Moonknight/Steven: My lord someone who finally understands! Isn’t it so draining to have a whole other conscious being living inside you,controlling your body?! It’s taken over my life

    Eddie because venom slithered up his ass mid conversation and is now vibrating so hard he’s gone cross eyed:

    yeah, sex is cool but what if Venom possesses another person and starts using "Brock" as it's surname when asked what it's name is? Like how would I recover from this? Because they are married and since they both call themselves Venom then it is only right for Venom to use Eddie's surname when they are separated.

    Am I the only one who wants to see how Eddie battles every day tasks with Venom in the next movie? Like, how does he shower? What happens at bed time? How does he get changed? Does Venom help or mind his business? How does he pee? (i don’t need to see any details but it would be pretty funny hearing Eddie telling Venom to mind his business while trying to do his own business)

    How does he eat? Does Venom complain about what he’s eating? Does he leave him be? What about making phone calls? Does Venom keep silent or does he constantly ask questions inside of his head distracting him from the call? I wanna see Venom nitpick at all of these every-day basic human tasks Eddie has to do, not because he’s being an asshole, because he’s curious. He’s an alien from a foreign planet that’s never heard of human hygiene.

    Just the small, domestic things that make them *them* is what I really wanna see. Something I wish we saw more of in LTBC.

    Okay so I've seen alot of Venom comic pages posted here where Eddie is pregnant and I just had this absolutely adorable idea of Movie Venom being an absolutely protective husband. Venom doesn't let Eddie do anything dangerous and constantly reminds Eddie that "Stress is bad for the baby" Venom probably learned that from all the movies and series they have been watching while Eddie was busy doing his work or sleeping and Eddie regrets letting Venom out of his supervision. Venom carriers all the heavy things, does not let Eddie drive on high speeds, does all the cooking *they don't turn out well*, starts looking for baby names, drags Eddie into baby clothing shops and is excited and Eddie doesn't have the heart to say "No" They end up buying something for Anne because she is also expecting a baby soon.

    And Venom breaks the news to Eddie for the first time while Eddie is having a conversation with Anne in a restaurant or Cafe, they are just chatting and Anne starts talking about her pregnancy symptoms *I don't know what alien or human pregnancy symptoms mostly are but bear with me*

    Anne is talking about her symptoms and about how tired she feels, the nausea, the need to eat way more than she used to and Eddie just jokes about it happening to him also that means he is also pregnant and Venom decides that this is the perfect time to deliver the news while Eddie is sipping on his drink and Venom goes "we are also pregnant" and Eddie doesn't believe him first until Venom explains everything to him and Eddie almost chokes on his drink and needs to excuse himself before things get any weirder between him and Anne.

    One thing I really love about the Venom movies is how Eddie isn’t some toxic masculine protagonist that feels like he’s too high and mighty to ask for help or admit defeat.

    We saw Eddie break down in the first movie. He was on the verge of tears, voice quivering and breaking, he asked for help and admitted he was afraid, that he was scared and he needed help from someone. He was emotional and he didn’t feel the need to hide it, or be embarrassed about it because he’s a ‘man’.

    You don’t see that a lot when it comes to protagonists, ESPECIALLY males. He was the first I’ve seen to admit he needed help while being in such a vulnerable, emotional state. This is one reason why the Venom movies are great and continue to be greater, a man willing to admit he’s afraid. that he’s scared. he isn’t afraid to show emotion. something that a lot of men in media are afraid to show.


    Me: ask me why Apollo is the best dad in Greek mythology

    Person: why is Apollo the best dad in Greek mythology?

    Me *pulling out a 200 slide presentation*: well I'm glad you asked-


    Why is Apollo the best dad tho

    Come on op


    Yes, OP, do share!


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    *cracks knuckles* okay take a seat

    Apollo being a good parent is not a surprise when you learn that he is the nurturer of young, originator of education, and the primary god who presides over the transition of youths into adults. But here are the reasons why he deserves the title "The Best Dad" :

    He takes care of his children and often educates them personally

    He also gifts lyre to Orpheus and teaches him to play it, trains Linus to play the lyre as well. Note that all these kids were not even divine, just mortal kids. Like most other gods he could have just brushed off the responsibility, or put it onto some nymphs. But he didn't abandon them and played a crucial role in their growing up.

    Not only his own children, he has acted as a foster father to Chiron, who was abandoned by his mother. Then, he also adopted Carnus, a son of Zeus, and raised him with the help of Leto. He might as well be the god of adoption.

    He is constantly involved in their life

    Apollo keeps showing up in his kids' life now and then. Like, look this wholesome content of Apollo being dadpollo for his son Aristaeus. When Ari is leaving for the war, Apollo leaves all his work behind to come and suit up his son. And later, he also goes a long distance to save him.

    Once Aristaeus and Dionysus contest to see which is better, honey or wine. All the gods prefer wine so Dio wins, but Apollo is grumpy that his son lost.

    Wine is dear to Apollo. He even has an epithet which translates to "heavily drunk". And yet when his son lost, he is not happy and he's like "Wine?! I hate wine! I can't believe people love it ugh" XD It's like that wholesome moment when parent support the child with something even though they don't personally agree with it XD

    Also, here have a look at Apollo being a good wingman.

    His daughter Phemonoe is said to have been his Pythia, so there definitely was a lot to father-daughter bonding.

    Apollo is emotionally attached to his kids.

    There are many instances of Apollo losing his mind over his children's death, it is like a defining trait of his. The most famous example is how he dealt with Asclepius' death. Apollo literally cried a river over his son's death. Even Zeus felt sorry for him and brought the mortal back to life when requested.

    Apollo the Muses together mourn for the death of their sons (Orpheus and Linus resp)

    Here again Apollo cries when his son Amphiaraus is about to die.

    It's touching, how he is such a powerful god but breaks down sobbing at the death of his children. Gods rarely display such emotions. I have not seen anyone other than Ares and Apollo actually cry when their children die. Not just mourning, he also seeks revenge on people who cause harm to his children. He kills the cyclopes who had designed Zeus' thunderbolt with which Asclepius was killed. On two separate instances, he sends plague to villagers who killed his sons (Linus and Carnus). One of the reasons Apollo was bent on killing Achilles was because Achilles had killed 2 of his sons. (Troilus and Tenes) (And in fair number of traditions Hector was Apollo's son as well)

    After they die, He creates something in their memory:

    So overall, his children mean A LOT to Apollo. He loves them, cares for them, helps them. He has the epithets "Patroos" and "Patir" which mean "lord of fathers", "fatherly". In Athens, legal adoptions were made on Apollo's birthday. So Apollo is 💯/💯 dad material. You're lucky if you're a child of Apollo, you've got an awesome dad and you don't have to be a great warrior in order to be famous and respected.

    (Bottom note: We have to remember that Apollo is a god. One of the busiest gods even. So he can't fill the role of a father like a human does. But, he is better than his fellow gods. I'm not saying he is the only one who cared. Ares and Hermes are next on the list, and Olympians in general had soft spot for babies, but Apollo is just on a different level)

    (all the screenshots of literary sources are taken from and wikipedia)

    Robin Buckley, and Debby Harry, the lead singer of blondie, Nancy’s favorite band, (has a poster in her room + Robin listed it when Vecna had Nancy), around the 1980’s

    To further prove my point here’s Maya hawke: