PlayboyPlus Riley Reid in Tangerine Dream

    Riley Reid in Tangerine Dream

    This Flashback Friday, Riley Reid makes her stunning debut as a Playboy Muse in this charming, vintage-inspired pictorial from the photographer, Jay Allan. Surrounded by retro decor, Riley spends the day relaxing in silk pants and a tangerine-colored tank. “I’m a silly, goofy girl who is full of love and fun energy,” Riley tells us about herself. “My passion is happiness and sharing love because that is the most important thing in life.” Spreading positivity, Riley is a blast to have on set and an incredibly talented model. “How do I feel about posing nude? I love it! It’s sexy and fun,” she says. “I also love that I have not done any work to my body. It helps show other girls who are petite like me that they too can be sexy without needing to change their bodies.”


    Would never believe that Playboy would have unshaven armpits in a pictorial!


    I can do without the armpits … other than that she is smokin hot 😈