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    She would always protest when compliments were thrown her way, “oh no..” “I’m not..” “Please…” “Shut up!..” and so on.

    It did her wonders to hear them echo around her as Daddy’s friends all smothered her with them, put things inside of her and applauded her aptness to take a plug, a cock, to swallow a lace strap. 

    Sometimes good little girls need to be reminded how pretty they are. 


    Daddy only let her out of her chastity belt when she was sucking his cock, when she did, she was to straddle his boot with her cunt, and rub her clit on it, for as long as she was pleasing him. After she swallowed all of Daddy’s cum, she knew immediately to lick off the mess she made on his shoes, then put her face on the ground, ass in the air, and wait for the chastity belt and gag to be locked back on, and put back into her cage. 


    I’m supposed to say why each post I reblog excites me, why I’m turned on by that particular image or that caption and this one is probably the hardest one I’ve done so far because it is so much more degrading than a spanking or a threesome. And admitting that that’s why I like it is… liberating and scary as hell. 

    The image itself with her next to naked while he is clothed. His hands on her head: are they pushing her down there or just stroking her head in acknowledgment that she is doing a good job at exactly what she is supposed to be doing? And the boot licking. How low do you have to be to lick someone else’s shoe? To get turned on by it? I want to find out. 

    The caption. I like that she’s not worthy of getting pleasure at his hand or his mouth or his cock, but rather has to rub herself against his shoe to experience any and even then she doesn’t deserve an orgasm. She puts herself to use (at the only thing she is good at) making sure he cums because he wants to and it is her job to be of use whenever he wants.

    Chastity belts terrify me and arouse me so much because it really puts all the control of her cunt, and thus her orgasms, in the hands of somebody else. This idea of having no control, of turning it over to someone else, of sacrificing orgasms, is something I know we will eventually try. And a cage; we will have to try a cage one day. 


    Any pleasure a sub experiences should be humiliating; it’s also not that she doesn’t necessarily deserve an orgasm, but her pathetic state is more satisfying than her defiant state when she achieves one. I strongly recommend periods of orgasm denial whenever possible, it really gets the ‘subby’ senses firing. I enjoyed reading your take on the caption too; it makes me feel very appreciated. Good luck on your exploration!  


    Devotional Training: What’s Your Take?


    As ashamed as she was, her fingers always managed to desperately attempt to 

    rub her clit, only millimeters way, after every session. She hated being kept in the

    basement, she hated only having one of her holes used. She hated that

    soon she would have to beg Daddy for those chastity piercings. Her fingers

    pressed firmly on the flesh around her cunt, her teeth sank into her lip, and 

    she cried a bit in her cage as she heard footsteps, Daddy’s footsteps, she was

    ready to totally give herself up, no matter what he wanted to do with her. 


    The gag can be kept on during use or removed, as you can see she is incapable of raising her head any higher than where an average waist would sit, so it’s quite clear she’s aware of her purpose. 

    I certainly hope she’s plugged and not allowed meaningful stimulation, those ponytails are too good to neglect- she should only be used orally- in my humble opinion. 


    She knew how these things went.

    After daddy and his friends finished eating, she was to get on her knees, and one after another earn her dinner of cum, having to beg for every last drop, and every smack, spit, and painful touch of their hands which aided them to feed her.

    Then the chastity belt usually came off, and they would dress her up as they wanted, attach the tray to the front of her, keep their beer on it, and drink. They usually teased her with the opened bottles, and would pour some in her mouth if she begged.

    Once that was all gone she would be pushed over, face into the sofa, and collectively they would decide if she was wet enough to fuck.

    If she was, her panties would be stuffed into her mouth, and she would be used in that position for the rest of the night.

    If she was not, she became the table again, locked back into her chastity belt, and made to be a silent object for the rest of the evening, before being led back to her cage for the night., crawling, leashed, and frustrated.


    After long periods of orgasm denial Daddy liked to tie her up like this, invite over his friends, and have some fun with her.

    Eventually her bodysuit would be ruined, holes everywhere, with something stuffed inside of her, her soaked thong ripped off, and fed so much cum she sometimes couldn’t believe it.

    Sometimes she was even allowed to play with herself, all the way to orgasm in front of Daddy and his friends.

    Today wasn’t one of those days, and she was locked back up in her cage promptly after pleasing all of them. 


    Having others photograph your little slaves is a good way of teaching humility through embarrassment. She’ll get less shy, and get used to her restraints being a part of her daily attire.

    But for now, she’ll just blush in front of the photographer, and become more frustrated under lock and key. 

    Every time you see the flash, you say “thank you sir”, do you understand?

    Yes Daddy.


    She didn’t even think of it as odd anymore, after getting her makeup done, showering, all of that, she would stuff in her plug before dressing, put on her heels, and present herself to Daddy- every morning.

    He made her suck on her fingers as he teased her, spanked her, made sure that he approved of his little slut’s choice of lingerie, shoes, and that the plug was kept securely in place.

    He would pull her up by her hair when he was finished, and she would lick anything that Daddy had on his fingers from teasing her off.


    She knew what it was going to take to earn the heels she wanted. Every day for a week, after a hard caning she would lock herself back up and wait for daddy to come to use her mouth again. Her water bowl was only half an inch too far away to drink from it comfortably, but she knew daddy liked to remind her of her place even more so than being locked up in the basement, she knew he wanted her to feel the stern pull of her plug whenever she drank, so she would remember who her ass belonged to.


    Winter is a good time to train your sub in the field of public humiliation. What better way to do so then to keep her gagged, and hands bound neatly in front of her hidden by a sweater or hand warmer. Take her to a secluded bar, sit in a corner, order two drinks, make her beg when she wants to take a sip. Gently pour it in her constantly forced open mouth.

    With enough practice, she’ll become used to it, and there is no longer a need to hide the gag, just show off what a good girl she is for the world to see.


    It was time for pet’s walk.

    Daddy would attach two leashes, one to the collar, one on the hook.

    This way he could manage to either choke her, or stuff the hook in deeper, depending on which one he yanked. 


    The only time she was allowed to dress herself as most women would was when she was in the dungeon, and she was only in the dungeon because she needed to be punished.

    She was not like other women, and needed to understand that.

    This was her last skirt and top, she had been trained to associate the feeling of clothes on her body with extreme pain, and humiliation. 

    She was sure to be a good girl this time, because Daddy had other things to put bad girls in, and she didn’t like the looks of them. 


    The nose hook was actually rather large, and restricted most of her breathing, obviously her Daddy is very particular about how his property is presented. 

    Most of the time she has to breathe from her mouth, as he likes the nose hook in  regularly. 

    Photos are very difficult for her, because it is hard to breathe with your mouth closed, but very hard to not appear like an eager little cock sucker with your tongue hanging out. 


    Text her this picture, apologize for missing her call, and explain that you’ve been a bad little girl and Daddy is making sure you learn your lesson.


    If you don’t, I’ll keep you in the cage until you send it to every single one of your friends.


    The only time she’s not in her chastity belt is when she is restrained like this. Her open legs and arched back make for nice places for Daddy to run his hands over, squeeze, or rub.

    It’s amusing seeing her try to squirm in restraints like this, in fact it’s so entertaining that she may spend the entire afternoon like this.


    She was only let out of her chastity belt to do domestic chores, clean daddy’s house.

    The only stimulation she experienced was the harsh smack of the thick belt.

    She had to option but to love it, to beg for it, and endure stroke after painful stroke until she could climax from it, or live a life of constant denial and humiliation.