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    I do enjoy when they look utterly blissed out, as well as faux-struggling, etc., but I have to admit, laughter and happiness holds a special place with me. 


    I finally told my husband that what I really wanted after all of our play so far was to lick his dress shoes and like he's up for it. Why am I telling you this? I have to tell somebody. I'm shaking with excitement. He is not the vanilla man he was four years ago. I've ruined him. He used to be so shy he wouldn't even video chat with me and now he's taking pictures of me covered in his come the transformation was unreal. A Dom once lied to me and said a vanilla man couldn't be a Dom.

    Happy you could bring him out of his sexual shell.

    Of course some dry-dick rando dom would say that. It’s what he tells himself to get the confidence he has to have. “I’m 100% legit kinkster, this girl needs me to get what she needs”. It’s manipulation: partly of you, partly of himself.