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    Squishy, squish, squish. Karen thought to herself as she played with her girlfriend’s boobs. They were just so big, natural, and fun. She’d play with them whenever she got the chance to. Laying in bed, cooking in the kitchen, riding in the car, sitting on the couch, washing each other in the shower. There was never a wrong time to play with boobs.


    She awoke to orgasm, again.   Every day, she would look, hoping to find what exactly was doing this to her.   She knew something was going on.  No one just wakes up moaning and panting and sodamngood without there being a cause.   

    If only she could recall more than the few fleeting seconds of her dreams.  There was a man’s face, she could tell, she just couldn’t tell who it was.  Every night, the same man.  

    At first, she wanted to find the man to get him to stop.  It was so distracting!  Now, though… now, she wants to find him and thank him.  It was sooo good!


    I had to reblog it because the elaborateness made me laugh.

    If Daddy wants to fuck me in my sleep, He just says “roll over, girl” and I spread my legs and fall back to sleep. That’s that. :)


    I like both the elaborate one and the straight to the point one.


    I could roll with whatever so long as we’re both happy.


    Cora the Archer had told her cleric that she felt fine after their fight with the succubus.  She certainly didn’t feel any different.  But for some reason, the cleric insisted that there was something wrong with her. She didn’t know what Moonwhsiper was talking about.  She still could hit any target within two hundred yards.  She could nock an arrow and fire it just as fast as before. She could still track the tribe of orcs that had taken the crown jewels.  She did feel a slight chill to the air, but the seasons were changing.  

    She did find herself caressing Torbak, their half-orc fighter when she took watch every night.  She had made sure that when she woke him up for his watch, that he awoke with pleasure.  And when she thought that Soverliss was too enraptured in his studies of his wizardly book, she let him have use of her body.  Too much book-study was bad for one’s health.  She would have let the cleric have her way, too, but Moonwhisper had taken a vow of abstinence when she had entered the convent. 

    Eventually, Moonwhisper had conferred with Soverliss to determine what had happened to their ranger.  ”Oh, you didn’t see the spell the Succubus cast?” Soverliss said in his standard condescension, “Obviously, it was the Nymph’s Kiss.  But it is a 7th level spell. I couldn’t dispell it. And besides, do we really want to?”

    Oh, thank god! I think whatever he did to me last night has worn off! I need to get some clothes, I need to get out of here, I need to-

    Make breakfast.

    I need to make breakfast. What? No, I need to leave. Forget the clothes, I just need to find help and then-

    Suck cock.

    Then wake Master up by sucking his cock. I need to make breakfast and… oh, no. No, no, no! It hasn’t worn off, I’m still-

    A slave.

    Still Master’s obedient slave. I’m going to make his breakfast and suck his cock and there’s nothing I-

    Want more.

    Nothing I want more than to be Master’s obedient slave. Nothing I want more than to make his breakfast. Nothing I want more than to wake him with a blowjob.


    Just like every morning.


    Who is the first girl you bimboized?

    Well the FIRST first girl is uninteresting. My early experiments were limited and juvenile. Give a girl overwhelming lust. Or make a cheerleader orgasm during a football game. That kind of adolescent stuff.

    My first real bimbo was Erin. And by first bimbo, I mean where I had moved past a basic obsession with measurements and focused on the complete bimbo lifestyle. First girl to wake me up by giving head: Erin. First girl to declare that all of my sperm had to go into her somewhere: Erin. First girl to max out my credit cards and then fuck a store clerk for slingback heels: Erin.

    She HAD been my resident assistant at the dorms, and wore glasses so thick they made her eyes massive and wide-eyed beyond the lenses. It became the locus of her bimboization, going to an “eye doctor” and gradually improving her prescription, her fashion sense, her lust for boys. She rationalized her growing chest as finally seeing it correctly for the first time. Her need for dick was just finally appreciating what a decent cock looked like. When she got her first pair of contacts I fucked her on a balcony on the tenth floor, letting her enjoy the view with clear eyes.

    She was with me for over ten years. I must’ve cycled her through a dozen different bodies, cultures, hundreds of addictions and fetishes. A shoe obsession, a mania for having a vibrator up her slit, a lust for blowjobs so strong she must’ve vacuumed half the town dry. Every kind of hair color, tit size, lactation even. And yet I never changed her pussy, which I could’ve recognized blindfolded, a hundred women into a marathon session.

    Over time I started using her in recruitment and bimboization. Girls tend to trust other girls — at least, in the right situation. So I put Erin in the hair salon with the special salon, or had her calm a struggling half-bimbo by inserting her tongue between the girl’s thighs.

    I had even given thought to manumission around the fifteen year mark or so.

    And then I lost her in a poker game.

    I did offer to buy her back, but almost immediately after I lost her Erin’s new owner got in deep trouble with the association and disappeared. He took his massive harem with him. Certain of his girls have popped up all around the world since then, but never Erin.

    To this day I still check our online equivalent of a Lost-And-Found, keeping an eye out for her. She’d be over forty now. Often I wonder where she ended up.


    For someone who isn’t really into bimbofication itself, I sure find a lot of bimbo authors to be great writers.

    I wouldn’t say that bimbomerchant is one of my favorites—if nothing else, it’s too soon to say any such thing—but this kind of story really exemplifies what I like about him. He picked up a persona, crafted a scenario, and then he sticks to it, including the kind of stuff that people often don’t bother thinking about in situations such as this. 

    It’s a pretty great read, really.


    They had agreed to share a bed on a strictly platonic basis, just to show how comfortable they were with one another in a buddy-buddy sort of way.

    During the night, though, she woke up and saw he had a whopping nocturnal erection.  It looked so good, she couldn’t resist, so she sucked him off while he slept.  He didn’t wake up even while he was coming in her mouth.

    In the morning, she asked him how he had slept.  He said he’d rarely woken up feeling that refreshed and relaxed.

    They had another buddy sleepover a week later.  She wanted to tell him what she had done but couldn’t work up the nerve.  He might feel uncomfortable, or even that she had violated his trust.  During the night, she woke up again, and once again he had a mouth-watering whopper under the sheets.

    Once again, she went down on him, only this time she felt his hand at the back of her head….