing you and your blog is a great way to (re)start, you content is much more inline with me than other ABDL content. Thank you.

    Welcome back and thank you so much!!! I really am just a dorky little sexpot, but I strive to always share my most authentic self. I feel passionately about spreading kindness and joy, realness and vulnerability. I love to share my body, my mind, and my cute little butt with this wonderful community. And if I can make someone smile, feel less alone, find comfort and community, or help them embrace their kinks and even get off…that, that feeds my soul.

    Raise your hand if you’ve tried the new pink or blue Trests yet!

    I was so excited to get my hands on these puppies. I adore the swell of a nice, full Trest. There’s something so lovely about not being able to close my thighs after wetting alllll day. I also love how these don’t have writing on the sides; it’s really the little things that make me happy.


    Would you ever consider being in a md/lb dynamic relationship?

    I would! I don’t see myself as a typical Mommy Dom, but I do have very natural and deeply nurturing instincts. I prefer not to put any strict labels on my relationships nor do I seek out particular types of dynamics or relationships. Rather, I trust my heart and my gut, leading me into exploring and cultivating the organic connections I find with an open mind and an open heart. That being said, it would have to be someone extremely special whom I love very much, as I am a submissive deep down to my core.


    ABDL and CG/L relationships inherently require trust. To be so open and vulnerable with another person can initially be anxiety-provoking but it can also be one of the most fulfilling things to share your best and truest self.


    Back when I was doing the Dd/lg thing…being a cutie patootie. It’s actually quite lovely to reminisce and appreciate the growth of my kink self. Also, I miss that training bra.


    So I really really wanna try wearing diapers at some point! Do you have any recommendations for what diapers to try? Also I'd love if we could maybe meet up one day! And are you excited for season 3 of the mandalorian?

    Hello there, Anon. And, yay, welcome to the wet and wonderful world of wiapers!!

    My first thought is, what kind of diaper experience are you looking for?

    If you are totally new to the wetting-your-pants-game and just want to feel what that is like, I think Goodnites or Always Discreet “pull-ups” would be a great place to start. These are readily accessible at any drugstore or Target/Walmart, and you don’t have to worry about tapes. For some reason, when I first began wearing diapers, putting them on and getting the tapes right was very intimidating!

    Now, if you are looking to try some different diapers and want a little variety, there is a website called Wearing Clouds that offers sample packs of several different abdl and medical brands. Though this is pricey! Yikes, I just looked and I see they are selling one diaper sample for $5.95 these days! 🙀 They do offer different sample packs that are more economical as well.

    (Hot tip: Here’s how buying diapers works - the more you buy of the same diaper, the cheaper per diaper price you’ll receive. Most companies also offer free shipping once you hit a certain threshold. So something to keep in mind if you find a diaper you like, buy in bulk!)

    My favorite diapers these days are Little Kings from ABUniverse, MegaMax from NorthShore, Trests, and Tena Slip Maxis. All of these diapers are quite different and what I choose depends on the diaper experience I’m looking for. I think Little Kings would be a great starter diaper because they are cloth-backed and therefore not as itchy as plastic. It took me a while to get used to wearing plastic when I first started wearing. ABUniverse is my favorite abdl brand because I enjoy quite a few of their products, they are good quality, and their sizing is a bit smaller so I can find a good fit there! That being said, I find that I reach most often for a MegaMax. I don’t think you can find a higher-quality, more affordable, absorbent diaper. And they come in sizes XS-XL! Trests are just an incredible, next-level diaper experience. The plastic is so smooth, the sizing fits me 👌🏻, and the swell of a super wet Trest is just *chef’s kiss*! When I want a thinner, more discreet diaper, I always reach for a Tena Slip Maxi. They aren’t the most absorbent, but they do hold a surprising amount for how thin they are. But beware, these tapes are really a one-and-done and the filling gets quite clumpy after a while…but then again…I kinda enjoy the gross factor of that sometimes.

    Some honorable mentions:

    My favorite print of all-time is Cloudee by Bambino, I just wish they came in a smaller size! I really enjoy PeekABUs from ABUniverse. I enjoy the SMedium size of Little Pawz from ABUniverse, and especially find the plaid sides adorable on tomboys and Little boys alike. You can’t beat the poof of a Safari from Rearz. I find myself wearing more and more Abena M4s these days, a great everyday diaper. I love the print and feel of Carousels from The ABDL Shop, especially if I want to feel smol. And I’ve only tried the Fairyland diaper from The Cuddle Cooperative once or twice, but I find myself wanting to order some! Also: RIP BareBums - still my favorite diaper of all-time, but ABU sadly stopped making them.

    I know this was a lot, so thank you for bearing with me. I hope it helps, Anon! And please reach out after you’ve tried your first diaper or two. I want to know what you pick and how your experience goes! Also, thanks a lot, because now I want to go buy more diapers! 😂🤣

    P.S. If you’re going to CAP this year, we could definitely meet up there. And, yes, of course! Give me more Baby Yoda, please!!!!!!!!


    I don’t know if Messy Monday is a thing, but it should be! I might have to start posting some messy diaper pictures every Monday. I can’t guarantee that I’ll mess every Monday, but I’ll work on posting pictures of my messy diapers on Mondays.

    Do it, FBS!! Let’s start a revolution.