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    Some might have seen defiance, but he admired her strength. He would push her, her screams like music, her pleas a prayer, her tears an offering, but it was never enough. Still her strength would remain, until she chose to surrender, until she chose to give even that to him. Then it would be his turn to stand in awe, to gather her up and moan his own praises.


    Old, but still by far my favorite entry in Sabudenego’s “SB Sex-Arcade” series.  It’s just so relatable!  In her position, I’d like to believe, I would be able to mix as much unyielding defiance into my expression of helpless humiliation.



    I hope so, too, since it’s that look of unyielding defiance which makes her  helpless humiliation so delicious.


    I saw a profile description recently about having a “short temper”. It wasn’t used in a way that suggested the person considered it a fault or something to be aware of; it was used in a way that suggested “So you should do what I say, or else…” Let me be clear about something: If your dominant is unable to control their emotions, and they take their anger out on you that is not okay. That is abusive. Dominance does not equal abusive power.  Your dominant should care about you and for you— not use you. Your worth is not defined by them. Like any relationship, they shouldn’t tear you down; they should build you up. Build you up to become a person you aspire to be. I sincerely hope all my followers are safe.


    I repeat: There’s a difference between dominant and domineering.


    Bound for the Apocalypse“ from SexAndSubmission.com 


    I have to admit, part of the attraction for me of a potential apocalypse is the sudden ability to kidnap attractive people…