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    With her hands tied behind her back, Cassie can just about manage to support herself and keep her face above the surface, though she strains and trembles with the effort. They’ve left her there to just float, sometimes, feeling the water cool slowly around her as she listens to them going through her things, inspecting her computer.

    Then one or two of them will come back in and resume their little game.

    She’d call it an interrogation except that they long ago stopped asking questions. They just grip her hair—or sometimes, with an odd tenderness, touch her forehead—and begin to push her under. She used to take the deepest breath she could manage. By now she’s almost stopped trying.

    They play with her while they hold her down, squeeze or grope her breasts (nipples wet, cool and stiff) or her belly, her hip or throat. At first she convulsed and thrashed and tried to throw them off, to absolutely no effect except that her oxygen ran out faster—and for every time she splashed them, they started dropping in a tray of ice cubes. Now she just tries to ride it out, wait for the panic to rise in her throat and her body to start arching desperately upward for air. It’s going to happen every time. It’s going to keep happening. They’ll take all the time they want to make sure the conditioning sets.

    And it is conditioning, and the conditioning works. Down at the other end of the tub, where her knees are doubled and locked tight to keep her from getting out, dangles the shower head. It’s an expensive one. It can spray, or stream, or send a stuttering thud of water pressure wherever they point it. Every time they push her under, they aim it at her clit.

    At least, she tells herself as the older one strokes the gently waving hair from her forehead, it’s not easy to see that she’s wet.

    Dear NN and Trouble,

    It was below zero outside, with the cold lights shining in the background. But inside our little hotel room getaway, the heat was cranked, and our own bodies were heating up. A perfect way to stay warm, feeling warmth on the inside, and out.

    Love always, photographicpornography and curiousityscratchedmyback

    You said it right, joining two cold bodies together is the perfect way to get warm. I’m glad you fully took advantage of your hotel get away amd thanks for showing off.