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    she literally tried to deal drugs to the cops I just.. fucken.. WHAT 


    He didn’t arrest her he warned her it was illegal….. Warned !!!!!!! Wtfffffffffffffffffff


    I’m not at all denying that white privilege exists, but I can’t help but wonder how much of this was because she’s an attractive woman, rather than her race. 


    Seriously tho Did everyone just conveniently forget that James Deen is a rapist or wtf…????


    Yeah I’m getting real tired of seeing his shit on my dash. Esp when people post his rape fantasy porn. And it’s always women I see reblogging it. Like “look at this rapist pretending to rape someone on camera,” fuck I don’t want to see that…


    I HATE rape fantasy to begin with but like People I follow are working with him and I’m like ??????????? WHY???????? Why would you work with a promote a rapist?? Fuck that.


    Yeah it honestly blows my mind that he’s still doing porn. He should be ostracized from the porn community, what the hell…


    I completely agree ESPECIALLY by other GodsGirls, I feel like.

    And I’ve seen a few people be like “but he’s so attractive” and I’m like …….and????


    He also wasn’t stripped of his 33 nominations and was visiting the Adult Entertainment Expo where Stoya was supposed to host a panel on consent but she opted out on going (wonder why) so the consent panel was cancelled as well. It’s really disheartening that there hasn’t been enough repercussions for what he’s done, even though from mostly what I’ve read he can’t get a contract with any other company so he’s only really left to work with his company now so I guess there is that??????????? But he still won two awards out of the 33 and everyone is just okay with someone who’s been a predator on many content creators is still being allowed in the community and at expos.


    I’m honestly unsure if it’s the right thing to do, but my current mindset can be summed up as: he’s a terrible person, and he’s not getting a penny of my money, but why should I let the fact that he’s scum get in the way of otherwise great pornography? I just shift my focus and mentally blot his face out of the scene, as with any number of other distracting and distasteful details in pictures. 

    I don’t know, perhaps I’m just rationalizing.


    Well first of all you should be paying for all of your pornography so this doesn’t really work at all? Secondly, I don’t know how you rationalize porn as “great” if it involves a rapist.


    @juicy--kitty: Fair enough.

    @mirahxox: I suppose that I should have clarified. I do not go out and pirate pornography--all of the porn that I was referring to is on Tumblr. I’m having trouble finding a phrasing that doesn’t sound defensive or pissy, but generally speaking, people do not pay for porn that is posted on Tumblr (unless you want content behind paywalls, commissioned stuff, etc.) so if I reblog posts that have him in it, it does not feed him money. Do you object to all of the free pornography posted on Tumblr? As for your second point, I said “otherwise great,” as in, “I’m quite enjoying the picture until I notice his face.” Again, I’m having trouble with non-aggressive phrasing, but I was pretty explicitly saying that the pornography is great except for his presence. (Also, I’m human. We can--and do--rationalize all sorts of crazy and stupid ideas. Just look at America’s current political clusterfuck. That doesn’t make it okay, hence my uncertainty above, but it does make it more understandable.)