Sex Slave Rubber Doll little kitty boi Slut
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2022-06-28 18:49:37

    You've done very well today dear.. Now that I've melted your mind for the last six hours, we are done for today...

    While I find it adorable to hear you babble incoherently while your brain continues to drool from your mouth, I'll do without your babbling for the next few hours and instead just continue to watch the rest of your brain leak from your pretty mouth hole.

    Now be a good dummy for me and open up. In goes your ball gag you have come to love so much.

    It's your favorite.. The one that allows you to continuously drool through the holes.

    Just be happy dumb and drooling doll. After hours of fractionating you, I know you have no idea if you're up or down or down or up..