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    Inflatable toys are sooo fun. You pump them up till you’re at your limit, then a little while later your limit’s moved. And so you go in search of it again. It’s a fun game to play, never taking it out, just pumping and deflating, then pumping again, never really knowing how big it is, only that you feel FULL. And the best part is finally letting it come out, fully inflated and seeing just what you’ve been putting yourself though….

    Cute amateur with loose pussy 1cpl4fun fucks bunker buster dildo

    Cute amateur with loose pussy 1cpl4fun fucks bunker buster dildo once again. Love how this pretty big dildo just casually slide inside her pumped cunt with no resistance.

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    An Exciting Potential Turn...

    Hey there all! I know it's been a long time since a Euphorigirl post has popped up on your feed, but I wanted to give you some news in that I'm doing peachy keen! My premium snap has been active and I've been producing content since it's creation, and to my excitement my toy collection for content is growing, along with the sizes of my insertions. My two biggest dildos are 3.5" across right now! But I've been thinking recently that I want to do more than just the premium Snapchat, I'd also like to crack into individual video sales.

    Because of my age and the importance of discretion for me, posting saveable content that features my face and the more taboo parts of me we all love is a little too dangerous...BUT, I believe I've found a way that I'll enjoy and that will give a new and interesting porn experience not only to the Euphorigirl realm, but to the stretching niche itself...


    First character on the agenda, in my opinion quite aptly, is Elastigirl from the Incredibles. I've already got the money ready for the costume bodysuit with a zipper for stretching access, but there's more to it! I want to do this right, and I'd like to pump my FanCentro numbers up to get there. Or, maybe you'd prefer to pay me more directly and get on a list to be the first to know about the videos when they're made! I intend for Elastigirl to be a stretching video series, but I've got high hopes for doing tons of characters. Maybe a little Gamora cosplay with an infinity fist dildo! The sky's the limit, I think, and I can get pretty creative.

    Once I've gotten the money to get this jump-started, buying a proper webcam to do the job right, costumes, props, my goal is to do individual video sales of full length cosplay porn, and maybe a mix of regular Euphorigirl stretching masked.

    Here's the bonus: because these videos would conceal my identity via the costumes, I'll be willing to post some clips from them publicly. Public Euphorigirl content again! So even if you aren't interested in buying videos fully, maybe you want to donate a little money in the spirit of moving toward some public clips again! Anything can help me reach my goal and open up this new world for my content.

    Share your thoughts on this with me! Vote in this poll and let me know how you're leaning!

    If you're sold, and want to help me get this started, subscribe to my FanCentro! Get my stretching and gape content and give me a little boost to get this started over time!

    OR send me a little something on Venmo!

    My username is @RealEuphori, send me any amount you want to contribute and attach a message with your email so I can get you on a list for updates on my progress to video sale!


    Genuinely very exciting news: the world’s hottest teen stretching sensation, Euphorigirl, (who has one of the best premium Snapchats around - perfect body, perfect face, wrecked cunt, check it out) is planning on branching out into making series of Cosplay pussy stretching videos! Cosplay, artistic makeup & pussy stretching are all passions of hers, along with damaging her vagina (lol). She’s pretty open to taboo kinks and creative ideas. For those who have been missing her - follow her snap so you don’t miss anything and can help her pick cosplay and stretching object ideas.


    A Bigger, Better Slut

    I’m enlarging my clitoris using hormones to increase my sexual gratification, and it’s working. My big throbbing clit is the reason I want to be an even bigger, better slut. Every day, I’m moving closer towards my eventual total objectification and sexualization. But for that to happen, I need an audience - so thank you, I’m very glad you’re here.

    My massive clit is more than just a larger version of what I had before, it’s a total mind-fuck. It’s a lewd symbol of what I’m becoming. Now my whole cunt is constantly burning, throbbing, leaking grool, and insatiably horny. My orgasms are better, way better. They’re infinitely stronger, last 2-4 times longer, and are only increasing in intensity. I think about sex all of the time, and can feel my clit constantly throbbing and pulsing. No matter what I do, everything is more pleasurable than before, and I’m only compelled to more slutty things, more often. I’m cumming more than anyone reasonably should.

    I love sharing what I’m doing, and I love when people notice my clit. The rush I get is like nothing I’ve ever felt. When I expose my clit, there is no mistaking it: I am a slut with only one purpose. Instantly, I’m less a person and more a sexual object. All of this only adds to my excitement and pleasure, which leads to me making my clit even bigger, and sharing even more. Each time I share, I become more perverse and deviant, and each time I receive greater sexual pleasure than before. It’s a perfect cycle, and one that I’m powerless to stop.

    Sometimes, I feel regret and shame and I’m embarrassed by how slutty and big my clit has become. I’ll think about stopping, especially since what I’m doing is permanent, but this never lasts long. I quickly realize it’s pointless for me to stop. My clit is already so huge, my cunt is already so fucked up, so why should I stop? There’s really no reason to stop it now, and it feels SO GOOD to continue.

    So I won’t stop. I’ll take another massive dose of testosterone right to my clit, and I’ll masturbate, a lot… thinking about what a slut I am, and orgasming intensely. Then I’ll fuck, a lot… being a slut and orgasming intensely.

    Then I’ll take pictures. I’ll take videos. I’ll write things like this for you to see, and i’ll post it all… and then i’ll cum. I’ll cum my fucking brains out. I’ll cum more, I’ll cum harder, and I’ll cum longer than I ever have before…MORE>


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