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    I do enjoy when they look utterly blissed out, as well as faux-struggling, etc., but I have to admit, laughter and happiness holds a special place with me. 


    Daddy only let her out of her chastity belt when she was sucking his cock, when she did, she was to straddle his boot with her cunt, and rub her clit on it, for as long as she was pleasing him. After she swallowed all of Daddy’s cum, she knew immediately to lick off the mess she made on his shoes, then put her face on the ground, ass in the air, and wait for the chastity belt and gag to be locked back on, and put back into her cage. 


    I’m supposed to say why each post I reblog excites me, why I’m turned on by that particular image or that caption and this one is probably the hardest one I’ve done so far because it is so much more degrading than a spanking or a threesome. And admitting that that’s why I like it is… liberating and scary as hell. 

    The image itself with her next to naked while he is clothed. His hands on her head: are they pushing her down there or just stroking her head in acknowledgment that she is doing a good job at exactly what she is supposed to be doing? And the boot licking. How low do you have to be to lick someone else’s shoe? To get turned on by it? I want to find out. 

    The caption. I like that she’s not worthy of getting pleasure at his hand or his mouth or his cock, but rather has to rub herself against his shoe to experience any and even then she doesn’t deserve an orgasm. She puts herself to use (at the only thing she is good at) making sure he cums because he wants to and it is her job to be of use whenever he wants.

    Chastity belts terrify me and arouse me so much because it really puts all the control of her cunt, and thus her orgasms, in the hands of somebody else. This idea of having no control, of turning it over to someone else, of sacrificing orgasms, is something I know we will eventually try. And a cage; we will have to try a cage one day. 


    Any pleasure a sub experiences should be humiliating; it’s also not that she doesn’t necessarily deserve an orgasm, but her pathetic state is more satisfying than her defiant state when she achieves one. I strongly recommend periods of orgasm denial whenever possible, it really gets the ‘subby’ senses firing. I enjoyed reading your take on the caption too; it makes me feel very appreciated. Good luck on your exploration!  


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