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    lowcal mocha banana smoothie!!

    i was SO hungry when i woke up and i decided to make a smoothie but i ended up only drinking about half of it because it’s so filling!

    here’s the recipe:

    1 medium banana (105)

    1.5. cups black coffee (8)

    1.5 tbsps sugar (68) or stevia (0)

    1 tbsp peanut butter (95)

    Ice (0)

    Just blend it all up! The whole thing is about 305 calories, or even less if you use stevia or skip out of the peanut butter. Again, I was absolutely starving and I made this and it filled me up instantly! Gonna have the other half for dinner. Let me know if you try it!



    (For some things, I have the original calories listed and then the calories with modifications listed)

    Burger King

    Whopper junior (310)

    - no bun, no tomato (190 cals)

    - No bun, no tomato, no mayo (120)

    Hamburger (240)

    - no bun (120)

    Grilled chicken sandwich (470)

    - no mayo, no bun, no tomato (160)

    Morning star veggie burger (390)

    - no tomato, no bun, no mayo (180)

    Garden side salad (60)

    - no tomato (idk, about the same)

    Onion rings (150)


    Cheeseburger (300)

    - no bun (150)

    Hamburger (250)

    - no bun (100)

    Artisan grilled chicken sandwich (380)

    - no bun, no tomato (160)

    Side salad (15)

    - no tomato (15)

    Kids fry (110)

    Taco Bell

    Soft taco fresco style (160)

    Nacho cheese Doritos taco fresco (150)

    Fiery Doritos taco fresco (150)

    Grilled steak soft taco fresco (140)

    Chicken soft taco fresco (150)

    Shredded chicken mini quesadilla (200)

    - easy cheese, easy chipotle sauce (170)

    Cheesy roll up (180)

    Cinnabon delights 2 pack (160)

    Cinnamon twists (170)

    Spicy tostada no cheese/tomato (180)

    Black beans and rice side (190)

    Seasoned rice side (120)

    Pintos n cheese side (190)

    Black beans (80)


    4 piece crispy nugget (170)

    Apple bites (35)

    Vanilla frosty smallest size (190)

    Jack in the box

    ½ Chicken club salad (174)

    ½ Southwest chicken salad (174)

    ½ Grilled chicken salad (174)

    ½ Chicken fajita pita (172)

    Side salad (21)

    Hash brown (187)

    Mini pancakes (143)

    I do not promote or condone eating disorders. This account is my diary. If you don’t like it, unfollow or block me. If you have an ED, please consider recovery and stay safe xx 💕💕

    Good info to have


    Things i’ll be able to do when i’m skinny:

    💗 Eat anything freely without anyone judging me

    💗 Be the skinniest out of everyone i know

    💗 Get piggybacks and picked up bridal style without fearing i’m too heavy

    💗 Wear crop tops, bikinis, and bralettes !!

    💗 Finally not hate myself as much

    💗 Wear shorts in the summer and not chafe

    because my thighs won’t rub together anymore

    💗 Look good in practically everything ??

    💗 Not be the fat sibling

    💗 Wear fishnets and look FIRE

    💗 Have size small/medium clothes look huge on me

    💗 Crowdsurf at concerts without worrying about

    crushing everyone beneath me

    💗 Be comfortable in my own skin


    ✨You used to be thin

    ✨You live alone

    ✨50% or more of your closet is black

    ✨You’re 21+

    ✨5’ 3" or shorter

    ✨You’re trying to lose 40 pounds or more

    ✨You actually love green tea

    ✨You were depressed long before your eating disorder

    ✨You’re still telling yourself that you don’t have an eating disorder

    ✨You’re vegetarian

    ✨Your SW is 160 or higher

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    These are my excuses to not eat.

    1. I already ate with *Friends Name*

    2. I’ll eat later

    3. I’m still full from lunch/breakfast

    4. I’m not feeling well

    5. I’ll eat at school

    6. I’ll eat at home

    7. I’m not hungry

    8. I’ll eat at *friends name* place

    9. I just finished a meal

    10. Oh, sorry I didn’t know we’d eat here, so I already ate at home/school

    11. I’m busy, i’ll eat when I’m done

    12. My stumach hurts, I’ll eat once I feel well

    13. I’m trying out this new diet

    14. I don’t feel like eating

    15. I don’t have money on me

    16. I forgot my lunch at home so i’ll buy something later

    17. I’m saving calories for later

    18. I’m eating out later, so i’m not eating now

    19. I lost my appetite

    20. It’s too early to eat anything

    Great ideas