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    Domestic counseling works a bit differently under the New Order.

    Well, okay, this doesn’t especially fit into the “Exec2Sec” theme, but I had the idea for the caption as soon as I saw the photo, and I wanted to post it somewhere….


    He thinks you’re having a girls night out. He thinks right now you’re drinking fruit-flavoured cocktails and dancing to the teen-bands of your youth. …and as long as you keep doing every little thing I ask of you, he’ll never know.


    blackmailed to pose for him as he reads to her, before he uses her for his satisfaction (i like the part before the actual sex best)


    I just love Mario Salieri Flicks


    Text her this picture, apologize for missing her call, and explain that you’ve been a bad little girl and Daddy is making sure you learn your lesson.


    If you don’t, I’ll keep you in the cage until you send it to every single one of your friends.