School of Erotonautics and Sexual Engineering
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    “What… what have you done to me?,” Joe asked after you transformed him. You were smiling at getting revenge for your sister. “Well, being that you knocked up my little sister, cheated on her, made her get implants and changed her to look like a bimbo, I figured I’d return the favor. Well obviously I can’t knock you up cuz I don’t have a dick. But your body will take care of that,” you tell her.

    “You… you have to change me back. You can’t leave me like this,” he complained. You could tell that her body was already affecting her mind.

    “Poor Josephine. You’re dealing with so much. Being turned into a woman, experiencing all these new sensations and emotions. You shouldn’t have been such an asshole to my little sister. Soon that bimbo body will begin to affect your mind. Once it’s done settling, you’ll get so horny but playing with your new pussy won’t help much. Mainly because of the fact that the curse I placed on you makes it so that you can’t orgasm unless you’re being penetrated,” you tell her.

    “No! You fucking whore. I’m gonna kill… whoa!,” Joe tried to get up to attack you but fell flat on her tits. After all, she’d never worn heels before. “Careful JoJo. Don’t want to damage those hot new titties of yours. Besides, now that you’ve become a newly minted bimbo yourself, those tits are gonna be a big part of your life,” you giggle.

    That’s when Joe’s face gets this weird look to it just before she giggles. Then she claps her hands over her mouth. “Oh fuck, no,” Joe says. You can see the horror in her eyes just before she looks down at her tits. “Absolutely wonderful. I can see the curse is working perfectly,” you say as Joe’s tits grow another inch of size. Her ass bubbles a little more too.

    “Fuck. I’m getting so damned horny. Please. I’ll do anything you want. Just change me back,” Joe begs as her body stops changing again. You giggle at her again and this somewhat blank look glosses over her eyes and then she giggles again. She moans as her tits grow even bigger. The cups of her outfit ripping apart as they do. She manages to get to her feet and you can tell her ass is rounder and more plump.

    Out of modesty Joe grabs her new, expanded boobs as they bulge past the tattered cups. “God you have to change me back. They’re starting to feel really good,” Joe complains as she squeezes her tits repeatedly, playing with them. You giggle again, “Well enjoy what little time you have left as yourself Joe. Soon you won’t care that you used to be a male. Soon, very soon, your going to be searching out your first guy to fuck and you won’t be able to help yourself. And once you get a taste of cock, all those horrible thoughts will melt away as you become the complete bimbo slut you deserve to be.”

    Joe giggles almost with you and tries to stop her tits from growing even bigger. But she winds up playing with her breasts as they gain even more size. She looks like a bimbo and begins moaning as she squeezes her huge tits. You turn to walk out and feel something stirring in your loins. You go to the bathroom to inspect why. Once your panties are down, you realize that your clit is growing and you’re becoming horny.

    You feel your tits beginning to tingle and your clit twitches. Just like you’ve seen guys dicks do. As you look down at your reflection in the mirror you can see and feel your clit growing. You start to panic as you realize what’s happening as your bra begins to get snug around your c cup tits. That’s when Joe knocks on the door. “Are you ok in there?,” she asks and giggles.

    You feel something click inside you and your growing clit becomes excessively hard. You giggle in return. “No. This can’t be happening,” you groan. Your whole body feels uncomfortable as you feel your libido growing by the second, just like your clit.

    We sadly say goodbye to all our followers and all the other fantastic blogs who have been a source of inspiration. We will give a try starting anew on bdsmlr.com as Lynnedaniels.bdsmlr.com. We are also looking into Cumblr. We are on Fetlife.com as Lynnedaniels, adultfriendfinder as lynnedaniels, Spankbang, also as lynnedaniels and for select people we communicate on Skype

    Julian: well you inspire it very much - you’re pretty, and sooooo sexy - and it helps that your body is HOT - your arousal inspires me… and so… it’s a chain reaction… and Boom….

    Lynne: love that description

    Julian: from the heart

    Lynne: you’re making me blush.  thank you

    Lynne: now i want to be the dirty slut

    and NOT the demure housewife.

    Lynne: you in the moood?

    Julian: Mmmmmmm of course

    Lynne: i would love to give you a show.  imagine this

    Lynne: you are sitting in a corner of a club

    Julian: go ahead baby….

    Lynne: the club out east, called encounters

    Lynne: it’s an on-premise placee

    Julian: Ok……

    Lynne: i’m there with dan and you are there alone.

    Julian: sitting alone… having a JW Black on the rocks

    Lynne: there is a contest.  you get to pick the woman who can give you a private show while you slowly sip and savor the JWBlack and the show

    Julian: Mmmmmmmmm I’m very lucky then…

    Julian: Mmmmmmm It would be difficult to just sit there…

    Lynne: all of the women line up and just have to stand while you have us slowly turn and you make your decison.  you notice me and when i turn and you get a peek at my ass and decide then that it will be me you choose.  i am going to be the lucky lady.  i am your for the night

    Julian: Mmmmmmmmm the other woman wouldn’t stand a chance…. you’d stand out…

    Lynne: so i come over and stand and wait for your instruction

    Lynne: thank you!!!!

    Lynne: tell me what to do

    Lynne: i’m ready and dan is videotaping because he’s so proud of his slutty  wife

    Julian: Mmmmmmm I’m sitting back…. my legs slightly spread and my back up against a deep couch… there’s a light just above my spot on the couch …

    Lynne: oh yes.  i hope you will feel like unzipping and showing me your cock

    Julian: i notice you look down to my jean… and you see my cock through the tight denim…

    Lynne: perfect

    Lynne: i love that

    Julian: i run my hand across my shaft and while looking in your eyes… i turn to dan… and tell him that - I want her… and with your permission… we shall both please her tonight

    Lynne: omg.  yes

    Julian: so I turn back to you… and again gently running my hand across my shaft thru my jeans… I tell u…

    Lynne: it would feel so erotic being with both of you.yes

    Lynne: tell me

    Lynne: tell me what you want

    Julian: “you see how aroused you make me…

    this will be yours…”…. i want to see how aroused I can make you… so show me… your arousal…

    Lynne: i show you my arousal by bringing my pussy close and i push my hips forward so that you can see my glistening wetness through my sheer white panties

    Julian: Mmmmmmmmm i can just get a whiff of your scent…

    Julian: Mmmmmmmm Lynne I think your wet… are you ????

    Lynne: i’m so wet and aroused by the site of your hard cock though your jeans that my pussy is bulging and my clit is erect against my little panties

    Lynne: yes i am wet

    Julian: Mmmmmmmm slip a finger down your panties…