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NSFW 18+ NO MINORS, GROW UP!!! I'm a straight male, young for my age, passionate and curious about life, in aching lust with impossible objects of desire. I'm a hopeful pragmatist, a vigilant correctarian, a nonaligned philosopher, a resolute attributionist, a licensed philogynist, and a self-medicating narcissist. My life consists of a thin sheet of reality wedged between thick layers of memory and hope, and this blog is a visual representation of those layers; a collection of things that make me giggle or think, that inspire my soul or arouse my senses. I hope you will find these frozen moments as interesting and entertaining as I do. Thanks for your time!

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    “I hope for you a year that opens. Opens you to your light, your Ori. That the door of the divine opens for you.⁠ ⁠ The same that is inside of you-for you are divine.⁠ ⁠ Eternal.⁠ ⁠ That blades of light-flames of knowledge consume you until you are refined.⁠ ⁠ That you will return to yourself-the divine and you will chart your path.⁠ ⁠ Resting in the truth that your other lives have gone before you, and your other lives will come after and that you are alright-and will be.⁠ For you are divine.⁠ ⁠ I want for you to know that you are what you need. For you and for others around you.⁠ ⁠ That we are enough. We are divine. We are eternal.⁠ ⁠ May your Ori shine brighter and speak louder for you this revolution around the sun and may you receive the grace to listen."⁠ ~ words from @laolunyc ~⁠ _⁠ Model: @ladynelson_⁠ Artist: @laolunyc⁠ Photographer: @islandboiphotography⁠ _

    Top: a photograph byAlina Silaeva, featuring model Alexandra Volodina. This has been appropriated on Reddit and Pinterest with the caption “Saint Urban Of Moscow, or “The Patron Saint Of Women Who Don’t Want To Talk To You On Public Transit” (which is pretty clever). It is also usually presented in a slightly cropped form with the Unix Bible photoshopped to look like a blank generic book.

    Bottom: the credited source inspiration for Silaeva’s photograph; “Moscow Prayer by Andrey Shatilov.


    Music shuffle

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    Whatever you use to play your music, put that bad boy on shuffle mode and list the first 10 songs it plays in order. Then “pass the headphones” and tag at least 10 other victims players.

    1. Passionfruit - Angus & Julia Stone

    2. New Day - Camille and Stuie

    3. Magnolia - Gang of Yourhs

    4. Bennie & the Jets - Elton John

    5. If I Ain’t Got You - Alicia Keys

    6. Got to Give it Up - Marvin Gaye

    7. The Less I Know the Better - Tame Impala

    8. The Blower’s Daughter - Damien Rice

    9. Piano Joint (This Kind of Love) - Michael Kiwanuka

    10. Hold Me - Teskey Brothers

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    1. “things the grandchild should know” by eels

    2. “Ohm Sweet Ohm” by Kraftwerk

    3. “The Era When We Sang” by Blue Sky Black Death

    4. “Reality” by Gary Clail & Tackhead Sound System

    5. “Nothing” by Depeche Mode

    6. “Put Your Weight On It” by Connie Price & The Keystones

    7. “Cicadas And Gulls” by Feist

    8. “April Rain” by The Methadones

    9. “Faith” by ATB feat. Tilsen

    10. “The Bridge” by MC Shan

    hmmm... my iTunes was definitely in a very electro mood just now. And the majority of this is fairly recent, which surprised me, but then again I suppose I’ve whittled down most of my classic stuff to just the songs I love, as opposed to a lot of newer albums I’ve just tossed in as a whole, to listen to and get familiar with. So statistically there’s probably more of a chance that shuffle will land on one of those recent album tracks. I’m surprised there’s not more hip-hop, but track 10 came through strong with an anthem. All in all, not bad for a library of 58,820 songs totaling 198.7 days worth of music.