"Give you back the credit card? Yeah... not gonna happen, shorty. I've still got a TON of stuff to buy. Not to mention drinks! And besides, aren't you a little small for it?"

    "Haha, if you couldn't handle a little teasing then you definitely shouldn't have booked the trip here. You knew the shrinking virus was rampant on this island"

    "Look, just sit back and enjoy the view, baby doll. Because I'm having FUN and I'm NOT going to stop anytime soon just to make you more comfortable"

    "Whats that? A sip of my drink? *giggle* Sorry, little guy. Alcohol is for BIG people. I'll get you a juice box or something"

    "But be good for the rest of the day while I'm on my shopping spree and MAYBE I'll let you lotion my tits up on the beach"

    "Best vacation ever, dont you agree?"